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5 Ways The Internet Is Killing Us

Ms. Career Girl

The post 5 Ways The Internet Is Killing Us appeared first on Ms. Here is my rant about how the internet is killing us. Career Girl.

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Robots Won’t Replace Us, They’ll Work With Us


The fears of workers being replace en masse by robots has been well documented in the press (and here on B4J). Rather than replace them however, how about if technology allowed companies to retain workers by melding them with machinery to make them much more efficient and productive? Worker and Robot Co-Existing. Downsides to This Technology.

4 Ways Women Talk Differently In The Workplace (& What Men Could Learn From Us)

Ms. Career Girl

The post 4 Ways Women Talk Differently In The Workplace (& What Men Could Learn From Us) appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Rubbish! Maybe.

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What the Walmart VP Termination Over a Resume Teaches Us

Career Key

Yes, it teaches us not to lie on our resume, not to leave a misimpression or omission about our credentials. Want a living wage?

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What neurologists tell us about goal setting

Penelope Trunk

This is because a goal gives us structure and purpose, but also once you set a goal, your brain feels like you have already attained that goal.

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What Zig Ziglar Has Taught Us About Career Management

The Job Quest

Which allows us to be more successful — when we try to be all things to all people, or when we drill down on a very narrow scope of activities?

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Recruiters, Love Us or Hate Us – It’s Really Up to You!

The Undercover Recruiter

Personally, I expect that some clients will like us, and some won’t. A great recruiter will help you do this, and then you will love us again!

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The Top US Staffing Trends of 2015 [STUDY]

The Undercover Recruiter

The Top US Staffing Trends of 2015 [STUDY]. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

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5 Lessons Olympic Athletes Can Teach us About Mentoring

Career Copilot

It was about U.S. I love watching the Olympics- so many amazing stories and so inspiring. I read a great article the other day in the Wall Street Journal by Jason Gay, entitled Cycling’s Luke Finds Her Obi-Wan. Olympic cyclist, Evelyn Stevens, and her mentor, Connie Carpenter (1984 gold medalist in cycling).

Lessons that the Most Famous Failures Can Teach Us #MondayMotivation

The Undercover Recruiter

Lessons that the Most Famous Failures Can Teach Us #MondayMotivation. Failure is part of life – and definitely part of success.

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5 Things that Homer Simpson Taught Us About Working Life

The Undercover Recruiter

5 Things that Homer Simpson Taught Us About Working Life. How does Homer do it?! I’ve compiled. View Article.

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7 Things Fairy Tales Taught Us About Recruitment Success

The Undercover Recruiter

7 Things Fairy Tales Taught Us About Recruitment Success. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

College Classes for the Rest of Us


But for many of us, that just never happened. And in a lot of cases, that's an accurate image. Either we couldn't afford it.

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The History Which Defines Us


Played Out on the Big Screen. Thank God our lives are not played out on TV or in a theater, live or film. But it’s mine, thorns and all. Me. .

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Audi’s ridiculous Super Bowl ad gives us only myths about pay. Here’s reality.

Evil HR Lady

The post Audi’s ridiculous Super Bowl ad gives us only myths about pay. Women earn $0.79 for every $1.00 Where is the pay inequity ?

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Job Hunting Outside the US

Evil HR Lady

I find this so hard to believe because it’s so completely contrary to the way we’re coached here in the U.S. My husband has, obviously, and it was very much like a US job interview process. So, tell me what you know about job hunting outside the US. The same even goes for if she’s actually had an interview.

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What is the State of Employment in the US in 2015?

The Undercover Recruiter

Jobvite have put together this infographic outlining the state of employment across the US in 2015. What is the unemployment rate? View Article.

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The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US

Ms. Career Girl

The post The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. And more marketers are able to work remotely online.

What Healthcare Providers Can Teach us about Business Leadership


With this in mind, there is a lot doctors, nurses, and health administration professionals could teach us about leading a successful company.

The surprisingly advice many of us need to hear

Penelope Trunk

I am working like most people who work from home. I am at a coffee shop. A frequent item on the list is I’d have to drink gas station coffee.

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There's a Little Bit of Kevin Durant In All Of Us.

HR Capitalist

In fact, Durant's a lot like us. Reactions to the Durant news on the 4th were quick - and at times harsh. What's his role? He's not sure.

Procrastination | The “Splinter&# that Holds Us Back

The Job Quest

Burrowing in under the skin — too small to simply pluck out with our fingers, yet big enough to cause a significant distraction to us.

