2011 Executive Job Market Outlook

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2011 Executive Job Market Outlook is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Findings indicate that networking is still (by far) the best way to open doors to new opportunities, as shown in their breakdown of where recruiters find executive candidates: 46% – networking.

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5 Leadership Predictions for 2011

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10 Things Candidates Can Change In 2011 To Supercharge Job Search


The biggest problem candidates have today is gaining enough interviews. I’ve listed 10 changes you can make in 2011 that will double your interviews. Featured Job Search Strategy reCareered Blog career career change career coach Employment google headhunter hiring interview Job job search linkedin networking Planning recruiter researchIt’s a new year and if you’re looking for a job, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your job search.

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Senior Level Job Search in 2011: Good Idea or Not?

Careers Done Write

Are senior level candidates getting hired at all or is everything at a standstill? - LifeInc.com , in conjunction with Today, recently reported an interesting statistic that many senior level candidates may not be aware of. Ask Deb Job Search StrategiesDear Deb, Q.

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4 Summer Strategies to Step Up Your Job Search

Careers Done Write

If you are one of the many professionals who has been searching for a new job during the first half of 2011, the recent news of stagnant job growth and the layoffs at CISCO , may be a bit disheartening, to say the least. Job Search Strategies job search layoffs

4 Social Media Tasks for the New Job Seeker

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The best strategy is to start slowly and add on once you get a strong base and understanding of each tool. Huhman on August 15, 2011 in Candidate Advice. We all have to start somewhere.

Discrimination against the Unemployed Job Seeker: Practical Strategies

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Have you seen job postings that include discriminatory messages, such as listing “currently employed” as a qualification to apply or stating that unemployed candidates will not be considered? Preference for employed candidates has always existed.

10 Irrefutable Laws of Successful Job Interviewing

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Law One: It is not about YOU, it is about them, it’s about positioning yourself as the best candidate for the job. At the first stage in the interview process when you are not face to face with your perspective boss the personal interviewing you is simply eliminating candidates.

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5 Job Search Tips for 2012

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Job search trends of 2011 included creating the infographic resume , using QR codes , and writing your own blog. So what strategies are trending for 2012? Each company has a different way of recruiting and hiring candidates – for example, a company may solely hire on employee referrals.

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5 Ways to Tweet Yourself to a New Job

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But it is no longer the final word on how candidates communicate their qualifications to potential employers. More and more, employers are using social media to get to know and vet candidates. Here are five ways to use Twitter as part of your job-search strategy. By Careerbliss.

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When You Can’t Find Candidates

Hiring Technical People

At the panel, some managers bemoaned the fact they couldn’t find qualified candidates around a specific technology. The problem is if you can’t find the candidates, it’s not the technology, it’s you. That’s why it’s so important to understand your hiring strategy before you start with a job description. Spend five minutes on your hiring strategy and save yourself hours on review resumes. hiring strategy candidates technology

My Career Investment Strategy


It is the result of a specific strategy to advance my career. It kept me occupied, and later made me a great candidate for the job I was after. The Strategy. Now, having spent some time recruiting, I have a better appreciation for the strategy upon which I have stumbled.

How to Recruit & Source Candidates on Twitter


Recruiters and hiring managers can also leverage this tool as a candidate source a number of different ways. You have your choice to search the Twitter stream or Twitter profile by keyword creating a targeted connection strategy.

Human Resources Goes Social! 27 Key Social Media Practices

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Potential candidates are accessing and filtering jobs. The receipt of “Votes” or “Likes” for candidates portraying their skills and talents are more social examples in the social recruiting process. I have been networking, meeting people face-to-face on my favorite topic.

Oops! What NOT to Do While Networking on LinkedIn

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A recruiter is someone who finds candidates to fill jobs , not someone who finds jobs to employ candidates. Career Advice College Students For Recruiters Job Humor Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Social Media job search strategy job seekers linkedin resumebear

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Your Candidate Anti-Engagement Strategy


And while I applaud the company for getting back to her since 50% of companies admittedly don’t engage candidates in any form, it was a slap in the face. I call tactics like these candidate anti-engagement strategies. These are seen as a snub in the face of the candidate.

The best answer for the hardest job interview question

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In this challenging economic time, there are several very qualified candidates looking for a new job. Career Advice College Graduates College Students Interview Tips Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Why ResumeBear?

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Ask Deb – Professional Branding Strategies for Executives

Careers Done Write

Dear Readers, In conjunction with Job Search Digest, we will be conducting a webinar on February 8, 2011, Financial Résumé Writing – Extreme Résumé Makeovers. It is open to all executive level candidates regardless of industry, but space is limited.

A Strategy For Job Interviews: Three Themes

Tim's Strategy

Some believe that anything less than an hour cannot possibly help you decide about a candidate’s potential. To have a strategy for each interview. And you can also use them as part of your social networking strategy. What does the perfect candidate look like?

60 Percent of Jobs are Filled through Referrals

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ATS programs that connect to your social networks will be more common as businesses look for more efficient ways to pre-screen candidates, writes Jim Holincheck, managing vice president at Gartner Research and a human resources software analyst, in a blog post.

