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San Diego Conf Party Guide: #SHRMTalent, #IAEWS & #ERE15


This week I’m traveling to sunny San Diego to spend a week attending three different conferences in one fabulous location. San Diego has great food, nightlife and so much to offer. Grand Lobby Bar at 1 Market Place, San Diego. Grand Hyatt, San Diego. Grand Hyatt, San Diego.

What Job Seeker’s Really Want From Employers. Q&A with Taylor Grey


The Candidate Experience According to Taylor Grey. Job Seeker Bites Back: Frustrated with Job Search. What was the most recent one? Check it out. .

10 Things Every Jobseeker Should Be Doing to Find their Next Position

Resume Bear

There’s lots of great advice out there for jobseekers, but if I were job seeking, these are the 10 things that I would do. Check ‘em out!

3 Steps to Writing a Winning LinkedIn Headline

Career Rocketeer

Their original idea was this: Experienced leader, change agent and recent University of San Diego Graduate; searching for a business leadership position in a multinational corporation with responsibility for implementation of strategic growth initiatives. Here are some problems with it. It’s [.]. Social Media Personal Branding SEO1

A “Free Floating” Job Search Via The Net

Career Alley

Job search was a simple affair only in old times when people were employed even against their will. That is why this method is so popular today. where.

Squeeze Keywords into Your LinkedIn Contact Settings?

Resume Bear

Nice try, but it’s not doing anything to help your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results. Sorry.

Social Media Tip – Profile Pic Consistency

Resume Bear

They are able to easily recognize me and connect, link up, say hi, follow, retweet, friend me, invest, etc. Oops! Stacy Donovan Zapar. Pay it forward!

Follow the Clean Tech Green Money: DOE Makes $90 Million Loan Guarantee, Regen Energy Receives $5.5 Million, Getaround Raises $3.4 Million

Green Career Central

with an office in San Diego, CA planned. The Department of Energy has finalized a loan guarantee of $90.6

Bad Credit No Longer a Problem in Job Hunts

Resume Bear

” Phil Blair with Manpower San Diego says a bad report could ruin a person’s chances of getting hired.

Just The Facts About Workplace Social Media


Last week I flew to New York City to speak at Jeff Pulver’s BrandsConf and this week I’m traveling to San Diego where I’m speaking and training a group of employment law attorneys on social media and its place in the workplace. I’m captivated by infographics.

Companies Do Hire Unemployed People

Resume Bear

An ad for a Contract Internal Auditor in San Diego, paying $50 to $60 per hour, “seeking candidates who are currently unemployed.”.

LinkedIn – Dig a Well Before You’re Thirsty

Resume Bear

Are You Prepared to Network When the Time Comes? After all, it’s much easier to ask for help when you’ve already done so for others.

5 Reasons Employers Are Checking You Out On Social Media (And What You Can Do About It)

Career Realism

5 Reasons Employers Are Checking You Out On Social Media (And What You Can Do About It). CAREEREALISM. Think again. To Identify Red Flags.

3 Negative Habits that May be Hindering Your Career

Careers Done Write

Sam manages The Education Update and lives in beautiful San Diego, California. This is a Guest Post written by Samantha Peters, an avid blogger who enjoys writing about various career and job related topics. Most employees within a company have some habits that could be considered negative or counterproductive. Refusal To Change.

Survey Shows Marginal Rise in Salary Increases in 2012

Resume Bear

percent); Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit and San Diego (3.4 A new survey by Aon Hewitt reveals that salaries for U.S. percent. Union.

2012 73

Envision. Create. Believe: Real Women Talk About Finding Your Work-Life Balance

Ms. Career Girl

The post Envision. Create. Believe: Real Women Talk About Finding Your Work-Life Balance appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. You can do anything.

2015 50

What It’s Like Working At Adobe

Career Realism

He then mentioned to me that Adobe has given him the opportunity to travel across the United States to cities including New York City, Las Vegas, and San Diego to attend various conferences and company events. Each week, we try to showcase amazing companies that have cool company cultures. Genuine. Exceptional. Innovative. Involved.

Companies, Cultural Values and Success


He offers the example of San Diego-based WD40 Company, which has a self-styled tribal culture. Defining Issue. Profit Imperative.

5 Ways to Use Twitter in Your Job Search


Syracuse, NYU, San Diego State, SUNY Stony Brook and Miami are schools that share job leads, resume tips and career-related articles on Twitter.

