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Seattle’s New Paid Leave Law


The new law goes into effect on September 1, 2012. Read more

International Relations Careers In Seattle-Portland

Career Realism

We can’t stress enough how strong the local economies are in Portland and Seattle. Working In Seattle And Portland.

Uber, Lyft, & Sidecar Drivers Vote to Form Union in Seattle


Drivers in Seattle vote to form App-Based Drivers’ Association. Seattle based drivers for transportation companies who use apps to schedule passenger pick-up have voted to form an association which will assist in them in work related discussions with companies like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. Uber Responds.

The Latest Resource For Supercharging Your Resume

Ms. Career Girl

The post The Latest Resource For Supercharging Your Resume appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. And they don’t just want to help with your resume.

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This Blog Has Moved! Please Note The New URL


Personally Speaking career coach career consultant job search coach Seattle career coach Seattle job search coach  .  . After nine years with Typepad, I''ve moved the life@work blog to the Dream Big Coaching website. It is now simply the Dream Big Coaching blog. You can find it at [link]. Maximizing your effectiveness at work.

Will Amazon Go Kill Jobs? Oh, Probably


Amazon Go, currently being tested in one Seattle area grocery store and only available to Amazon employees, works like this: shoppers tap their […] Source. HR Amazon Go automation retail

The Best and Worst Markets For HR Managers.

HR Capitalist

Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA       . Had a client at Kinetix ask me last week where in the US I would build out a presence if my goal was to hire capable software developers with limited competition. Made me think that would be an interesting question for HR positions as well. Columbia, SC       . York-Hanover, PA              . Surprised?

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How To Use Twitter As A Job Search Tool

Career Realism

For example, if you search #Seattle and #jobs, you will find tweets for openings in Seattle. The good news is you don’t have to be.

The Difference Between Nirvana and Pearl Jam Was The Teams They Hired To Support Them.

HR Capitalist

As you should expect from a Gen X'er, it's related to the grunge scene that stated in the state of Washington, with a critical mass in Seattle.

DREAM JOB(?): You Can Be The HR Pro That Pulls the Company With a 70K Minimum Salary Out of the Crapper.

HR Capitalist

This is the job posting for the HR Manager job for Gravity Payments in Seattle. My readers are smart. Steve. --. Compensation

Paid Sick Days Bill Gains Momentum


Steam is picking up for paid sick days in Philadelphia, Seattle, Denver and Georgia. The U.S. Is your hometown next?

How to Be Happier in the Next 30 Minutes


Press Room Dream Big Coaching Services selected "top career coach" by Seattle Metropolitan magazine! How about you? How about you?

Back from a Successful Cannexus Conference

Career Key

Because I live in Seattle, the grey weather did not scare me. Welcome to our career blog. love Canada. Chicago, take notes. John L.

Top 10 Cities For New Grads

Resume Bear

Seattle, WA – Seattle offers a reasonable median rent ($942) with a good media income ($33,372). Midwest Cities. West Coast Cities.

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The CEO Who Raised the Minimum Salary to 70K Is Alleged to Have Waterboarded His Wife, Among Other Things.

HR Capitalist

He wasn’t thinking about the current political clamor over low wages or the growing gap between rich and poor, he said. Until he's not.

4 Big Ideas to Look Smart: The $15 Minimum Wage

HR Capitalist

Small businesses are going to fail! The business world will have to pass along costs to consumers! MSNBC libs - This is a living wage, people.

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5 Hot Cities for Recent College Graduates Entering the Workforce

Career Alley

Seattle. and Seattle, except with better weather. But thanks to The Great Recession, that dream is no longer the reality. Washington D.C.

Bad Work Days in Perspective

Career Key

Welcome to our career blog. The Career Keys mission is to help people make the best career, college major, and self-employed choices. Lawrence K.

We need to talk more about Melinda Gates

Penelope Trunk

Should I tell you I went to Seattle and saw Lady Gaga with my son? I took my son to a Lady Gaga concert. could tell you that. Great. Mentoring

Make Liberal Arts A Successful College Major Choice

Career Key

Forget the war on liberal arts ! Liberal arts majors can make successful college majors. Begin networking as soon as possible. It’s great advice.

