The Top Lists of the Hottest Careers of 2011


These lists of hot careers are just a springboard for further thinking, research and networking. The 50 Best Careers of 2011 . (US Top 10 Careers for 2011. A brief list of diverse careers that aren't the same ones you see on every other list.

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Hot Careers for 2011


A new year may have you thinking about a new career, or it may just have you wondering how "hot" your current career is. The folks at have done a whole lot of homework to present you with their 2011 Hot Jobs Guide, a free PDF e-Book you can download immediately.

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3 career lessons from 2011

Cube Rules

Pundits will have their best and worst of 2011 articles out there. 2011, while offering greatness, was a pretty tough year for us working in cubicles. Doing a job search and knowing how to interview is now a basic, needed job skill in your career profile.

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10 Happiest Big Companies of 2011

Career Alley

There’s also an AT&T Leadership Development Fulltime Program for recent grads—so it’s a great place to launch your career as well. This article was contributed by , a career community dedicated to helping people find happiness in the workplace. Career advice Careers Guest Post Job Hunting Job Search Who's Hiring Companies Company Career Sites Jobs“ Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today. ” – James Dean.

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2011 Executive Job Market Outlook

Executive Career Brand

2011 Executive Job Market Outlook is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Executive Career Management Executive Job Search Executive Networking

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Career Trend 2011: Accountability + Possibility = Sustainability

Career Trend

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter In collaboration with my colleague and co-coordinator, Miriam Salpeter, and the entire Career Collective blogging membership, I’m delighted to roll-out my first 2011 blog post. The topic that we are blogging on this month is, things job seekers should keep an eye on in 2011 (trends/tools/hiring practices).

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Top 11 Besties of 2011


So without further ado, I give you my 2011 Besties for 2011 here at Blogging4Jobs. She has a fantastic book and blog called Great on the Job. While many blogs, books, and resources are focused on landing the job, GOTJ and Jodi focus on career development and professional growth.

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Promising 2011 Careers that Match Your Personality

Career Key

This practical, promising 2011 careers list from career guidance leader Career Key shows you how to match your personality to livingwage (or better) careers that make sense in today’s economy. It’s time for us to choose more promising careers….

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In 2011, Increase Your Prospects With Better Differentiation

Threshold Consulting

Boldt: Zen and the Art of Making a Living: A Practical Guide to Creative Career Design (Arkana) Archives April 2011 March 2011 February 2011 January 2011 December 2010 November 2010 October 2010 September 2010 August 2010 July 2010 More. » In 2011, Increase Your Prospects With Better Differentiation This month’s Career Collective topic is things job seekers should keep an eye on in 2011 (trends/tools/hiring practices). 

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Caffeine Nazi Says: Roast National Coffee Day 2011


September 29, 2011 is National Coffee Day. 2011 Career Advice National Coffee Day National Coffee Day 2011 ban caffeine caffeine nazi free coffee

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Career Tools to Check Out in 2011 | CareerSolvers

Career Solvers

Home About Us How It Works FAQs Contact Resources Request a Proposal Monday, January 3rd, 2011 Career Tools to Check Out in 2011 This month’s Career Collective topic is trends, tools, and hiring practices for 2011.

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Promising Careers 2011 Part 3: Art Careers

Career Key

Are there promising art careers for Artistic personality types out there? In part 3 of our 6 part Promising Careers 2011 series, we list careers that are compatible with Holland's Artistic personality type.

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Today is Job Action Day 2011!

Executive Career Brand

Today is Job Action Day 2011! is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Spearheaded by Quintessential Careers, this is a day for all those employed or looking for employment to take stock and rethink the way they may be approaching job search.

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Promising Careers 2011 Part 5: Enterprising Careers

Career Key

Explore these promising Enterprising career options , and consider how you might combine them with a growth industry (see my previous post on finding careers in high growth industries ). Job Outlook Hollands Theory Career Tips career information Green Jobs career exploration

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What’s New at Ms. Career Girl – November 2011

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl’s 3 rd birthday and looking ahead to 2012, I decided to start an e-newsletter that will provide snippets of additional content to loyal readers like you. Career Girl and in my life – this stuff won’t be on the blog. Career Girl. In honor of Ms.

