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The State of the Unions in the United States


The Washington Examiner just a week long series examining the role of unions in the United States and asks the question “Are unions obsolete?”

Wanted: 8,400+ Job Seekers For Positions Across The United States

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Can the President of the United States Create Jobs?

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Every presidential candidate, as well as the current President of the United States, has a plan to create new jobs. innovation. tourism.

6 Ways to Lose Money from Lack of Sleep - BLOG.


Work Clothes Work uniforms help present a united front to your customers. Beauty Uniforms Salon uniforms don’t have to look like lab coats.

United States Colleges Offer Opportunities for International Job Skills Development


That courage and determination is important for success in college and in the “real world,” after graduation. If you’re going to study in the U.S.,

5 straightforward ways to build job success

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The number of people who either had jobs or were looking for jobs in the United States in 2015 was approximately 157 million, compared […].

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The Most In-Demand Jobs

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The economy in the United States is one the rebound, which is good news for people in almost any industry. However, there are several industries that experiencing large amounts of growth and look as if they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Career advice Careers

New Overtime Laws are Coming!

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If you are currently an exempt employee earning less than $47,476 a year, you’ll want to read this. But you should read it anyway.

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The Reality of Dream Jobs

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You may have wanted to be a professional athlete, an astronaut, or even the president of the United States!

10 of the Strangest True Interview Questions

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When you go for a job interview , it’s always a mystery what questions they’ll ask.

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50 Happiest Companies for 2012

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United States Air Force. United States Department of Defense. United States Navy. United States Marine Corps.

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Firing an Employee: Navigating a Touchy Process the Right Way

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In the United States, all states but Montana have at-will employment. Use Progressive Discipline. When writing a PIP, be specific.

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Fret Not: Study Shows Hard Interviews Result In Better Jobs

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Have you ever been through a job interview that just drained you? Okay, maybe that’s extreme, but interviewing can be tough. Nailed it.

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Six Common H-1B Visa Frustrations That Drive You Crazy


There are 185 different types of visas in the United States. These visas are divided into two different categories: 1)Nonimmigrant visas and 2) Immigrant visas. Nonimmigrant visas are for temporary. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR h-1b h1b immigration visa visas

Yes, Dating is Important to Your Career

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In fact, in the United States, boys are less likely than girls to finish high school, go to college , and even get doctoral degrees.

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Is Your Job On the Line? What the H1-B Visa Means to American Workers

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There are certainly times when there aren’t people in the United States that can do the work. The theory behind the H1-B Visas is to allow companies to hire non-immigrant foreigners to fill positions that no American can fill. We’re a global economy, and I support the theory behind it.

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The Elements of Good Grammar for Your Career

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Susan has taught business writing in many countries including the United States and on many other subjects.

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Can The President Really Create Jobs?


We're in the midst of an intense series of debates between two candidates applying for the job of President of the United States. But can the President really create a significant number of jobs? Continued at [link].

Don’t Expect Too Much from Work


Over the years, the United States became more corporate and gained more women (i.e. Today, one of the major issues that Americans typically have with work is expecting too much from it. What do I mean by that exactly? Well, it’s quite simple. more workers) to the workplace. Suddenly, both parents in a household began [.].

Don’t Expect Too Much from Work


Over the years, the United States became more corporate and gained more women (i.e. Today, one of the major issues that Americans typically have with work is expecting too much from it. What do I mean by that exactly? Well, it’s quite simple. more workers) to the workplace.

7 Common Myths About Workplace Romances

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The United States ranks 28th out of 145 countries in the 2015  Global Gender Gap Index. Career Girl. wait for it. romance. Image credits.

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The ResumeBear Team Wishes You a Happy 4th of July

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The United States is truly a diverse nation made up of dynamic people. Happy Birthday, America! Success Stories Why ResumeBear?

Is it Time to Look for a Job Overseas?

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The United States job market seems to be picking up steam, but there is still a lot of recovery to be done if the job market is to regain its pre-recession levels. Some Americans are not waiting for that and are deciding to forgo the tumultuous U.S. job market for something more certain, like jobs

No Job? Consider Becoming a Minimalist Entrepreneur

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On the surface of it, jobless rates in some of the English-speaking countries don’t seem so horrible – 8.2% for the United States, 7.2% for Canada, 8.1% in the United Kingdom. Job News Employment jobs

No, You Can’t Force People To Resign for Supporting Trump

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GrubHub CEO Matt Maloney sent an email to employees stating his disappointment with Donald Trump’s win and telling employees that if they agree with Trump’s “hateful politics” they should “reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here. We do not tolerate hateful attitudes on our team.”

Audi’s ridiculous Super Bowl ad gives us only myths about pay. Here’s reality.

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Now, we’re going to keep this discussion to the United States only, in case you are itching to trot out statistics from Kazakhstan or Sweden.

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How Will Volunteer Work Enhance Your Career

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I think there are enough stories of the web where someone starts out volunteering, and because of the experience it provided a bridge for a new career.

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8 Top HR Mobile Workforce Trends to Watch

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The Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) released new overtime rules in the United States that take effect late in 2016. Career Girl.

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Are You Considering a Master’s Degree?

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MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) programs are on the rise in the United States. Is a MOOC for you? and abroad. education masters degre

Check your retirement financial records

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For example, here in the United States, the Social Security Administration sends a yearly statement of benefits. Home Blog Cube Rules Products Dream Job Coaching Media Contact Scot Cube Rules provides job advice and support for career-minded individuals working in corporate cubicles. Hirano wasn’t alone. Results.

How to Relieve Stress: 3 Clever and Effective Ways


Considering the damaging consequences of stress, the question, “ How to relieve stress ?” ” should be on everyone’s mind.

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Why Wonder Woman Was the Best (If Flawed) Spokesperson for Women’s Rights

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Wonder Woman can do just about anything, from fly an invisible jet to deflecting bullets with her wristbands, but she can no longer be an Ambassador for the United Nations. While the UN says that her stint as an Ambassador was meant to be short, it also comes in response to a petition asking that she be removed. The bold is in the original.

If You Don’t Get a Flu Shot, You’re a Jerk

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The CDC estimates that 200,000 people per year are hospitalized for the flu in the United States each year, with up to 49,000 people dying. A couple of days ago, I stopped in the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. New signs hung on the counter and walls, advertising the times you could come in and get your annual flu shot. Just lazy.

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How Many LinkedIn Users are there in Your Country? [SLIDES]

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How many LinkedIn users are there in the United States? In the United Kingdom? In India? In Brazil? In France? In Germany?

How Parents can Help Their Student Prepare to be Job-Ready

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Millennials made up about 30 percent of the United States’ unemployment population.  Being job-ready is a rigorous process.

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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Podcast

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To find the answers, I spoke to Delaney Simmons from WNYC, the largest talk radio station in the United States. We View Article.

LinkedIn Facts and Figures [INFOGRAPHIC]

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United States / 2. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network and a fantastic place to find a job or to recruit.

15 Best and Worst Jobs of 2010 in America

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All about Jobs Career Career help Jobs Leadership and Career Management Salary Skills Portfolio 15 Best and Worst Jobs of 2010 in America Actuary Author Business Career Planning Career Success Employment Engineer Finding a Job Health Job Search Job Search Knowledge United StatesTweet Who enjoys the best job in America? Actuaries do.

Training Within Industry

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Here We Are. Now What? Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Thinking Inside The Blog!] Save Your Money.

Top 4 Keyword Sources For Your Personal Brand

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Top 4 Keyword Sources For Your Personal Brand. Work It Daily. I’m often asked, “If I need nouns, how do I know what nouns to use?”. Job Descriptions.