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Strategy: Don’t Feed The Octopus

Tim's Strategy

The strategy they each used to race. About strategy. Instead of focusing on a few key ones the hiring manager is looking for in new candidates. Back in 2009 I wrote a post outlining two very different ways to look for a job.

“Optimizing LinkedIn Profiles for Job Search”

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LinkedIn continues to gain momentum as a resource utilized by both internal and external recruiters to find well qualified candidates. Now remember, a quality job search strategy encompasses both pull and push marketing.

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Would Presidential Candidates Survive a Job Interview?

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In many cases, the faux pas of the candidates demonstrates who you do NOT want to be when you sit down in front of a recruiter. Don’t be the guy who demonstrates how smart he is by insulting and talking down to those interviewing you – and deciding your fate as a candidate. You want to look and act the part of their ideal candidate – maybe even to the point that you don’t even have to open your mouth.

Guides From Experts: 25 Ways to Land a Job

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His blog stands out for showing the most common reasons as to why a candidate doesn’t get hired. Tim Tyrell-Smith was unemployed in 2007 and used it as an opportunity to begin what he called a “spin strategy.”

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A 10-Point Plan for Getting a Job When Moving

The Job Quest

What job search strategy do you suggest?&#. Recruiters search for possible candidates on LinkedIn by location. While I don’t advocate sitting in front of your computer all day, every day looking for a job online, it still should be a part of your job search strategy.

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How Do You Explain Away Gaps in Your Resume?

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At the end of the day, employers will hire those who they think are the best candidates to help their company. Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Resume & Cover Letter Tips Why ResumeBear? career job interview job news job search strategy Online Resume resumebear

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Tips to Avoid Job Search Time Wasters: Part 1

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Recruiters are checking social sites for candidates, so show your industry that you are looking for and keep posts relevant to your job search. career facebook job hunting job interview Job Search job search strategy job seekers linkedin resumebear twitter

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HOW TO: Get a Job Offer

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Then they will deem you a desirable, hireable candidate. Then they will deem you a desirable, hireable candidate. Written by Donna Svei, One of Monster’s “11 for 2011: Career Experts Who Can Help Your Job Search&#.

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How to Keep Social Media From Working Against Your Job Search

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To conduct a social intelligence investigation, a corporation must ask a prospective candidate to sign off on the information they obtain from their research. I see this new practice as being fraught with problems for both companies and candidates.

Job Seekers Getting Googled, Volume and Relevance

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The facts: 83 percent of hiring managers and recruiters research candidates online. 70 percent of recruiters have eliminated candidates based on information they found online. There’s no debating it, your online reputation will impact your ability to get a job.

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Setting Up Your Twitter Account for Employment

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Many recruiters keep an eye on the Twitter community to find potential candidates for their company job openings – make it easy for them to find you, and you could soon be in your dream job! career job hunting Job Search job search strategy job seekers resumebear twitter

8 Unconventional Recruiting Strategies

Water Cooler Wisdom

  These little-known strategies might work wonders for you: Research and contact the social service and private nonprofit agencies in your area – many have employment programs that match disadvantaged candidates to jobs.  If you’re looking for creative or technical types, devise a contest that will allow talented candidates to compete for the chance to win a job at your company.  Are you relying on HR or search firms to find you new team members? 

10 Things You Should Always Bring with You to an Interview

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Today’s candidates must be thoroughly prepared for each interview they attend. In many cases, candidates will find themselves interviewed by multiple managers, so it is always important to have enough resumes to go around.

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Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Maybe Killing Your Job Prospects

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This recruiter was working with a candidate, who had hired her to position him for a job. Career Advice Changing Careers College Students For Recruiters Human Resource News Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Social Media facebook Job Search linkedin resumebear twitter

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Applicant Tracking System: Black Hole Or Active Candidate Database?

Tim's Strategy

Gail is also an approved career expert here at Tim’s Strategy. Candidates have expressed a lot of frustration with the corporate Applicant Tracking System (ATS). I have also seen as many as 1800 candidates apply for one opening.

The College Student’s Guide to a Winning Resume

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Sell yourself to the employer by convincing them that you’re the best candidate to bring in for the interview. Career Advice College Graduates College Students Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Job Search job search strategy job seekers resume resumebearGone in sixty seconds.

Use Smart Networking to Speed Up Your Job Search

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While you don’t want to be a pest, you need to maintain high visibility with your business network in order to be considered as a viable candidate for job openings.

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Why You NEED to be on LinkedIn

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Let’s take a look at four ways LinkedIn can help in your job search: ~ Enables you to be found by recruiters and hiring managers: Your profile, resume, and participation in LinkedIn groups will attract recruiters who are seeking candidates in your specialty. Career Advice College Graduates College Students Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Social Media career Job Search job search strategy job seekers linkedin resumebear

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Hate Your Job, But Just Can’t Leave

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As a former recruiter, I know firsthand the big advantage an employed job seeker has over unemployed candidates.

2011 93

7 Secrets to Get a Job Using Social Media – do you know them?

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Hiring managers get a list of employee referral candidates before they even bother to view resumes from those who submit them online. Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, The Baby Stalk and mailing resumes to HR. As an older worker do you ever feel that all the good fantasies are dead?