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4 Lucrative Jobs in Real Estate

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Indeed, there are numerous benefits of pursuing a career in real estate including a flexible work schedule, independence, and personal satisfaction.

Buying Foreclosed Real Estate – Reality vs. Reality TV

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The post Buying Foreclosed Real Estate – Reality vs. Reality TV appeared first on Ms. Foreclosed Real Estate Success.

5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming A Real Estate Agent

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Real estate is rapidly becoming one of the hottest employment opportunities around. Why Do I Need To Take Real Estate Courses?

Your First Home: 5 Tips To Get You Started

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The post Your First Home: 5 Tips To Get You Started appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Ask family and friends for a realtor referral. Emily Dickinson.

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Is My Resume Ready for a Real Estate Job?

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So you want to work in real estate. If you’re not sure exactly how your resume should look to help you break into the real estate industry, here are some tips to help you revamp it and impress potential employers. Real estate brokers and sales agents in the U.S. But how do you get from here to there?

7 Benefits Of Having A Career In The Real Estate Sector

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The real estate sector opens up a plethora of employment opportunities. The Real Estate Market Never Dies.

Use Resume Real Estate To Amplify Your Personal Brand


I’m proud to have been named a weekly columnist of Personal Branding Blog. I will be republishing my articles from that site here on reCareered. This was my article published Monday, 2/11/13 … What you put on your resume is part of how. Continued at [link].

6 Reasons You Should Try A Career In Real Estate

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A career in real estate is beneficial for multiple reasons. The Benefits Of A Career In Real Estate. Relatively Easy Entry.

6 Steps To Building Your Real Estate Career From The Ground Up

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It’s finally time to begin your real estate career. Remember that the real estate market is highly dependent upon our economy.

Career Advice: Get More Interviews By Effective Use Of Resume Real Estate


The real estate of your resume is one of the most important, and most over looked concepts of effective resume presentation. Most resumes I review have an antiquated notion, if any notion at all, about how use of real estate affects your reader’s. Continued at [link].

Job Search Checklist #8 – Rethink Your Resume Real Estate


Learn 5 Resume Real Estate Best Practices For Today's Job Market. Your resume isn't read on paper, it's read on screen, it has to pass a qualification test in 6 seconds and an interview/dump decision in 15 seconds. Continued at [link].

Top 5 Real Estate Industry Jobs


Real Estate companies like Cole Capital and other leading businesses in the industry are always on the lookout for the next big star.

Why You Should Consider a Career in Real Estate

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You are young and ambitious and the real estate market is crying out to you, “I am here for the taking. Career Change career real estat

4 Steps To A Lucrative Real Estate Career

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When a person wants to enter the real estate field, there are a few tips that may help them begin a successful career. Job Search caree

Resume Real Estate: Why You Need ‘Curb Appeal’

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Never so much did the term, “ Resume Real Estate ” resonate until I was tasked to sell my home. “I Its value speaks for itself!

No Need To Get In A State About Working In Real Estate! Here Is What You Need To Know

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Working in real estate is a lucrative career prospect. A key skill of being a real estate agent is the gift of the gab.

How To Find Success As A Young Realtor

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Once you’ve passed your real estate course and acquired your real estate license, you can’t switch gears because more work is yet to come.

First Careers of the Wealthy and Famous | Resumebear Online Resume

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Jon Anderson: The guy who had the sole rights to sell Budweiser in LA got his start undercutting the theaters by selling less expensive popcorn!

What Happens When You Hire an Employment Lawyer?

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The multiple choice section covers civil procedure, constitutional law, contracts, criminal law and procedure, evidence, real property, and torts.

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The 5 Most Worthless Phrases in Your LinkedIn Headline

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Your LinkedIn Headline is arguably the most important piece of real estate within your Profile.

Answering the Lease vs. Own Question for New Businesses

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For some good reading on investing in commercial real estate and what it can mean for you, take a look at this article from Matt Larson at NOLO.

What Kind of Lawyer Should I Hire For My Job Problem?

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Q: But what if my brother-in-law does real estate law? So, you’ll have to pay up. A: An employment attorney. A: Buy a house.

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Is YouTube Success Resume-Worthy?

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It has nothing to do with my career in commercial real estate leasing. It’s a humorous song about the plight of a rare beetle.

The Most Interesting Career Options With a Law Degree That You Haven’t Thought Of

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Real estate is an excellent career choice for a law school graduate without the desire to practice law. Where to go?

Best Resume Tips – Guaranteed To Help You Get Hired!


I like to call this area “Prime Real Estate”. As such it is important that your greatest strengths, skills and achievements are highlighted in this prime piece of real estate. Secret Resume Tip from the vault. What I like to do is create a KEY ACHIEVMENTS category. RedStarResume Publications –

Zillow Just Swallowed a 130M Settlement For Hiring Two Execs From a Competitor.

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You love cutting out the middleman of real estate. Yes, that Zillow. You love the app. Non-competes and related IP policies be damned.

Should computer skills be included if looking for a non-technical job?

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Dear Deb: If I am not applying for a technical job (commercial real estate agent), do I need to show my computer skills on a résumé?

5 Tips for Buying a Home When You've Got Big Student Loan Debt

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If the real estate agent and mortgage lender knew how much I owed," you think, "they'll blacklist me for life!" Career Girl. Career Girl.

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Top 20 Global MBA Courses 2011

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With the deadlines for the final round of 2011 MBA applications fast approaching, you may still be deciding which course is best for you.

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Anatomy of a career switch at age 60

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The commercial real estate pro had 30 years invested in a career he believed would be his last. Then the California real estate industry tanked. Like millions of Americans, Richard Kerr suffered an economic blow in 2008. He had to take action — sooner rather than later. “It Featured Franchising

What To Consider Before Relocating For A Job

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Are real estate or rental prices better, worse, or comparable? What To Consider Before Relocating For A Job. Work It Daily. Want more?

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“My job is definitely 'The Job from Hell.' Any ideas?”

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Blog » “My job is definitely ‘The Job from Hell.’ Any ideas?” “My My job is definitely ‘The Job from Hell.’ Any ideas?” The tenants are negative.

The Best Careers for Early Retirement


Real Estate Investor Real estate investors have an opportunity to increase their annual income over time by making profitable real estate investments.

Feng Shui Your Job Search Luck – How to use Feng Shui to find a Career that Harmonizes with your Personal Energies

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Many times, careers take turns and detours that move the job seeker in different directions. So, you contemplate a career move – but to what? ELEMENT/.

FlexJobs: Where We Were and Where We’re Going

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mortgage and real estate. The post FlexJobs: Where We Were and Where We’re Going appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. 10 years.

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Career Change Options That Don’t Require a Degree

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Real Estate Agent. A dynamic career change that offers training on the job is real estate. Although the hours can be long, real estate can be an extremely rewarding career for those who love customer service and playing an integral part in finding the perfect home for someone. Currency Trading. Baker.

Personal Branding FAIL: 4 Errors Job Seekers Make

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Personal Branding FAIL: 4 Errors Job Seekers Make. Work It Daily. Related: 5 Personal Branding Resume Techniques You Must Try.

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Don’t Waste Your Profile Pic On These Things!

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The photo you use for your profile on social media and professional sites is prime real estate. So why waste that advantage?

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First Careers of the Wealthy and Famous

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Jon Anderson: The guy who had the sole rights to sell Budweiser in LA got his start undercutting the theaters by selling less expensive popcorn!

The 3 Most Important LinkedIn Profile SEO Places for Relevant Keywords

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A user profile for anyone other than a real, natural person – this includes creating profiles with group, alumni, or company names.

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