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Yes, Virginia Unemployment Discrimination Exists


Imagine. A candidate walks into your office or a resume graces your desk. ” Unemployment discrimination is the cruelest of forms.

No Virginia, the First Amendment Doesn’t Protect Workplace Speech


The First Amendment reads as follows: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Don’t Forget About the NLRB.

Yes, Virginia, There ARE still Great Places to Work


Yes, Virginia, there are still great places to work. Your Job Search find a job job search virginiaThe declining situation of the global economy has shaken the foundation of the dream of vertical ascent and wracked the general confidence in “the way things are.” Here are three: GOOGLE. Not familiar? Check out this video.

Girl Gets Date: Meet Real Career Girl Camille Virginia

Ms. Career Girl

The post Girl Gets Date: Meet Real Career Girl Camille Virginia appeared first on Ms. The lovely Camille Virginia. Career Girl.

Looking for Inspiration? Let it find you.

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Though bent over her hoe in that rural Virginia field, Ruth Stone kept an ear out for that “thunderous burst of air” that fueled her poems.

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Positioning A Failed Startup Into A Positive Experience On Your Resume

Career Realism

Positioning A Failed Startup Into A Positive Experience On Your Resume. Work It Daily. Related: 5 Ways To Bounce Back From ‘Failure’ In Your Career.

3 Ways To Conduct Critical Company Research

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3 Ways To Conduct Critical Company Research. Work It Daily. Related: 7 Ways To Sniff Out The REAL Company Culture. Company Websites. Ranked Lists.

How To Keep A Casual Eye On The Job Market

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How To Keep A Casual Eye On The Job Market. CAREEREALISM. Related: The Secret To Getting Interviews: Tap The Hidden Job Market. Get Active On LinkedIn.

Online Hiring Expected To Double In 2012

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The rise of the Internet has brought a lot of revolutionary changes to the workforce — social media, Google, and now online employment. Article by.

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Get the VIP Treatment at #SHRM15 with Our Conference Party Guide


Get the Inside Scoop at the SHRM Annual Conference in Las Vegas! 2015 SHRM VIP Party Guide. Name *. First. Email *. HR shrm 15 SHRM15

Get the VIP Treatment at #HRTechConf & #IAEWSLasVegas


GET THE INSIDE SCOOP AT THE 2015 HR TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE IN LAS VEGAS! I can’t believe are less than 2 weeks away from the 2015 HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. We’re knee deep in pre-conference content strategy for #HRTechConf where we’ll bring you the best insights into what you can expect at three different events in Vegas in one week.

50 Best Workplaces & Employers for Boomer & Traditional Generations


7. West Virginia University .

Meetings With Remarkable People

Learning Voyager

So who helped you get to where you are today? Whose work had an influence on you? On LinkedIn, a question was posed the other day, asking about the Role Models we encountered in our field, who had a positive impact on our formation as professionals in Organization Development. Follow him on twitter @tseamon

The Curious Life of a Mobile Veterinarian

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Dr. Tyler Carmack, a vet with Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice in Virginia, recalled a very special patient named Harley. Career Girl.

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Workers Compensation Bureau and Resources by State


VirginiaVirginia Workers Compensation Commission. West Virginia – West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commission.

Download Your 2015 Guide Las Vegas for #HRTechConf & #IAEWSLasVegas


It’s arrived. The most anticipated guide filled with nuggets of wisdom, insights, where to go and what to do in Las Vegas during the HR Technology Conference. It’s sponsored by our friends, Talent Objects. By downloading our HR Tech Guide, you’ll get the following: An exclusive checklist to conquering this unconquerable city. Name *.

Romance Narrators Panel at VA Festival of the Book

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I went to Charlottesville, Virginia for the Men of Romance Audiobook Narrator Panel moderated by Andi Arndt. It was a presentation in the very well organized Virginia Festival of the Book. I am just back from an event I’ve been looking forward to for awhile. The men on the panel were: Aidan Snow, Will Damron, READ MORE >>.

The 50 Best Places To Work In 2012

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It’s that time of year again: Glassdoor has released its list of 50 best places to work in 2012! Below, see the companies and corresponding ratings.