Looking for a New Job? Check out the App Market

Resume Bear

TechNet found that app jobs are most popular in the San Francisco Bay area, New York and Seattle. Do you use any mobile apps throughout the day?

MATH: How Much Would Banning "Reply All" Save Your Company?

HR Capitalist

Reply all?  It sucks, right? For worker productivity, he says, “It’s death by a thousand cuts.”. So let's roll with that math. Would you do it?

The Original Social Network was Usenet

Resume Bear

Seattle, WA ( Seattle, WA ( Usenet was comprised of several hierarchal group headings. Go figure.

Ep 50 – Creative Company Perks That Retain Employees


She talks with us about her trip this year to Seattle, how she used her paid time for the trip and what she spent her $1,500 budget on traveling. I, personally, love this idea. The job market is hot, hot, hot and retention is a top concern for companies, but it’s not just compensation that can keep employees at your company. Stitcher.

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What can I do in my job search to find a company that is a match for me?

Careers Done Write

Seattle, WA. You can add to that “Seattle” to the search bar and find resources for your region. Thanks! Nate B.,

Rudest city in America: congrats, you won?

Resume Bear

They get irritable, they get grouchy…they get rude. I’m sorry to say my own Seattle ranked 16 of the top 20 “rudest” cities ranked. 

The Time The CEO Raised the Minimum Salary to 70K and Found Out This People Thing is Kind of Complex.

HR Capitalist

This post is about unintended consequences. Also about salary compression when a CEO decided to raise the minimum salary to 70K in his company.  .

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Future of Work

Sklover Working Wisdom

— Anyone want a raise EVERY MONTH? —. What would motivate you more: A raise once every three years, or a raise once every three months? 2014 Alan L.

Friday Five: Over 50% of Workers Want to Quit


A new study from Dale Carnegie training reveals that over half of global workers want to quit their jobs in 2017. Why People Quit Their Jobs.

Be Memorable When Creating Your Employer Brand


He was looking to relocate due to his spouse’s job and was exploring companies and cultures in Seattle, WA. Register here. . Crazy? Maybe not.

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HR Metrics of Note: Revenue Per Employee VS. Profit Per Employee

HR Capitalist

billion for part of its headquarters compound in Seattle - or desperate efforts to keep the revenue gains coming and thus keep the stock aloft.

12 Best & Most Ridiculous Employer Brand & Recruiting Videos


Learn more great video recruiting and employer branding tips for employers by clicking here. . Starbucks has such a strong consumer brand.

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Heat Up Your Job Search This Summer

Careers Done Write

Three weeks ago I met with a new client, Rich. He expressed urgency because he has been out of work for eight months. Really? Job Search Strategies

Apple Pie, Chevrolet and Glassdoor's "Pledge To Thrive" Badge.

HR Capitalist

Glassdoor - you have to hand it to them - they know how to market their solution. Just announced at Glassdoor - a " Pledge to Thrive " badge.

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3 Steps to Finding a Promising Career in High-Tech or Any Growth Industry

Career Key

My husband works for a software company (not Microsoft) here in Seattle as a senior developer. Seattle’s lunchtime streets are crowded with very well-dressed (mostly) men and women, from 20 somethings to 50+ year olds, who work in the software and technology industries. I see workers’ Amazon, Google, and Adobe work badges as we walk by.

Sacred Space: How Your Work Environment Impacts Productivity

Ms. Career Girl

There are great options in many cities ( Chicago , New York , Seattle , and D.C. Career Girl. Cultivate Your Sacred Space. No problem. Organize.

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Relocating for a Spouse

Careers Done Write

Dear Deb: I am leaving a job and relocating to a new state because my husband has a new job. What do I write on my resume and LinkedIn profile?

Attempts to Make the “Gig” Economy Work Fall Short


Seattle is the first city in the U.S. The “new way to work” is in an all-out battle with government regulators. Government’s Argument.

Finance Tips for the Self-Employed

Penelope Trunk

Once I was giving a speech at a human resource convention in Seattle. Being self-employed looks so nice at an amusement park. just want a job."

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6 Most Horrifying Resume Blunders Employers Have Ever Seen

Career Realism

Greg Szymanski, HR director for a Seattle real estate development firm, is fed up with all the lies. These are our six favorite. Dear… Sir?

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