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Crowdsourcing the Job Search with Social Media


But thankfully for Google+ and Chris’s post, I saw this great video and blog post from DJ Waldom (@djwaldom) and his Job Search Social Media Experiment , titled #projectawesome. Creative job search tactics have gotten good press since the recession in 2008.

How to Get a New Job Using Social Media

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Did you know that 85% of available jobs are never advertised? According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 15% of today’s career opportunities ever make it to the job boards. So why do so many job seekers spend so much time searching job boards for work?

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5 Reasons Why Social Media MUST Be Part of Your Job Search

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There’s a lot of static out there about Social Media and its place in the job search process. But, properly implemented, it can be a more powerful catalyst to getting your job search engine off and running than just about any other single tool out there.

How to Keep Social Media From Working Against Your Job Search

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Social intelligence has historically referred to one’s ability to interact with others socially in an intelligent way. Simply put, it is akin to emotional intelligence, and is most definitely an important aspect for job seekers.

4 Social Media Tasks for the New Job Seeker

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Whether you’ve just graduated from college or you’re between jobs, being a new job seeker can be pretty overwhelming. You’ve probably been hearing a lot about social media in the job search, but how does it all fit together? We all have to start somewhere.

Social Media ROI: Is It Worth the Time?

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Social Media ROI: Is It Worth the Time? So much has been written and said about whether social media brings enough return on time invested. We can easily get consumed and overwhelmed by dabbling in too much social media , and making an impact with none.

Updating: A Social Media Strategy For Job Search

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Here is the original (and still relevant) use of the word in social media for job search: “Updating&# is the act of refreshing or providing a reminder of your presence online. Updating your social media presence is important.

Social Media Tip – Profile Pic Consistency

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If you use social media for business, promotion and/or job seeking purposes or just want to create a cohesive social brand / footprint, you may want to consider using the same profile picture for your various accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Empire Avenue, your blog, etc.

Employer Use of Social Media for Applicant Screening Declines

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A Society for Human Resources survey reports that more employers have backed away from using social networking sites and search engines to screen employment applicants. Lack of job relatedness. There are probably higher rates of checkage for certain job titles and industries.

Executive Job Search: How Recruiters Find You

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Executive Job Search: How Recruiters Find You is a post from: Executive Career Brand. In my initial conversation with prospective c-level clients, we discuss the current job search landscape. 64% will expand social recruiting programs to two or more social media channels.

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Monster Unveils Facebook Based Social Media Tool BeKnown at SHRM


Minutes ago Monster Worldwide, most known for its dominance in the job board industry unveiled its Facebook based social media engagement tool BeKnown at the SHRM 2011 Annual Conference.

7 Secrets to Get a Job Using Social Media – do you know them?

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Between current economic conditions and the technological evolution of the Internet, the traditional approach most job seekers have taken in the past is no longer viable. million college graduates this year, yet the job growth rate is at a six year low, at 1.3%!

Jumping Into the Social Media Sea

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter This month’s Career Collective revolves around careerists and job seekers leveraging Social Media for their job search. Career Strategies: Being Brilliantly Visible Resume and social media issues abound: grabbing at cliches (e.g., In conjunction with my colleague, Miriam Salpeter, I am delighted that more than 15+ career bloggers are participating.

4 Summer Strategies to Step Up Your Job Search

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If you are one of the many professionals who has been searching for a new job during the first half of 2011, the recent news of stagnant job growth and the layoffs at CISCO , may be a bit disheartening, to say the least. Job search is not what it used to be.

Looking for a Job During the Holidays? 5 Ways to Integrate Social Media


This post was first published over on SmartBrief’s Social Media blog where I am a regular contributor. We are just 9 short days away from the Christmas holiday which is rather inconvenient if you are looking for a job. According to Jobvite’s social media study 36.6

55 Top Job Search Experts To Follow On Twitter

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55 Top Job Search Experts To Follow On Twitter is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Many, many careers industry professionals tweet regularly and offer tips and resources on job search and career management. every aspect of job search.

Social Media Job Consequences Get College Students’ Attention


In a recent post here at Blogging4Jobs , I asked for your best advice to college students on managing their social media. In the beginning, I asked how many were currently seeking a job. The bad news is that 69% said they rejected a candidate based on social media findings.

The Two Biggest Executive Job Search Mistakes

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The Two Biggest Executive Job Search Mistakes is a post from: Executive Career Brand. I recently had a conversation with my friend and colleague, Martin Yate , job search expert and renowned writer of the Knock ‘em Dead series of career and job search books.

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Executive Job Search: The Old Way (Networking) Still Works Best

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Executive Job Search: The Old Way (Networking) Still Works Best is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Are you gungho to embrace the new way – online job search? Yes, good old networking is still the most successful way to land an executive job.

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Research Reveals How Labor Unions Use Social Media


Yesterday, I hosted a webinar titled, “Understanding Unions, NLRB, and Social Media.” Last year, I wrote about How HR is Using Social Media. Mass Social Media Usage on Facebook to Twitter to UnionBook. Other sources tell us that in 2011, 36.6

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“Optimizing LinkedIn Profiles for Job Search”

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As every job seeker is hopefully aware, when resumes are submitted to corporations or job boards, they are then filtered by Applicant Tracking Software.(ATS) These resources will be make specific keyword suggestions based on the position a job seeker is targeting. Now hit search.

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As Social Media Adoption Grows So Does Corporate Risk


Corporate Social Media Presents HR & Hiring Risk. Companies are using social media as part of their recruiting and candidate selection process and in business every day. You, or members of your team search Twitter, build lists, make friends, and fill positions.

How Recruiters Use Social Media to Find Talent & Hire Online


For Job Seekers: Online Job Search Tips & Advice. According to a study done in 2011 by Jobvite, 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find new talent. The old way of thinking about finding a job was actually quite simple.

