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13 Things to Hold Onto For Next Year’s Taxes

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Probably the most well-known tax form is the W-2. 1099 Tax Forms. 1099 tax forms are available for various reasons. Freelancers and self-employed contractors may file a 1099 to report earnings for the year. Just like with W-2s, you should file 1099 forms with your tax returns. The post 13 Things to Hold Onto For Next Year’s Taxes appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Are you breathing a sigh of relief now that tax season is officially over?

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How to Identify an Employment Scam

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Unless you are looking for contract or freelance work, getting a “job&# creates an employer/employee relationship between you and the hiring company. Rather,you become an independent contractor who receives a 1099 instead of a W-2 tax form at the end of the year. Are you currently on a search for a new job? If you are, you may be using the internet, as well as your local newspapers, to find job openings.

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Share Your Passion – Be an Guide

Telecommuting Journal hires independent contractors to contribute content to the website as either a Guide, a Topic Guide, or a Video Producer. An independent contractor, or freelancer, isn’t employed by the company directly so for tax purposes you’ll be getting a 1099, not a W-2. A freelance writer and editor for more than a decade, Laureen Miles Brunelli has built a work-at-home career while she and her husband raise three children.

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