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20 Careers Where Women Outnumber Men | CareerSolvers

Career Solvers

According to a recent report by Forbes, there are 20 careers dominated by women. The top 5 are: 1. Registered Nurses 2. Psychologists (68.8%) 8.

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Women in the Workplace: Bossiness & Ideas for Change (Part Two)


In last week’s post , I wrote about how women struggle with the issue of likeability in the workplace as well as the fine line women often have to walk, especially in male-dominated professions. These are attitudes held by both men and women. Is it a matter of women just not being nice? Work women in the workplace

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7 Ways to Earn More Respect and Influence as a Young Professional Woman

Ms. Career Girl

During my first year out of college, I worked in a legal organization that assists men and women from all over the world. Don’t Be A Maneater.

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Are Looks Important in a Marriage Decision? (Would I Have Married Ken If I Didn’t Find Him Attractive?)

Personal Excellence Blog

“Hi Celes, I’ve read your soulmate series on how you met Ken. Does marriage require physical attraction, or should looks be abandoned?

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19 Female Founders & CEOs Working in HR Technology #HRTech


Practitioners are most likely working in a human resources capacity are women. To help increase the number of women in technology, Google created a coding education program for women. Called Women Techmakers , the program is no longer accepting applications due to its popularity. Women in HR Technology. Robin Eads.

S.F. weighs protecting ex-cons seeking homes, jobs


Ex-convicts may soon become a "protected class" in San Francisco - joining African Americans, Latinos, gays, transgender people, pregnant women and the disabled. A proposal being circulated at City Hall would make it illegal for landlords and employers to discriminate against applicants solely because they were "previously incarcerated.".

Why Minimum Wage Is A Women’s Issue

Career Realism

Why is the minimum wage a women’s issue? In 2012, the National Women’s Law Center posted an infographic based on Catalyst and the U.S.

Becoming More Confident and Assertive at Work and School

Ms. Career Girl

I absolutely HATED making mistakes, even if it was something small and insignificant like forgetting to cite a source in my research proposals.

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3 Reasons to Start Speaking at Industry Conferences

Ms. Career Girl

More precisely, she co-authored the Amazon best-seller on the topic, Get Picked: Tips, Tricks and Tools for Creating an Irresistible Speaker Proposal.

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Who is the Happiest Woman You Know?

Careers Done Write

I encourage women and men to read this article. Debates about women “having it all” dates back decades.

The Next Generation of Women Leaders

Career Solvers

The book covers tips on networking, negotiating, office politics, and work/life balance. Desktop Reader Bloglines Google Live Netvibes Newsgator Yahoo!

How To Go Back To Work After Raising Kids

Career Realism

Propose the problem you want to solve, and have them help you find the people that need it solved in your area. You’re not alone!

What To Do When Your Boss Acts Like An A**hole

Ms. Career Girl

In the professional world, there is a belief that women are too emotional and react emotionally in very practical situations. Career Girl.

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How to find the most fulfilling careers | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

Penelope Trunk

Engineers For Women: 1. It is a list of men who like power but do not have access to a lot of women. What if the men leave the women?

Does Your Leave Policy Promote the Working Parent?


I had one friend who was flat out told “no” to any options she proposed to working part time after she had her first child. By managers?

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Sexism, Jill Abramson’s Firing, and How it Impacts Your Workplace

Ms. Career Girl

Women on the White House staff make an average of 88 cents for every dollar made by men.). Of course, as many Ms. New York Times Headquarters.

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Read the Inspiring Story of Real Career Girl, Danielle Wilson, CEO of Aero Jet Medical & United Medivac Solutions

Ms. Career Girl

What is the biggest advice you can give to women who want to find balance in their work and personal life? Career Girl. Following a $2.5

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Chicago Girls Listen Up!

Ms. Career Girl

Wedding Proposal Contest- over $10k in prizes! Young Professional Women of Chicago Happy Hour. MCGConnect career women Chicago Events

Dr. Martin Luther King’s Economics: Through Jobs, Freedom

Resume Bear

” Precedents for such a proposal could be found in the writings of canonical American thinkers such as Thomas Paine and Henry George.