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High Demand Jobs 2011: Criminal Justice Careers - BLOG.


Shop Online Today All About Bosses (10) Career 2.0 While many of these careers involve weapons training and carry a great deal of risk, duties within other growing and popular occupational fields require a less forceful approach, yet are equally important to fighting crime.

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Top 20 Global MBA Courses 2011

Position Ignition

With the deadlines for the final round of 2011 MBA applications fast approaching, you may still be deciding which course is best for you. Careers Advice

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How To Land an Executive Job in 2011

Executive Career Brand

How To Land an Executive Job in 2011 is a post from: Executive Career Brand. If you’re already mired in a job search, you probably know that things have changed drastically since the last time you were in a career transition.

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Senior Level Job Search in 2011: Good Idea or Not?

Careers Done Write

I have been at the same job for the past six years; while I am comfortable, I would like to take my career to the next level. My advice to you is to get your career documents in order and do a confidential search to a select group of prospective companies. Dear Deb, Q.

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Social Media Recruiting to Grow Further in 2011

Careers Done Write

It is a great place to showcase career successes using the latest social media technology. The effective use of social media can and will bolster your career prospects; take advantage of what new technology has to offer. This article is a post by Debra Wheatman of Careers Done Write for the January 2011 Career Collective, where professionals collaborate to provide guidance for job seekers and careerists

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2011 Midpoint: Examining the Job Market

Professional Resume Services

Finding the right career means staying on top of the latest studies and trends about employment, salaries, and the behavior of employers. Here are four career-related studies you should definitely follow The job market has seen it’s share of ups and downs, but how does everything look at the halfway point in the year?

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2011 Forecast: Increased Chances with Differentiation

Threshold Consulting

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It is 2011 – have you updated your resume yet?

Cube Rules

So instead of trying to figure out all your New Year’s Resolutions or determining your Word of the Year or deciding on your goals for 2011, do something doable, solid and valuable to help your Employment Security from this point going forward: update your resume. Invest in your career.

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Promising Conventional Careers 2011: Administration, Health, and Records

Career Key

If you're a Conventional personality type , employers are looking for your structured, orderly approach to records, numbers or machines in many promising careers. We recommend starting with Part 1, our introduction and tips on how to use this Promising Careers list.

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Things job seekers should keep an eye on in 2011 (trends/tools/hiring practices)

Professional Resume Services

**I am a member of the Career Collective, a group of resume writers and career coaches. This month, we are talking about trends for 2011. Each month, all members discuss a certain topic. Please follow our tweets on Twitter #careercollective. You can also view the other member’s interesting posts at the end of the article.

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Weddle’s 2011 Best Employment Sites on the Web

Professional Resume Services

A big thanks to Laura DeCarlo, President of Career Directors International, for passing along the information. ++ “Each year, WEDDLE’s ( conducts a year-long poll at its site to identify the thirty job boards and social media sites with the most support among job seekers, employers and recruiters.

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Promising Careers 2011 Part 4: Social Services, Nursing and Education Careers

Career Key

Are you interested in promising social careers, like different careers in social services, nursing and education ? In part 4 of our Promising Careers series, we list careers that are compatible with Holland's Social personality type , linking them to career information from the U.S.

2011 170

The Art of Standing Out in 2011

Ms. Career Girl

2011 is the breaking point of my post-college career. So my 2011 motto is standing out from the crowd. Network : Networking will become an even more pivotal part of my life in 2011. This is how I am going to network in 2011: Offline Networking : - Network with people I know through my volunteer gig, college, networking events, etc. - By the summer of 2011, I hope to save enough money to take part in an AmeriCorp or PeaceCorp fellowship.

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Top 20 Global Executive MBA Courses 2011

Position Ignition

At Work Issues Career Ideas Careers Advice Mid Life IssuesWe recently brought you the top 20 MBA courses worldwide: here are the top 20 MBAs specifically designed for senior professionals.

2011 149

Checking in with your 2011 Career Change Plan

Career Shifters

If you made a yearly plan or commitment to make 2011 the year for your change, it could be a good time to check in with it and reassess where you are heading. career change career plan visionSo grab a quiet ten minutes, a pen, some tea, and answer these questions.

