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4 Exciting Careers In Sports

Career Realism

Statistician Nearly every professional sport in North America is undergoing a revolution in statistics. That way, teams can prepare ahead.

5 Unusual Job Search Strategies That Work

Career Realism

Participate In A Sport Popular In Your Industry. The post 5 Unusual Job Search Strategies That Work appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

Résumé Help: Strategies for Recent Grads with Limited Experience

Careers Done Write

Don could list his areas of expertise or interest for his journalism career (sports and as specific as the sports he has covered) in the summary.

A Strategy For Job Interviews: Three Themes

Tim's Strategy

It lengthens the interview, gets you more face time (time of possession for you sports fans) and lands you the job. The topic is job interviews.

New eBook: The 8 Man Rotation (Who Says Sports and HR Don't Mix?)

HR Capitalist

Today marks the release of The 8 Man Rotation , an ebook focused on the intersection of talent management and sports. HR Insider Sports and HRYou can read it online or download your own copy. Go get it. Seriously, what are you waiting for? It's a peanut butter and chocolate like combination.

Pink Tennis Shoes and Resumes

Career Trend

I researched, consulted with the sports store pros and tried on several pairs to ensure a confident purchasing decision.

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How to Develop a Networking Strategy to Get Your Dream Job

Corn on the Job

Pete Leibman networked his way into his dream job in the front-office for the NBA’s Washington Wizards when he was only 21.

Differences Between Hiring a Contractor or Consultant

Hiring Technical People

In my session at Agile 2015, ( Agile Hiring: It’s a Team Sport ) one participant asked me if I hire contractors the same way I hire employees.

ResumeBear: Should Tattoos Stop You From Getting Hired?

Resume Bear

career job job hunting Job Search job search strategy job seekers jobs Online Resume resume resumebearOf course, it depends on the job. “If

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Looking for a New Job This Year? Three Things You Should Do Today

Careers Done Write

A great looking and well-written resume is still highly integral to a successful job search and standing out from the crowd is a competitive sport.

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Stay “Pumped Up” in Your Job Search

Resume Bear

Invigorate yourself through hobbies or sports. career job job hunting Job Search job search strategy jobs resumebearEvery single one.

Top Five Benefits of Empire Avenue to the Job Seeker

Resume Bear

His top number one for job searching strategies: “Network, network, network.”. Sports since October 2010. Are you a team player? link].

Social Networking for Career Success, A CNN “Top 10 Job Tweeter”

Resume Bear

Sometimes, those casual tweets will be about sports, television shows or restaurants; don’t be afraid to show your personality online!)

Can Social Media hinder you from getting that new job?

Resume Bear

Other interests include jobs, marketing, politics and sport. How can social media play such an important role in employment today? Liam Condit).

Take Advantage of Social Media! How to Find a Job on Twitter

Resume Bear

She loves to explore psychology, business, and sports in relation to emotional intelligence training. And Twitter is the place you want to go.

5 Easy Ways To Stand Out To Employers

Career Realism

Show Them You’re A Team Player By Learning An Industry Sport. Strategy career I don’t have any other way to stand out!”

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5 Tips to Curate Social Media Content That Gets Shared

Resume Bear

Many people have no idea what it means and others are fascinated by the idea of designing their social media marketing strategy. You can share all kinds of information (health, sports, fashion, business, etc) on social media as long as it appeals to your core audience. Have an intelligent social strategy. and so on. Teachers?

Tips for Staying Positive in a Job Search

Resume Bear

We all know that being mentally strong and emotionally fit is crucial in life, whether it’s for business, sports, or your career.

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Are You a One-Trick Pony Who Puts All the Eggs in One Basket?

The Job Quest

The basic message here is to diversify your job-hunting strategy. Yes, this is the cliché edition of The Job Quest. Certainly, you can do that.

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33 Most Unique and Funny Items Sent To Recruiters

Resume Bear

So sport memorabilia was something he had plenty of access to, and in turn used it to his advantage for networking. Here’s some inspiration.

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5 Tips on Managing Millennials in the Workplace

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As children, they experienced everyone getting awards for sports and went to school when gold stars were handed out freely.

2011 75

Looking for a New Career, Here’s a Start.

