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Time Management for the HR Professional


Time management is a problem for many of us, regardless of our job. This was quite a large project. Work HR time management

8 Tips for Every First-Time Manager

Ms. Career Girl

The post 8 Tips for Every First-Time Manager appeared first on Ms. Being a first-time manager is exciting and scary.

6 Ways to Inspire Your Remote Team


Mainly, how can leaders manage and inspire their teams, especially when they are not in the same proximity to each other? That’s it.

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5 Sneaky Ways to Defeat Your Time Management Frenemy


When it comes to time management, it’s sage advice. HR brain power decision making frenemies frenemy management time management

5 Project Management Skills to Boost Your Career

Career Alley

Make room in your schedule to look through the information provided by your sales team. Tackle Each Project in an Original way.

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IT Amps Up to Meet Business Priorities

Water Cooler Wisdom

The tension between the need for stability and agility has resulted in the widely recommended two-speed (or bimodal ) methodology for IT. “On one side are the predictability and controls necessary to manage risk while delivering large-scale enterprise IT with reliability, scalability, security, etc.,” Business Process Considerations.

managing a team that resents you

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: My manager recently announced that she had been promoted to become a director, and that her position (our department manager) was vacant and that senior management would really like to see someone from our team fill that position. I was excited at the opportunity, and of course applied (as did most people in my department).

Why I'm Finally Quitting Spreadsheets

Water Cooler Wisdom

When you use a spreadsheet for team projects, you either have to email copies of the file to team members, or post the file on a shared drive. Only one person can access the file at a time and you risk overwriting the original file if you don’t back it up properly. Here are some of the problems.

How to Get People to Read Your E-mails

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They take too long to read : I don’t have a lot of time to read, and by sending me an essay you are saying your e-mail is more important than the other things I have to read. They don’t respect my time : When you send me an e-mail, you’re making a request on my time (to read, process, respond). What’s your main question?

How to Simplify Your Business Processes

Water Cooler Wisdom

Here’s the thing about many business processes: one person is usually in charge of the initial design, and then over time, everyone else has to add their two cents. Before you know it, the process is muddled and barely manages to accomplish its initial purpose. This quickly results in an inefficient process. Revisit Your Purpose.

Extended Working Hours Are the Norm

Water Cooler Wisdom

workers take work home to finish at the end of the day more than three times a week compared to 43 percent globally. workers in small businesses were three times more likely to work eleven hour days than large business employees. work well over eight hours a day and more than half regularly take work home with them. 56 percent of U.S.

11 Assets Every Business-Of-One Needs To Survive

Career Realism

This post is part of the Professional Independence Project series. I had a dream that I wanted to have my own business. That time management.

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Sustaining Enthusiasm for a Long-Term Project

Water Cooler Wisdom

In 2001, a team led by NASA principal investigator Alan Stern crafted the proposal for the New Horizons mission. The team relied on strong leadership, rigorous risk assessment, and of course, endless patience. How could they bolster their team’s excitement about a project where no immediate payoff was an understatement?

how can I make sure my team meets deadlines?

Ask A Manager

This is my first time managing folks on a large team project on a high scale effort, and while I’m excited (and happy that AAM helped me get to this point, even), I’m also silently terrified that I’ll miss even one deadline and my head’ll be on the chopping block so to speak. good management

Why Spreadsheets Are Yesterday's News

Water Cooler Wisdom

Over three decades later, the spreadsheet remains prevalent as a valued tool in the project manager’s toolbox even though its widespread use leads to as many problems as it solves. Jones offered guidance on some of the options available to project managers, and started with a bit of education on the PPM market itself.

Manner Monday®: Prairie Dogging


Here are some time-tested tips to keep in mind for treating all working spaces (office, cubicle, reception desk, etc.) Come back later. 

Troubleshooting: Other Teams' Cooperation or Lack Thereof

Water Cooler Wisdom

f you’re working with other teams outside your own who are not involved in your daily meetings, they’re not always on the same page as you regarding priorities — and sometimes they can become a roadblock to your team’s progress. If you want other teams to cooperate with you, you have to  make them want to do what you’re asking. 

Help - My Team Always Backburners My Priorities!

Water Cooler Wisdom

When you work on a team that must collaborate on competing priorities and yours always seem to be the last to get added the “to do” list (or sprint if you’re doing Agile), how do you advocate/ influence the team to give your work/tasks priority over their own? Are you going to have some cycles next week?” How do you do this?

Are You Ready for September? Tips for Work/Life Integration This School Year

Water Cooler Wisdom

 Plus, as we struggle to prep for a new school year, work projects on hold for the summer suddenly go into overdrive as fourth quarter/year-end is just around the corner.   Best Practices Daily Life Flexible Work Goal Setting Handy Resources Productivity Time Management caught off guard. It’s a double whammy.

