How to Buy a Home If You’re Self-Employed

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To get a mortgage, self-employed workers need to prove their income and taxes with a 1099 form. The down payment for a Federal Housing Administration loan is much lower, and it’s easier to qualify for than other types, making a mortgage for self-employed borrowers accessible.

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“Subsidized COBRA in Severance – What’s that?”

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The Federal “COBRA” law gives almost all laid off employees a right to remain on their employer’s health plan for up to 18 months. is entitled to remain on their employer’s healthcare insurance plan under a federal law nicknamed “COBRA.” Most commonly, former employees who receive “subsidized COBRA” will receive an IRS Form 1099 Misc at the end of the year showing additional income to that former employee in the amount of the employer COBRA subsidy.


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my boss makes me wear her clothes, eat her food, and say I’m grateful for my job

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When I received my tax documents, I got a 1099 instead of a W-2. As for her treating you as a 1099 contractor rather than an employee (and thus not paying your payroll taxes ), that’s illegal. The way to address it is to be incredibly matter-of-fact: “I got my tax documents and it looks like I’ve been paid as a 1099 contractor. We can get in a lot of trouble for that, because federal law is very strict about how can be treated like a contractor versus an employee.

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what to do when your employer illegally treats you as a contractor

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A reader writes: My question relates to being a 1099 contractor for a consulting firm. First, some background: As you clearly know, the IRS lays out rules for when someone can be paid as a 1099 contractor and when they must be paid as an employee (which would mean the employer withholds income taxes, withholds and pays Social Security and Medicare taxes, and pays unemployment taxes).What’s

wee answer Wednesday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

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” Is this a federal law? My employer takes advantage of me and my pay requirements, and although I work as an employee he gave me a 1099 for my salary this year. It’s a federal law, although it’s commonly broken, and you can read about it here. It’s wee answer Wednesday — seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1. Mentioning that I’d take a more junior position. I am in an interview process.

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employee takes a vacation day every week, listing Airbnb hosting on a resume, and more

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The only time he doesn’t request a day off for a week is when we have a paid holiday (we have all the federal holidays off each year). My husband and I are hosts on Airbnb, which involves a lot of coordination, hospitality, scheduling, and business management/accounting (we receive a 1099 from Airbnb). It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Employee takes a vacation day every week.

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