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Camera operators capture material for TV shows, movies, music videos, documentaries or news and sporting events. Money. workers of $26,364.

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50 New Social Sites College Students Should Try Out

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Sportsvite : Athletes and sports fans can organize games and tournaments with others in their area. General. Multitasking. Friends and Social.

Creating Blue Ocean Opportunity for Yourself


Some kids in my surrounding neighborhoods had skateboards and the sport was starting to make a comeback. I believe opportunity. A Blue Ocean.

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Job-Seeking Tips for College Graduates

Resume Bear

And if you communicate this strategy to hiring managers, they will appreciate your pragmatism and will perceive less risk in hiring you. These foundational roles are similar to the foundational experiences one has in a rigorous academic program, competitive sports or military service. Create a 10-year plan, even if it doesn’t play out.

Job Search – From the Beginning – Recruiters Part 1

Career Alley

You know, when you are playing a game or sport, make a mistake and ask to do it all over again (like don’t count the bad turn)? Sometimes you need to do the same with your job search, kind of “do over&#. Maybe you are not getting the result you expect or sometimes you just need to “start fresh&#. Good luck in your search.

How New Grads Can Stand Out To Employers Online

Resume Bear

Or maybe talking about sports? College Graduates College Students Job Hunting Strategies Resume & Cover Letter Tips career job job seekers jobs Online Resume resume resumebear My little brother is graduating from college this month. And like any recent grad, he’s concerned about finding a job. So how can you do that?

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What Does Dribbling a Basketball Have To Do With Your Career?

Tim's Strategy

Growing up with sports, I see a lot of correlation between sports and careers. This is a guest blog post by Greg Johnson.

2 Strategies for Combating Ageism on Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

Career Realism

Here was my response, and for older (baby-boomer and older generations) readers, you might find some value in these 2 strategies.

Start like an Immigrant: Ways to Get a Job Even If Your Diploma Is Fresh Off the Press

Resume Bear

Richard’s dream was to be an executive of a national sports franchise. The sports industry is filled with ex-players, so Richard knew he had to stand out. Richard became the first Asian American general manager of a major sports franchise with the Portland Trail Blazers. Fiscal cliff. Debt ceiling. Here’s how: 1. Be a student.

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18 Easy Conversation Starters For Networking Events

Career Realism

Talk About Sports. People love talking about sports. If you’re a sports person, use it to your advantage! Work It Daily.

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Over 40 and Looking for a Job? Being #2 could be your #1.

Tim's Strategy

Work-Life Balance career strategy growth phase Job Search long hours looking for a job maintenance phase old habits work-life balance

Take Action On Your Target Network Profile

Tim's Strategy

The process of choosing a strategy for social networking to find and engage them. For times when you can’t just be out there socializing.

Job Search strategies that result in connections, not attempts

Competitive Resumes

Look below, is this how your job search is going… Therefore, strategy not size or amount, matters. Feed List Posts RSS 2.0 Comments RSS 2.0

Social Recruiting Saves Recruiters $370 Million+ in Advertising & Fees


It’s a must have as part of your recruitment strategy. Recruiting using social must incorporate mobile into the overall strategy.

What Do You Want to Be Known For?

Water Cooler Wisdom

  It contains lots of tantalizing body hacking strategies from losing 20 pounds in a month without exercise to reversing permanent injuries. 

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What’s on Your Bucket List? 101 Things To Do Before You Die

Personal Excellence Blog

Take up a new sport. Sports is a great way to keep fit! Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor person, there is a sport for everyone.

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How To Explain A Low GPA In An Interview

Career Realism

After a major sports event, the athletes are often asked, “What was your plan?” You finally get the interview for your dream job. Related Posts.

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Do College Athletes Make Better Hires?

HR Capitalist

Is that a viable hiring strategy? 3. Hiring jocks from non-mainstream sports who fit all the above criteria is another great route. Some people love to hire jocks. I''m up over at Fistful of Talent today trying to answer this very question. And compete. And are capable of the consultative sale. Interesting hire. Recruiting

18 Easy Conversation Starters For Networking Events

Career Realism

Talk About Sports. People love talking about sports. If you’re a sports person, use it to your advantage! What looks good?