Tips and Tools for Virtual Collaboration

Ms. Career Girl

Use a Project Management Interface. There are also project management tasks designed for certain industries. Career Girl.

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Three Master Skills for Managers


By the time managers and small-business owners call me, they’re pretty frustrated and discouraged. They’re a good fit for their job.

Are You Ready for Life in the Swarm?

Water Cooler Wisdom

Mid-century work teams will be temporary in addition to virtual. The growth of contract work and the specialization of organizations will spell the end for stable groups that work together a long time. Teamwork will still be valued and rewarded, but the teams themselves will form and disband with lightning speed.

Is Open Allocation in Your Future?

Water Cooler Wisdom

In open allocation, employees select how to spend their time and the projects on which they’ll work. As long as they can show that they’re contributing value, they can switch assignments whenever they want – there are no  managers  or rules about headcount to hold them back. Self-Directed, Self-Managed. Valve.

Progress is the Only Way Forward: Don't Sabotage It

Water Cooler Wisdom

Drasin and his team worked with the department in question to develop an overarching process that improved service and reduced administrative costs. Even when successful, too many times the new technology looks a lot like the prior technology in terms of how it works.”. Issue 2: Decisions by consensus. Issue 4: All hail the artifacts.

Help! My Colleague is a Mooch!

Water Cooler Wisdom

Picture this scenario from a reader: Recently, a new colleague has joined my team. My boss has instructed us that we have to work very closely together as a team to deliver on. goals, but whenever there is a brainstorming session on she never fails. to say, “I don’t know,” and I end up being the one coming up with all. the ideas.

How to Help Employees Manage Workplace Stress


Here are some tips for helping the people on your team manage their workplace stress. Encourage employees to take time off.

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7 Ways To Show You’re Ready For The Next Step In Your Career

Career Realism

You feel you’re ready for the next step in your career and more responsibilities – but how do you persuade your manager? CAREEREALISM.

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This HR Blogger’s Chasing Tail


Finding time or making time to write that daily blog post.  Working to catch up.  Racing the same race each and every day.  Boundaries.

8 Google Rules: Improving Management and Employee Engagement

David Zinger

Google Oxygen inspires 8 data driven management practices in a quest to build a better boss. Empower your team and don’t micromanage.

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6 Tips To Make Your Resume Better Than The Rest

Career Realism

The problem is that you have looked at your resume so many times, your brain knows what it is supposed to say, but in reality, it says something else.

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Do You Encourage Citizen Development?

Water Cooler Wisdom

Their teams spend all day catering to business needs when in fact the business managers can and should be empowered to solve problems themselves. Best Practices Coaching Continuing Education Creativity & Innovation Current Affairs Employment Trends Life in the 21st Century Management Productivity Technology Time Management

Do You Encourage Citizen Development?

Water Cooler Wisdom

Their teams spend all day catering to business needs when in fact the business managers can and should be empowered to solve problems themselves. Best Practices Coaching Continuing Education Creativity & Innovation Current Affairs Employment Trends Life in the 21st Century Management Productivity Technology Time Management

how to manage a hard worker who’s making mistakes

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I manage a woman who is a very hard worker. She goes the extra mile, never complains, stays late and always volunteers to help…but lately I have noticed she is getting lax on things like returning important emails in a timely manner or getting things done that I asked her to do. good management

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10 Ways Employees Can Be More Proactive At Work

Career Realism

Organizing your time helps you approach tasks more efficiently and allows you to be more open to opportunities. Organizational Citizen Behavior.

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How Career Changers Can Identify Transferable Skills

Career Realism

Click HERE  to learn more about the Professional Emancipation Project,  a.k.a. Examine every aspect of your role including day-to-day responsibilities, projects in which you played a part, and various tasks you handled. Time Management. Project Management. Team Work. Budget Management. Hobbies.

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Answering, ‘Do You Have A Minute?’ When You Really Don’t

Career Realism

You’re sitting at your desk, working hard on a project that has a strict timeline, when a co-worker walks up to you and asks, “Do you have a minute?”.

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They Can't Reward You if They Don't See You – How to Increase Your.

Career Makeover Coach

Ask for bigger and better assignments: When a new project is announced, step up and ask for the lead role. Wrong. This is often overlooked.

Time Is Life

Learning Voyager

with Phil Gerbyshak Management Craft Manager Tools Mass Bay ODLG McArthurs Rant - Human Resources, Organisations and HR 2.0 Time is life.

25 companies who are hiring new graduates this year

Resume Bear

Candidate qualities: Confident students with good time-management, discipline and effective communication skills. Allstate. ARCADIS.

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The Trials And Tribulations Of Managing An Office

Career Realism

I’ve spent a great deal of time in an office and running a freelance business from home. Team Collaboration. Workplace management