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most popular posts of 2016

Ask A Manager

Interviewing a job candidate who won’t shake hands with women. I was fired from my internship for writing a proposal for a more flexible dress code. I was fired from my internship for writing a proposal for a more flexible dress code. Thanks for your part in that! This year, they both tended toward the outrageous.

Is Microsoft PowerPoint Still Relevant in the Workplace?

Ms. Career Girl

Entrepreneurs make pitch decks and business proposals using PowerPoint. I noticed that I’m not doing enough to reach out to women.

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Career Confession: My life is monotonous

Ms. Career Girl

Because I want that next promotion sooner rather than later, I agree to write a new business proposal, leaving me in my cube until 8:00 or 8:30 p.m.

Marriage Or Career? Don’t Ask Me.

Ms. Career Girl

Career Confessions uncategorized career career women expectations marriage self worth Let’s be clear here. Got a raise. Boss Battle.

letting new parents bring babies to work every day

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m planning to make a suggestion/proposal to HR to ask them to consider implementing a policy which would allow new mothers to bring their infants to work for a certain number of months after they are born. What would be your primary concerns? Call me an ogre, but I’m not a fan. What do others think?

What Issue Influenced Your Vote the Most This Election?

Ms. Career Girl

and his general attitude towards women’s reproductive rights was embarrassing. under Obama’s proposed tax plans.

work questions from Friends, Gilmore Girls, Jane Austen, and more

Ask A Manager

I also think on the whole Jane Austen’s women would be a lot easier to work with. After I answered a question last year about how one of Twilight vampires could keep his true nature hidden at work, I received a bunch of other questions from literature and TV. Here are four of them. Fired for accepting a kickback (Friends). Vivi: Huh?

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5 Career Paths In Public Health

Career Realism

This may include writing grant proposals and managing grants. Want to explore the different career paths in public health ? Epidemiologist.

Do Recommendation Letters Help or Hurt Your Job Search?

Career Solvers

Check out my AOL post detailing the results of the study and my suggestions for proactively managing your recommendation letters here. Whats This?

How To Survive A Job You Hate (But Can't Leave – Yet)

Career Shifters

For example, I started to learn Spanish, and in the course there happened to be a bunch of women who were all entrepreneurs. Sound familiar?

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How to not self-destruct

Penelope Trunk

I send Melissa photos of proposed outfits. A famous person emailed me to ask about personality type. But I do get some. They are famous, right?

my boss asks us to pick up his lunch for him — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

He never offers to buy us lunch. He recently asked me to go get his lunch. He said “Uh, if you want a burger, sure.&# First, the law. Pissy&#.

Remove the Barriers to Real Work

Water Cooler Wisdom

  According to Brent, these barriers include: Policies and practices that are too restrictive or don’t add value.   Read on.

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Top 5 Blogs in the #Workplace


The Impact of Breadwinner Moms on the Future of HR: Women acting as breadwinners for their families are on the rise. TOP BLOGS OF THE WEEK.

Trump's First Labor Nominee: Burgers, Bikinis and Mocking Low Wage Workers.

HR Capitalist

I like beautiful women eating burgers in bikinis. They’re always polite,” he said of the proposed robots. Can you be a capitalist?

Good, Fast and Cheap: Tell Me Which Two of the Three You Want.

HR Capitalist

Some proposed related examples from the real world: College: Work, Sleep, Play – Pick two. Women: Single, Sane, Sexy, Smart – Pick any three.

10 Guerrilla Job Search Tactics That Work

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Home About Archives Write for Us! If you want to get hired today, you have to be a perfect fit. But how?!

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What to do in college right now

Penelope Trunk

Now that I grow all my own food and cook three meals a day, I wonder why more women do not poison their mate. Start looking for an internship.

10 Must-Attend #SXSW Sessions by HR & Recruiting Professionals #SXSWi


The Catalyst Census recently investigated the idea that women and men have equal opportunities and found that under 15% of executive leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies are occupied by women and that this percentage has grown less than 1% in four years. View Full Description. In IT, the trending number is less. We Hired a Dev!

Will HR Be the Last to Adopt Wearables?


Some people however are more fashion conscious and that is actually slowing the adoption of technology wearing, especially among women.

Career Solvers Featured in Oprah Magazine | CareerSolvers

Career Solvers

I was fortunate to work with these women along with colleagues Louise Fletcher and Nancy Collamer to help them create a strategic job search plan.