How to Buy a Home If You’re Self-Employed

Ms. Career Girl

For someone employed by another person or business, they’re given W-2 documents to track their income history and the taxes that were taken out. To get a mortgage, self-employed workers need to prove their income and taxes with a 1099 form.

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my boss makes me wear her clothes, eat her food, and say I’m grateful for my job

Ask a Manager

When I received my tax documents, I got a 1099 instead of a W-2. As for her treating you as a 1099 contractor rather than an employee (and thus not paying your payroll taxes ), that’s illegal. The way to address it is to be incredibly matter-of-fact: “I got my tax documents and it looks like I’ve been paid as a 1099 contractor. We can get in a lot of trouble for that, because federal law is very strict about how can be treated like a contractor versus an employee.

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