3 Recruitment Lessons From the 2012 Summer Olympics


The torch has been lit and the London 2012 Summer Olympics have officially kicked off. Who knows greatness better than those talented men and women who managed to make it all the way to the biggest athletic competition in the world? Recruitment Learnings at the London Summer Olympics.

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Women Receive More Pay Raises, But Men Get More Money

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A new Pay Raise Index, launched today by social HR pioneer, TribeHR, reveals that women received more pay raises than men during the first nine months of 2012, but men earned larger pay raises. percent of women received raises while only 6.2

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Get pregnant at 25 if you want a high-powered career

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She wrote a breathtaking article in the Atlantic titled, Why Women Still Can’t Have it All , about stepping down from her State Department job to take care of her two teenaged boys. The best thing older women can do for younger women right now is to tell the truth. Women

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How to Sell a Millennial With Your Job Description

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While some managers and recruiters are fed up with the stereotypically whiny and self-entitled “Trophy Kids”, Generation Y is predicted to comprise nearly 75% of the world’s workforce by 2025, according to a study by the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation.

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Follow Me! Creating a Personal Brand with Twitter: ResumeBear Chapter 13

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She is listed among “ Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women ” by Bit Rebels and is one of Social Media Marketing Magazine’s “ Top 5 Marketing Book Authors ” on Twitter. Shows you how to maximize Twitter s potential as a powerful marketing tool for your own benefit.

How to Prepare for an Entry-Level Interview

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When in doubt about a company’s dress code, traditional business suits for men and women are almost always acceptable. At this stage in the game, it’s probably not appropriate to ask too much about salary and benefits.

Zero tolerance for domestic violence is wrong

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I've spent days reading the 500 comments on my blog and the comments about my situation on other blogs, and I'm absolutely shocked by the collective hatred and disdain for women who are in violent relationships. Women don’t like to press charges. Self-management Women

Working Mothers & What it Means to Be a Woman


*This post is sponsored by Kronos who is a proud supporter of International Women’s Day on March 8. Be sure to view the powerful video on women in history below. . Women can’t work and be a parent. Celebrating Women on March 8, Women’s International Day.

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7 Big relocation mistakes

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Once you accept that, you can use research to its full benefit. Women simply do not want to have their kids raised by nannies. Otherwise, the compromises a family makes to live in a city leaves them short on benefits. (If Last fall I took my kids to Hermosa Beach.

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Should You Be Using Pinterest For Your Job Search?

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of users are Women. When it comes down to it, you need to spend most of of your time where you’ll receive the most benefit. Your goal is to spend the most time where you’ll receive the most benefit.

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Salary Negotiation: Are There Differences Between Men and Women?

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The mechanics of the negotiation are the same for men and women, but the strategies often vary between the two sexes. Women tend to value relationships over outcomes and are willing to compromise in an effort to keep the relationship intact.

Divorce is immature and selfish. Don't do it.

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The divorce rate is plummeting among educated women. For example, among Asian women with a college degree the divorce rate is one percent. At this point in the history, where women have so much earning power , women are equally as responsible for men for the violence in a household.

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How to Sell Yourself and Get Hired

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Both women who were trying to reach me communicated in brief, pleasant ways that left me feeling guilty I had not called or e-mailed them back recently. Underlined the benefit. Hello? Is it me you are looking for?

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Pinning Power: How to Recruit & Build Your Brand on Pinterest


Pinterest is dominating the market when it comes to engaging 25 – 44 year old, college-educated Midwestern women. However, what is notable is the dominance of female presence on Pinterest with some statistics showing as many as 97% of Pinterest users being women.

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77% of Companies Offer Flexible Work Schedules. Does Yours?


Technologies like mobile phones, email, and the Internet allowed my workforce to have access to me or other online resources to answer common employee questions about topics like annual employee benefit enrollment , time off requests , and employment verification.

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Your biggest barrier to starting your own business

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The benefits, of course, are clear. And it sucks because all the men hit on you, so all the women hate you, and it’s difficult to find someone who could actually help you because you are performing at a level that’s much higher than most people.

Management: 10 Tips for Time, Work, & Life


Benefit or don’t do it. Benefit or don’t do it. Go back to rule #1 - benefit or don’t do it. If what I plan day-to-day, week-to-week, doesn’t fit in with or benefit my monthly plan, I will never reach my quarterly goal. You can manage!

How To Communicate With A Young Gun

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Most of us have heard of the famous John Gray book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. One of the overarching ideas within is that men and women fundamentally think differently. This is part one of a two-part series on millennials in the workplace.

Why Managers Hate HR’s Love Affair with Big Data


See an article by Forbes from Feburary 2012, another article by HR Examiner in March 2012, and even SHRM also this month. How Human Resources Uses Big Data Reporting. On Monday, the Wall Street Journal published an article on Moneyball and the HR Department.

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Take more advice. It will help you.

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So then I wrote a post titled, “I hate USA Today and I don’t f **g care if you’re sick of me ranting about how women cannot have it all. You know where we saw US women’s soccer win? Everyone can benefit from listening to other people’s advice.