INFOGRAPHIC: Job Satisfaction and Happiness in the Workplace

The Undercover Recruiter

An infographic published by Socialcast illustrates that happy and engaged employees are more efficient and productive workers. From 51.4% Teachers.

A YouTube Video Job Search Success Story


First, they both lived in San Diego, and the jobs were in Austin. Big Commerce which won all kinds of awards for their platform.

iPads, SHRM, & Getting My Nerd On


We are really looking forward to SHRM and seeing you in San Diego. Here are some topics you can expect over the next few days.

Next with SHRM–Day 1 Recap


Home ToolBox HR About Advertising Consulting Services Speaking Press Webshow Tweet This! residents. Photo Credit Problem Solving Fir e.

Twitter Tweep Tweet Retweet… Huh??

Resume Bear

I have lists of techies, social media aficionados, recruiters/career advice folks, San Diego tweeps, etc. San Diego, CA, United States.

65% of CEO’s See No Use for Social Media in Recruiting


Learn more about social media fundamentals in recruiting by joining me on a SuccessFactors webinar 5/27 4 PM EST. Click here. . iaews. I was wrong.

Oops! What NOT to Do While Networking on LinkedIn

Resume Bear

I am forever grateful to my LinkedIn network and love doing whatever I can to help my connections in their networking efforts. Can you endorse me?

2011 135

Are Employers and Employees on the Same Page?

Resume Bear

Most companies have some means by which to track employee attendance so that the business is not getting the short end of the stick.

How to Easily “Unfriend” Someone on LinkedIn

Resume Bear

While it’s not always pleasant or something we do every day, the need to remove a social media contact does come up from time to time. What??

Trend watch: HR, texting, needlepoint | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

Penelope Trunk

When my company was running out of money , I would go to San Diego to give a speech and stay at a four-star hotel and not have a cent.

Why Employers Want to Pay for Your MBA

Career Alley

After leveling off last year, demand for MBAs is resurging in 2013 , with both recruitment numbers and pay on the increase, according to

How HR Found Me: Tips for Getting Started in HR


You don’t hear a lot of kids say, “When I grow up, I want to work in human resources.” How HR Found Me. After all, it was only temporary.

Engage! = BS

HR Capitalist

True story - friend of mine is an Operations guy at a midwest company and is at their annual management retreat in San Diego this week. The brand they came up with for the event? Engage!". It was the exclamation point that got me. On cards. Swag bags. You know the drill. If you brand it with an exclamation point ("Engage!), Sunbathe!

2013 HR and Recruiting Conference Preview


January 29 – 31, 2013 in San Francisco, CA. >> April 15 – 17, 2013 in San Diego, CA. >> Click here. Photo Credit.

2013 30

Read The Paper, But Not The Want Ads

Guerrilla Job Hunting

  I interviewed Bob Picha, founder of San-Diego-based Ideas At Work, a company dedicated to the release of human potential in individuals and organizations. Here are 3 ways to locate job openings using free resources at your disposal.   Research is your first step in ferreting out job openings.

Oh No They Didn’t! LinkedIn Avatars Gone Wrong

Resume Bear

Some days I scan through my LinkedIn search results and am simply amazed at the choices some folks make when selecting their profile picture / avatar.

45 Free Spots for Author Book Events for Change Anything

David Zinger

San Diego April 26. 45 Free Spots for Change Anything Book Events. The total value of this to the network is over $2000. Boston May 6.

8 Tips on Using Twitter for Job-Hunting College Students


Syracuse, NYU, Arizona, San Diego State and Indiana are schools that actively share jobs, tips and articles on Twitter. Photo Credit.

HR/CAREER SLANG: "Ball Don't Lie".

HR Capitalist

Stay classy San Diego. Got a new term/phrase for most of you - Ball Don't Lie. How can you use that in the workplace? BORING. I sat down.

3 Lessons About Social Recruiting & Hiring You Need to Know


Get started using social media in hiring and staffing. Register here. . Times have changed. The world, including HR got social. It’s true.

Network Smarter, Not Harder

Guerrilla Job Hunting

These people all have a great deal of knowledge,” says Bob Picha, founder of San-Diego-based Ideas At Work, a company dedicated to the release of human potential in individuals and organizations. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – networking is how 70-80% of the best jobs are filled. You must network smartly and more creatively.