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Massachusetts Loses Mind: Passes Law Outlawing Employers Asking For Salary History.

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You didn't ask her for her salary, but you're getting her reaction to what you can pay. I'm pro-equal pay. Lame.  . But I'm anti-stupid law.

Why Companies Ask For A Salary History

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Salary can be a very touchy subject when it comes to negotiating a job offer. ” The answers are fairly simple and they even make sense.

the first state has made it illegal to ask about salary history

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to ban asking about salary history. The step is a victory for job seekers, who have long been put at a disadvantage by employers who base salary offers on past earnings, which has meant that people who have been making below-market wages are more likely to continue to be underpaid. salaryOver at U.S. You can read it here.

how to avoid giving employers your salary history

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News & World Report today, I talk about ways to avoid giving employers your salary history even when you’re directly asked. salary But despite this question being a crappy one, the fact remains that plenty of employers ask it. But that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to answer it. Over at U.S.

when an employer asks for salary history in your cover letter

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A reader writes: I am applying for a position with a nonprofit that has requested me to include my salary history along with my resume and cover letter (emailed to a “” mailbox). Your salary history is no one’s business but yours. salaryGrrrr. This is so irritating.

How to Deal with Salary History Questions

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What is your salary history?” I think companies have a lot of. How to Deal with Salary History QuestionsHere’s a question that should be illegal and is definitely unethical. nerve to ask what you have been paid in the past.

A New Illegal Interview Question: How Much Did You Earn In Your Last Job?

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That’s right–those salary history questions in MA will be illegal starting in January 2018.

Why Do Employers Ask for Salary Histories?

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Dear J.T. & Dale: Why do employers ask job applicants for their salary histories? Richard. Dale: Well said. Jeanine “J.T.&#

stop putting your salary history on your resume

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find it very odd that they recommend to have salary and hours listed for every job performed. However, I’m going to use this as an opportunity to say loudly to everyone else: STOP PUTTING YOUR SALARY INFO ON YOUR RESUME. stop putting your salary history on your resume was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

what’s wrong with “do what you love,” how employers can get your salary history, and more

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Advice for employers who want job candidates’ salary history. Her editor sent her my article on how job seekers can avoid giving out their salary history, and suggested that Suzanne write an article telling hiring managers how to get candidates to give up their salary histories. ” 3.

Should Your Salary Be On Your Resume?

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One of the uncomfortable parts of a job search is discussion of salary. Employers have various reasons for requesting salary information.

Should I Include Salary Requirements on My Resume?

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In general, you should NOT include salary information on your resume. View Article Should I Include Salary Requirements on My Resume?

What to Do When Asked About Your Previous Salary

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→ What to Do When Asked About Your Previous Salary Posted on April 13, 2010 by Jennifer Anthony By Jennifer Anthony Score! What to do?

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

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This show is packed with practical and powerful advice to help women to level the salary playing field. Women should not offer salary history.

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tempted to lie in a job interview?

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Maybe you’ve considered inflating your salary history to see if you can negotiate a higher salary offer from a new employer. Thinking about padding your resume or exaggerating your experience in a job interview? Stop right there. At U.S. You can read it here. tempted to lie in a job interview? interviewing

get these 10 things off your resume

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News & World Report today, I talk about 10 things that don’t belong on your resume, including your salary history, your photo, an objective, and other such odoriferous things. What you  don’t  include on your resume can be as important as what you do include. Over at U.S. You can read it here. resumes

Is Your Executive Resume Still Partying Like It’s 1999?

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Salary history. Many of my c-suite executive clients haven’t needed a resume for many years, if ever. their own? modern resume.

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Women should not bother negotiating salary

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But surely hormone therapy doesn’t seem appropriate merely for salary negotations. 3. Or you could just play the salary statistics game.

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can I include the value of my benefits when I talk about my current salary?

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On the application, it asks for my salary history. I’m reluctant to give this out because I’m afraid they’ll try to lowball me for an offer. My entire compensation with benefits is approximately $6k higher than my actual salary (by itself). salary Your total annual benefit and compensation is X.”

how do employers verify your previous salary?