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Career Advice, Rants and Funny Stories About Work: 2011 Recap

Career Solvers

As 2011 draws to a close, I’m reflecting on some of my favorite blog posts of the year. Career Advice From the Class of 2015. Changing Careers: Look Before You Leap. Looking forward to sharing more job search advice, rants, and funny stories about the world of work in 2012.

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The New Resume Rules of 2011

Career Rocketeer

A recent article from the Wall Street Journal took a look at ways that a job seeker can update his or her resume to suit the needs of hiring managers in 2011. These tips from the Wall Street Journal can give your hunt just the boost it needs for 2011. Advertise on Career Rocketeer.

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5 Leadership Predictions for 2011

Water Cooler Wisdom

Alexandra Levits Water Cooler Wisdom About Subscribe in a reader Subscribe to Water Cooler Wisdom by Email CareerChat eNewsletter Subscribe Find Alexandra Archives April 2011 March 2011 February 2011 January 2011 December 2010 November 2010 October 2010 September 2010 August 2010 July 2010 More.

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25 Things to Watch in 2011 For Job Search


Which ideas will go mainstream in 2011 and change your job search? It’s a fascinating list and I thought it would be interesting to highlight the ideas that could impact job search in 2011 and beyond. Watch the full slideshow here: JWT: 100 Things to Watch in 2011.

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5 Reasons to use Company Career Sites

Career Alley

One often overlooked resource are company career sites. You can spend your time looking at true opportunities and know you are not wasting your time when you apply for the job. =>> The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers.

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Top Paying Careers In America

Career Alley

Surveys have often been conducted to determine the top paying careers in the United States. Top Paying Careers: a. Personal Financial Advisors – Another lucrative career option is that of Personal financial advisors. Related posts: Careers – Of Special Interest.

Promising Careers 2011 Part 2: Investigative Careers that Fit Your Personality

Career Key

Our Promising Careers 2011 list continues with the second Holland personality type , Investigative. If you score high in the Investigative personality type using a valid Holland career test like The Career Key , then consider these promising careers that fit you. You'll find careers in science, technology, engineering and math: a.k.a. STEM" careers. Make sure that when you click on each one below to see career information from U.S.

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Will you love your first job out of college? A message to the class of 2011

Corn on the Job

My sincerest congratulations go to the Class of 2011 on your achievement. Just don’t plan too heavy into your career or your life in general. Congratulations again to the class of 2011. Career Advice Career Class of 2011 First Job Job Search

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The 51 Best Job Search Blog Posts of 2011


The most popular job search bloggers share their most popular job search blog posts of 2011. Top Job Bloggers’ Most Popular Articles of 2011. Anna Farmery : Your First Task Each Morning.For A Successful Career. Gayle Howard : Changing Careers: Not for the Faint Hearted. Career Alley : 4 Tips for Getting a Job. Pamela Slim : Blow up traditional careers in favor of bodies of work. 25 Things to Watch in 2011 For Job Search.

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Best Executive Job Search Tips for 2011

Executive Career Brand

Best Executive Job Search Tips for 2011 is a post from: Executive Career Brand.’s job search expert Alison Doyle recently put out a query to a number of career strategists and founders of leading job sites for job search tips for an upcoming article. Know What Makes You Stand Out – by William Arruda, founder of Reach, author of Career Distinction.

2011 154

How I Use the Oversaturated Internet to Find Career Opportunities

Career Alley

This is the spot on a company website where it says “Careers&#. I suggest searching all the portals of main industry players and also larger companies that hire your profession and click on that company’s “career” section. Career Moves – Going Out with a Bang.

2011 309

Secrets on how to take charge of your career in 60 seconds


YouTube 2011 secrets 60 second tips career secrets career tips dream big interview secrets networking new job secrets to make money in 2011 sell yourself“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ” Good Luck! RedStarResume Publications –

2011 100

Gaps in Career History

Careers Done Write

The Ask Deb column appears every Friday on our blog at the Careers Done Write website. Hello, Can you give me advice on explaining gaps in my resume? There were two, and lasted about a year each time. I was looking for work.

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