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8 Reasons to Have an Office Dog

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A 2012 study at Virginia Commonwealth University indicates that workers are calmer and more satisfied with dogs around. Career Girl. Mellow Out.

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This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of We want to start your week off right! Read more. Read more. Read more.

Disability Employment Statistics: How Is Your State Doing?


West Virginia had the lowest rate at 25.6%. The highest gaps occur in Maine, Kentucky, District of Columbia, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

Learn Everything You Need to Know about Las Vegas & #SHRM15


SHRM15 is literally within a week and if you’ve never been you’re in for a treat! This year we’ve put together another one of our ultimate guides to the conference and Las Vegas. we have you covered! glorious days in Las Vegas. What comes in the guide? Some of you might want to know what comes in this guide before downloading.

Profile of a Gen Y Entrepreneur

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What do you get when you cross world citizen with Gen Y student with budding entrepreneur? You get Caroline Pugh. Pugh herself, are onto something big.

Companies Do Hire Unemployed People

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of Fairfax, Virginia. The digital ink has been spilling for months about companies that will only hire people who already have jobs. Right.

How to Source, Hire, & Recruit Candidates on Instagram


Instragram. It’s just for snapping, sharing and “love”-ing pictures, right? e-Recruiting the Photo Sharing Way. Photo Credit. .

Social Recruiting: Advice From A COO

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We all know social recruiting is on the rise (see here, here and here for more advice on social job seeking). What do you think of Alcide’s advice?

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Take Charge of Your Career as a Freshman


Welcome to college! Believe it or not, your first year of college is the best time to begin your career planning and preparation. Find the Resources.

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“Can my employer lower my pay starting two weeks ago, without telling me?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Harrisville, West Virginia. In your state of West Virginia, you can file a Request for Assistance form with the West Virginia Division of Labor. Though I tried to do the legal research to find out what West Virginia law says on that issue, I could not find an answer. Question: I work for a physician. Thank you. Anita.

Social Business: Developing Your Company to Better Interface with Consumers

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The post Social Business: Developing Your Company to Better Interface with Consumers appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Let me tell you a story.

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This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Continental creates 500 jobs in Newport News, Virginia : Automotive supplier expanding plant. We want to start your week off right! Read more.

If This Branding Post Were an App, It’d Be MapMyBrand


Recently, I spent some time with Susan Strayer LaMotte of Exaqueo — a culture and talent strategy consulting firm in Alexandria, Virginia — talking about employer branding and the important role it plays in today’s world. Or, more specifically, where and how to begin a brand journey. A Guide to Developing Your Brand.

yet another reason to stay far away from resume-writing companies

Ask A Manager

Their employee claimed that I was a career advisor in Virginia Beach in 2012-2013 (!) I’ve never worked as a career advisor, or worked in Virginia Beach, or taught a cover letter writing workshop, or attended a cover letter writing workshop. and must have attended one of his cover-letter-writing workshops (!) Is it plagiarism?

5 Ways To Make The Right Impression In A Group Interview

Career Realism

5 Ways To Make The Right Impression In A Group Interview. CAREEREALISM. We took that responsibility very seriously. Want to make the right impression?

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Poll: Can “Liking” a Facebook Page Get You Fired?

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You’ve heard it before: Be careful when posting on social media , it could get you fired. Well, apparently you can. So, what do you think?

Jobs in the USA - Coal Miner/Trump Edition.

HR Capitalist

The Trump jobs platform is a cocktail of trade policy, economic policy, protectionism and more. . Many of the jobs aren't coming back.

Questions for Coaching

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Here We Are. Now What? Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Thinking Inside The Blog!] Save Your Money.

Poll: Did Your Education Prepare You For Employment?

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According to this article , a couple of weeks ago, education leaders discussed some of the causes of the unemployment rate among college graduates.

This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of We want to start your week off right! Read more. Read more. All Aboard!

A Simple Tool To Compare Salaries by State

Professional Resume Services

West Virginia: $96,280 becomes $108,668 when adjusted for cost of living. Rasmussen College has a nice tool for comparing your options.

HR Plays a Role in Suicide Prevention


Suicide has long been a taboo topic in the workplace. There is a cost to ignoring the issue. The human toll is enormous. I would point to two things.