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Choosing a Career Using Career Values

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I’m so excited for you to hear this lecture by Dr. Edward Colozzi on using Holland or RIASEC codes for better understanding of career values. Career Assessment career values choose a career confidence Holland Code RIASECBelow is the presentation Ed mentioned that you can follow along with his lecture.

Person-Role-Fit: Act Like the Job You Want


While there are always outliers, people who work in the same role tend to behave similarly. More detailed diagram here. ” -John Holland.

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New Promising Self-Employment Careers List by Holland Personality Type

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Department of Labor forecasts to have a bright job outlook. These occupations contain significant numbers of self-employed people.

3 Steps to Finding a Promising Career in High-Tech or Any Growth Industry

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Education requirement in parentheses) Personality type in bold - in RIASEC order (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional). In choosing a career or changing careers , consider all the career options and choices in a growing, promising industry. Don’t assume you know all an industry’s possible careers. Good luck!

The Career Key Career Test Adds New Occupations

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For all six Holland personality types (RIASEC) , test takers will get to choose from: Occupations with a real future, most with a positive job outlook; and A variety of occupations with different skill and education requirements. Career Tips Career Tests career information CK News Career Change career exploration

Adapt to Reality

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My RIASEC profile is Social, Enterprising and Artistic, although I'm more Enterprising now than I used to be. Just prior to my son's birth last April, I was cleaning out our garage to make room for baby stuff. I enjoyed drama, debate, public speaking and politics. I learned about this in the abstract during law school in law firm jobs.

Online Chinese Career Key Found Effective & Helpful in New Study

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The study found: "[p]reliminary evidence that the CCK Online has an acceptable internal consistency with the RIASEC scales." "The When compared to SDS scores, the CCK Online scores show moderately strong to strong criterion validity with the RIASEC Score correlations." ".students Welcome to our career blog. Full citation: Ting, S.-M.

Match Top Business and Best Small Business Ideas to Your Personality

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For example, using three entries from's list of best businesses, I show below the corresponding Holland personality type letter (RIASEC). When choosing a small business to start, what's the smartest way to use popular lists of "top business" or "best small business ideas?" I welcome your questions and suggestions.

Match Best Careers & Best Jobs to Your Personality

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In choosing a career, what's the smartest way to use popular lists of “ Best Careers ” or “ Best Jobs ”? Match jobs and careers that interest you to your Holland personality types as part of your action plan to make an informed career choice. Each year CNN's Money Magazine publishes a Best Jobs List and U.S.

New Study: Matching Your Holland Personality with Your Career.

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Welcome to our career blog. The Career Keys mission is to help people make the best career, college major, and self-employed choices. respectively.

Using Your Interests to Choose the Right Career Clusters and.

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Finally, we created a RIASEC/Career Key map of Career Clusters and Career Pathways - the first of its kind. Welcome to our career blog. John L.