How To Recruit Interns With the Help of Social Media


Social media is one of the top pastimes in the world; everyone has at least one social profile. There’s no surprise that college students make up a huge percentage of social networks, especially Facebook.

Common Sense Social Media Job Search Etiquette | Career Rocketeer

Career Rocketeer

Here are things that you, a job candidate, would never do. • Unfortunately, poor social media habits sometimes strip job candidates of their common sense. As a recruiter, I use it to connect great candidates with challenging and rewarding jobs. Unfortunately, these social media success stories march hand-in-hand with job candidates who leave themselves vulnerable based on their social media profiles.

Tips to Avoid Job Search Time Wasters: Part 1

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Looking for a job can be a full-time job in and of itself. Finding a job in today’s market is more than just posting a résumé and waiting for a call. Here are a few common time wasters job seekers fall into and how you can crawl out. Social Media Snare.

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Twitter for C-Suite Executive Job Search

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Twitter for C-Suite Executive Job Search is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Do you think Twitter is a big fat waste of time, and that it has no value in c-suite job search? Twitter Executive Branding Strategy: The Beauty of a Retweet.

5 LinkedIn Job Search Tips You Haven’t Heard Yet

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Insightful ways to improve your profile and grow your LinkedIn job search network. But there are a few lesser-known LinkedIn job search tips that can be just as effective as the ones we all know about. What do slideshows have to job searches?

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Game Changer for Job Searches in 2011 - VisualCV

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Internet technology and social media have become a common way for many of us to communicate with family, friends and/or colleagues - whether emailing on the train ride home, sharing pictures through Facebook, or connecting with old business associates via LinkedIn.

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Use Smart Networking to Speed Up Your Job Search

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A critical tactic in your job search toolbox is networking, but it may not feel as though your efforts are getting the results you want. Of course, you will discuss your job search with your informal network, but this is not the network that is likely to land your next job.

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Social media: So what’s the point?

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Career Collective post: Once a month, a group of career professionals blog on a subject topical and timely for a job seeker. This month’s topic: Social media – how to use it in a job search, how to get started, do’s and don’ts.

Job-Search Lessons From American Idol

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If you ever take a break from your job hunt to watch American Idol, it’s time to connect the dots. No doubt a show that’s about winning the ultimate career break for a singer—a recording contract—holds some important lessons for job seekers.

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10 Ironclad Reasons Why Job Seekers Must Use Social Media


Social media has radically altered the process of job hunting. If you’re looking for work and haven’t been converted yet by social media evangelists, perhaps the time has come. She’d had job offers even before she’d packed her bags – all through Facebook.

Rules of Intimacy for Social Media

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Social media can be a real time-sink. And without a strategy, the danger of spending hours online and getting nothing accomplished is very real. So, in response to this apparent need of saving people time online, ‘Social Media Aggregation’ services were invented. Climbing the Ladder Job Search Networking blog career job search advice management social media TwitterThere is no doubt.

Twitter Executive Branding Strategy: The Beauty of a Retweet

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Twitter Executive Branding Strategy: The Beauty of a Retweet is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Does your executive job search brand communications plan include Twitter? Search for them on Twitter, follow them and retweet them.

Personal Marketing for Job Search

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Personal Marketing for Job Search is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Continuing with my mission to introduce job hunters to bloggers they may not know about — but should — I’m focusing today on Tim Tyrell-Smith (@ TimsStrategy on Twitter). C-level Job Search: Blogging?

Personal Branding and Executive Job Search Guide – Newly Revised and Updated

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Having trouble getting a handle on defining and building your personal branding, and navigating today’s executive job search? My popular executive job search readiness ebook will help you. Tapping into the hidden job market. Networking your way into the job.

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55 Hidden Job Finding Tips WITHOUT Using Social Media


What if your next job was hiding right in front of you? Hidden jobs defined. Many jobs are never advertised anywhere. Those are the hidden jobs. The #1 reason to aim for a hidden job. So where are the hidden jobs? 55 tips to find hidden and unpublicized jobs.

11 New Websites for Your Job Search

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If you’re entering the job market for the first time or haven’t searched for a new job in the last three years, you’re in for a shock over how the process works—and how it has changed in a relatively short period of time. Job search 1.0 = help wanted ads in newspapers.

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One of My Favorite Blogging Strategies

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One of My Favorite Blogging Strategies is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Although my ongoing blogging strategy is to focus content on my 14 blog categories (listed in the sidebar directly to your right here), I still run out of ideas that make me want to actually sit down and write. Over the past year, I designated separate posts to some of my favorite job search bloggers. The goodwill you create with this simple strategy goes a long, long way.

The Career Sherpa: Job Search Navigation Expert

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The Career Sherpa: Job Search Navigation Expert is a post from: Executive Career Brand. I asked my friend and colleague Hannah Morgan, the Career Sherpa ( @careersherpa on Twitter) for the best job search advice she could share with people: “The rules have changed.

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Tim Tyrell-Smith’s New Book: 30 Ideas of Successful Job Search

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Tim Tyrell-Smith’s New Book: 30 Ideas of Successful Job Search is a post from: Executive Career Brand. The Ideas of Successful Job Search&#. He walks you through the ups and downs of job search with a smile. Landing Is For Pilots, Not Job Seekers.

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Getting Ready Now for Job Search 2012

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It is easy to dream up excuses around holiday time and tell yourself you will start your new job search after January 1 st , but the holidays are actually an excellent time to make preparations for the New Year so you can hit the ground running. In order to prepare for a thorough and comprehensive job search, it is important to spend time NOW to optimize your efforts. Taking a proactive approach to job search will allow you to expand your reach in the New Year.

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