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A reader writes: How does a company go about verifying your self-reported salary history for a background check? On it, there is a large portion dedicated to salary history. On the form, where it asks for salary history, it also asks if they can contact the employer. references salary

Why Completing A Job Application Isn’t A Waste Of Time

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Some of the more common components of an application are: Work History With Specific Dates Of Employment. Salary History And/Or Future Salary Expectations. Employers want to know how much you’re currently earning (or you’ve earned in the past) so that they can ensure the position is in line with your salary requirements.

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Let’s talk about s…Salary

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Are you prepared for the salary talk? Generally the salary conversation is saved for the tail end of the interview process. Hot Topics

Want That Dream Job? Don’t Mention This In Your Resume

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Salary History:  Putting your salary history can severely hamper your negotiating power when it comes to discussing your wages.

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Resume Downfalls That Prevent You From Getting That Dream Job

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Salary History. Simply put, admitting your salary on a resume takes away all of your negotiating power for your new position.

Why You Should STOP Being Afraid Of Negotiating Salary

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Consider these recent statements I received from job seeking clients regarding salary discussions: “He asked what salary range I wanted.

Why Do Employers Ask for Salary Histories?

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Why Do Employers Ask for Salary Histories? & Dale: Why do employers ask job applicants for their salary histories?

Why You Should Verify Employment Information With Past Employers

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All this only takes a few minutes of your time, but it will ensure your career development file—your career history file—is both complete and accurate.

What To Do If You’ve Lied On Your Resume

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People falsify job titles, military service, and salary history, too. You know that when they call you for an interview, they’ve already decided they want to hire you based on your resume. Related:   Your Resume Has 2 Minutes Or Less To Get Attention. But what if you lied on your resume? An Estimated 50+% Of Resumes Are Inaccurate.

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5 Things Every Employer Is Thinking During An Interview

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Therefore, you should check if the job is compatible with your salary history or if the benefits package meets your expectations.

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How To Handle Salary On Application Forms

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You may be asked salary information on an application form—or be faced with a “current salary” or “desired salary” field on an online application.

more things not to say in your cover letter

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Writing two paragraphs about salary (one about your salary history and bonus structure at your past jobs, and one about how salary isn’t the most important factor to you). ” Um, wow. You haven’t even talked to anyone yet to learn about the position. ” The opposite of the one above! This is weird.

How to Handle Salary on Application Forms

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You may be asked salary information on an application form—or be faced with a “current salary” or “desired salary” field on an online application.

Skip The Cover Letter?

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After all, many employers do not ask for a cover letter , and many of them may not take the time to read one. So should you just skip the cover letter?

How to answer employers request for salary

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“When a job posting asks for salary info, what do you recommend?” Salary history or target salary should be included in a cover letter. Here’s a little background on why the company is asking in the first place … FOR PRESCREENING PURPOSES. That’s it!

Yes, it’s legal … queries from a combined 13 years of blogging about the workplace

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It’s legal for your employer to reveal your salary to your coworkers. It’s legal to ask for a salary history. It’s legal to refuse to hire you if you don’t provide a salary history. We are too lazy to put together a book, but we can manage a blog post. It’s legal to gossip at work.

Is There a Better Way to Explain Being Fired?

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Dear J.T. & Dale: I worked at a large health insurance company for 10 years, until I got terminated for receiving an e-mail from a co-worker.

How to Handle Salary Conversations with Confidence

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First, though, let’s talk about the mindset of salary for your new job. If your current salary is not outrageously high or low, share it.

can an employer require you to keep your salary confidential?

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An employer can prohibit employees from discussing salary outside the organization. There’s an upside to this policy though:  The next time you’re interviewing and an employer asks about your salary history, you can truthfully reply that your company prohibits you from sharing salary information externally.

Ask Deb – What Should I Say About My Salary Requirements?

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If your previous salaries were higher than the opportunities you are pursuing, you might encounter a bit of a stumbling block. Dear Deb, Q.

did I just low-ball my salary for the rest of my career?

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During the interview process, I was asked what salary I was looking for, and I answered honestly with what I thought was an appropriate salary (I only have one year of experience so I wasn’t exactly sure, and I didn’t have any luck on sites like What is my best bet for catching up to the salary range?