Key to productivity: Choose phone calls carefully

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I will be adding a brand new material to the book and am looking for female influencers, bloggers, websites, resources and ideas that I could potentially feature in the new book that would benefit women readers. . One of the keys to my ability to work 40 hours a week and homeschool two kids is that I have great time management. Which is to say, I say no to just about everything. But learning when to say no is still a work in progress.

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How To Negotiate At Work


Women have also been found to be much less likely to ask for a raise in the workplace. For example, men expect to earn 13% more than women during their first year of full-time work. Negotiating can be a tricky business.

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Eggs, Milk and Discrimination: Parental Work Perks That Don’t Work


It was hot news earlier this year that more and more companies are providing egg-freezing services for their employees and increasingly, millennial women are carefully planning the parenthood phase of their lives by taking these companies up on these services.

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Good Culture Is In, Inflated Salaries Are Out

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Business Forecasting 2012.   Employees at all levels—especially women—are stepping away from positions that will pay them the highest salary, and moving into ones that provide them a better quality of life. To be really competitive in the culture department, Unum says you have to pony up for things like health, lifestyle and retirement benefits. Related Topics: Managing. Lifestyle. OPEN Forum Message.

Five Networking Rules of Engagement


I was wondering if I might be able to schedule a brief meeting (or call) in order to see if indeed we can be of mutual benefit to each other?”. Business Networking Rules of Engagement. There is a no lack of networking advice or tips out there in the blogsphere today.

How To Handle Molestation: A Real Encounter

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Because I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Do you know that one out of every three women worldwide is physically, sexually or otherwise abused during her lifetime with rates reaching 70 percent in some countries? Have you ever been molested before?

Working from Home More Important than Showering & Spouses


I can attest that working from home has its benefits. Women, especially moms, needs this flexibility if their job allows. Eighty-three percent of Americans believe that telecommuting is increasing in popularity.

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Workplace Flexibility & Scheduling for ALL


I participated in THE most AWESOME conference this week- The Working Mother Media – 2012 National Conference Supporting Hourly Workers in Washington, DC. One of the challenges that companies face is how to communicate flex initiatives, training, tuition reimbursement, wellness benefits, etc.

8 Career Related Articles You Will Want to Read

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THE NEW NETWORKING: ULTIMATE LINKEDIN GUIDE FOR 2012 GRADS – This article, from Onlinecolleges.net , provides some great LinkedIn tips for updating/creating your profile, connecting with those you should, how to ask for recommendations and more. THE NEW NETWORKING: ULTIMATE FACEBOOK GUIDE FOR 2012 GRADS – Following on from the article above, this article (also from Onlinecolleges.net), this article provides similar pointers for Facebook.

Where My Boys At??

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Movies like Friends with Benefits or Friends with Kids completely rule out the idea that opposite sex friendships are impossible. Now, women are leading with their hearts and their ring fingers and men are leading with their groins (and maybe their hearts if we are lucky?).

To Grad School or Not to Grad School?

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If you want to benefit from graduate programs you ought to have clearly defined goals and know that a further degree can help you attain that goal. There is no denying the job market is difficult right now which has led many women back to the classroom to pursue further training.

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4 Ways to Avoid Going Nuts During a Career Transition


Commit to working a few days a week at your local women’s shelter, animal rescue, spiritual community center, or any other organization that you feel passionate about. Make finding a job easier by doing the right things. This is a guest post by Chrissy Scivicque.

Men’s Fashion: Tips on Staying Cool in the Workplace

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Dressing in professional clothes offers many benefits; not only is it a likely requirement of your workplace, but such clothing is designed to make you appear confident, clean, and polished.

Is Higher Education Just Like a Louis Vitton Purse?


Are those with degrees in literature, history and women’s studies faring any better that those with four years of added on-the-job experience and zero debt? Benefits of a University Program and Education for Professionals.

Girls Gone WAHM

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million businesses in the United States are owned by women, and even though there are no hard numbers on which of those are work-at-home moms (WAHMs), the number is expected to grow with the proliferation of women who find income-generating activities online.

How the Top Tech Companies Compare for Salary, Benefits, Job Satisfaction and More

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Companies with the most men: Nvidia Corp, (92%); Facebook and Microsoft (79%); most women: Monster (58%) and LinkedIn (42%).

What Issue Influenced Your Vote the Most This Election?

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and his general attitude towards women’s reproductive rights was embarrassing. If we were getting college paid for, childcare and healthcare benefits/stipends then I could understand 40% taxes or even higher, but we are getting none of that. career women

Spring Cleaning

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How do greens benefit our bodies? Fed Up health uncategorized career career women food healthy eatingPeople like “stuff.” ” We tend to hold onto it year after year. We save and stock up on things that we don’t know what to do with anymore.

Eliminating workplace enemies

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There are certain benefits to this but it can often lead to resentment among your co-workers or you being labeled as a tattle-tail. I know this is MUCH easier said than done, but it has it’s benefits. career career women office politics career advice work

“Badmouthing” Your Company — Should’s, Shouldnt’s and How To’s

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Badmouthing a company can definitely be framed as simply analyzing and critiquing the company if you keep your conversation focused on strategy, benefits, drawbacks, etc. career women job search office politics twentysomethingsBadmouthing your company is never ok.