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What Can the Grimm Brothers’ Fairytales Teach Us About Business?

The Undercover Recruiter

What Can the Grimm Brothers’ Fairytales Teach Us About Business? We all grew up reading fairy tales, hearing bedtime stories and even watching movies from the Grimm Brothers. We learned about cautionary tales, great adventures, true love, friendship…and even some business lessons. There were clear examples of poor leadership, lack of.

SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP Have Been Accredited: What This Means For Us


One of the next major steps in the evolvement of the SHRM Certification process has been completed. Kurt F. Geisinger, Ph.D.,


US Social Media by the Numbers – May 2012


How US Time is Spent on Social Media. Keep in mind the useage numbers are US based while the user numbers are global.

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10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the US

Resume Bear

The post 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the US appeared first on Resumebear Online Resume. There was a 3.3%

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our intern told us our ideas were boring and stupid

Ask A Manager

The details aren’t super important, but it involved us creating puzzles that would be fun for small groups of coworkers to solve. We invited everyone who was interested in organizing this to join our team, and various people took us up on it. One of the coworkers who joined the project was Bob, the only intern among us.

Trump’s election tells us that we’re all a bunch of liars

Penelope Trunk

We lie to ourselves when we think we know how the US thinks and votes. Which tells us that the Republicans think it’s fine to be racist.

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How Higher I-9 Penalties Will Impact US Employers


The U.S. Employers are required to properly complete a Form I-9 for every individual hired, whether they are a U.S. citizen or not.

2015 16

The New Overtime Rule May Still Be Upon Us: Are You (and Your Employees Ready)?

Water Cooler Wisdom

Today was supposed to be the day the Fair Labor Standards Act’s new overtime rule went into effect. But a judge’s injunction issued last week means no change for the tens of thousands of businesses and millions of employees that would have been affected. Also, the salary threshold was to automatically update every three years.

2016 21

US Bill Would Make Employer Requests for Facebook Access Illegal


Protecting Employee Facebook & Social Network Privacy. For those that do when it comes to social networks, I call this social media discrimination.

U.S. News hosts New Grad Night on #JobHuntChat

Corn on the Job

We’re proud to announce that U.S. Make sure to look out for tweets coming from our friends from US News! Job Search Social Media #JobHuntChat US NewsNews will be guest hosting our New Grad night on #JobHuntChat. As always, #JobHuntChat will start at 10PM EST and run through 11PM EST tonight (June 6th). Question Lineup.

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What Social Media Teaches Us About Leadership

The Undercover Recruiter

and in our banking and fiscal management world (God help us all!). What Social Media Teaches Us About Leadership. Share selflessly.

Relentless reminders render us unproductive

Cube Rules

Relentless reminders — about our calendar, appointments, tasks — will overwhelm our productivity. Not just in our jobs but in our life.

Tech Giants Are Expanding Parental Leave — What About the Rest of Us?


According to a 2012 report from the US Department of Labor on family and medical leave, about 15% of people who were not paid or who received partial pay while on leave turned to public assistance for help. Last week Netflix announced a new “unlimited” paid parental leave policy and Microsoft an expansion of their program to 12 weeks.

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Best Online Resources for Learning about College Majors in the U.S.

Career Key

For students who want to learn about college majors and training programs, we’ve chosen the best online resources with advice on how to use them.

Eugenie Bouchard: What a 19 Year Old Rising Tennis Star Can Teach Us About Employee Engagement

David Zinger

Her engaged and engaging play, landing her a spot in the semifinals, offers us lessons in engagement. Reading time 1 minute 20 seconds).

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update: my coworker wants us to call her boyfriend her “master”

Ask A Manager

You may also like: my coworker wants us to call her boyfriend her “master” when a coworker calls your family to say you’re in trouble at work I was told not to attend a former coworker’s retirement party update: my coworker wants us to call her boyfriend her “master” was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

2016 25

my office wants us to bring single friends to a Valentine’s Day singles mixer

Ask A Manager

Maybe I’m just a prudish weirdo who likes to keep work and personal very separate, but it really strikes me as odd, and almost like they’re encouraging us to date one another…? Obviously, though, you should go and report back to us. My workplace just announced a Valentine’s Day Singles mixer. Valentine’s Day. ·

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Which Careers in the US are Strongest? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

Careers in the US are on the upswing but which industries are growing? Takeaways: Healthcare support is the largest growing industry in the US.