Navigating the Gig Economy

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The post Navigating the Gig Economy appeared first on Ms. Since about 2012, there has been a rise in what is referred to as the gig or on demand economy. This current economy is an environment in which contingent positions are exploding. This gig or on demand economy is not a fad, but rather in full swing and will impact employee employer relationships for the near future. The post Navigating the Gig Economy appeared first on Ms.

Warning: Shrinking Economies Shrink Job Opportunities

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With the country’s high unemployment rate of approximately 8%, and an economy that is still shaky, it’s important to know which industries will provide job security and which industries are dying out.

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Securing the Right Job or Career Transition in the New Economy – part II

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Relocation to a region, state, or country with a growing economy; or in need of a particular skilled labor force. Careers Guest Post Job Hunting Job Search Career advice Jobs New Economy“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs. Author Byline: D. Lawton. Author Website: [link]. Part II – Traditional Job Search Methods. Part II of a 4 part discussion on the job market.

Securing the Right Job or Career Transition in the New Economy – part III

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Securing the Right Job or Career Transition in the New Economy – part III. “ We are ready for any unforeseen event which may or may not happen.” ” – George W. Author Byline: D. Lawton. Author Website: [link]. Part III – A Method to Make your Job Search More Productive. Part III of a 4 part discussion on the job market.

Free Recruiting Model Changes Industry Fuels Economy


SmartRecruiters free social recruiting platform aims to empower small and medium-sized businesses – the largest hiring segment – and that can also have the biggest impact in creating jobs and helping fuel our economy. Technology innovations are helping to make a difference to fuel our economy. I also believe the disruptive free recruiting model along with industry thinkers, analysts, and leaders might be the reason that our economy and the industry is moving in a positive direction.

50 Fastest Growing Online Jobs for Q2 2012

Resume Bear, the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace, today announced the Fast 50 for the second quarter of 2012. The data for the Q2 Fast 50 report came from 190,000 online jobs posted on the website during the quarter, making it the leading forward looking indicator for the global online job economy. TOP TRENDS FOR Q2 2012. Q2 2012. Q1 2012.

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Welcome to the Employee Engagement Economy


Disengaged employees cost the US economy $370 Billion annually. The concept of the Employee Engagement Economy is much like Gary Vaynerchuk’s concept in his book “ Thank You Economy.” In the Employee Engagement Economy, what really matters is a collaborative relationship where employees feel fulfilled and work productively and passionately for their managers as well as their organization.

Put a Ring on it. 2012 Employment & Jobs Outlook.


Experts are anticipating the best job market in 2012 since 2008, and I think that’s a good thing. According to CareerBuilder’s 2012 Jobs and Hiring Forecast survey, nearly 1/4 of employers plan on increasing their full time hiring in 2012. As the economy slowed in the beginning of this recession, companies buckled down and made payroll cuts laying off millions of workers freeing up much needed cash flow to account for the decreases in sales and revenue.

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More Temporary Work in 2012?

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This data supports an increase in demand for temporary jobs and seasonal jobs in late 2011 and into 2012. If 2012 is like 2011, a good portion of those workers will stay on for a permanent retail position after the holiday season. Many economists consider the temporary staffing figures an indicator of the economy’s direction. If temporary staffing is in decline, that is a bad sign for the economy. Temps are the first to be hired in a recovering economy.

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Employer Social Media Could Save US Companies $370 Billion in 2012


This sort of enabling technology can have an effect on employee satisfaction levels, which are surprisingly low and can create a major drag on company performance and the economy as a while. Corporate Social Networking & the US Economy. Lost employee productivity and employee disengagement costs the US economy $370 billion every year. I’ve long been a fan of social media for the purposes of research, information sharing, and relationship building.

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How to Get a 6 Figure Job in Today’s Economy.

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I’ve literally cracked open the lid, on how to land a 6-figure income in today’s ruthless economy. I accidentally found a formula that made me a 6-figure income in 2011. This happened while I was looking for a job just like you are now. The Story: In 2007 I sold an online travel business that my wife and I had operated successfully for 17 years and four years later I found myself looking for a 6-figure income job as our money from the sale was running out.

Celebrating Green Career Central's 5th Anniversary! Green Economy Map

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As we begin to celebrate our 5th Anniversary, we are tracing changes in the green economy over the last five years. As I wrote this week's newsletter article it was interesting to see how much more we know about the green economy now compared to the early days of Green Career Central in 2007. Tracing development through the lens of developing my Green Economy Map will give you a new appreciation for how far we've come in understanding the industries that make up the green economy.

Survey Shows Marginal Rise in Salary Increases in 2012

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workers continue to rise incrementally as concerns remain about the stability of the global economy. percent in 2012, up marginally from 2.7 “Companies are more impacted by the global economy than ever before, as a result organizations continue to be conservative with their spending, but we anticipate that attitude will remain even after the economy rights itself—holding down spending on base pay is the new normal.” In 2012, companies spent 12.0

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Green Career Tip: Growing Edge of Green Economy: Two Conferences You Need to Know about This Week

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This week there are two conference offered by two well-respected green economy organizations. Green Career Tip goodjobs green jobs 2012 green conferences VergeResource #1: VERGE Virtual Conference – by has identified a new megatrend that provides evidence that four green industries ( energy, information, building, and transportation) are converging in interesting, innovative, and game-changing ways. They are sponsoring a conference in Washington, D.C.

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3 Skills Job Seekers Need in 2012

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Last week on JT on Jobs , I shared with viewers a very important job seeker mindset for 2012: As a job seeker, you are an outsider who is trying to earn their place in an employer’s tribe. (In In the same session, I outlined the three skills or traits jobs seekers need to demonstrate in 2012 to earn their place within an employer’s tribe. Even though the economy is improving, hiring managers aren’t at the point they are desperate and will take a warm body for an open job.

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Unemployed Because of Economy, Why Don’t People Get It?

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& Dale: With the exception of eight months, I have been unemployed for the past six years due to the economy. Some employers ask me about it, and they don’t seem satisfied with my answer that it is due to the economy, which I have no control over. Yes, unemployment is too high, but here’s the reality: When the economy is running along nicely, the unemployment rate is still about five percent, as employees come and go. 2012 by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

3 Career Mistakes to Avoid in 2012

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Okay, so the economy can’t make up its mind. Job Search 2012 career job mistake personal branding search unemploymentUnemployment goes down… and then up. The financial market goes up… and then down. Facebook’s stock starts high… and ends low. Anybody starting to feel sick from the rollercoaster ride our economic recovery is on? Now, during times like these, I realize the LAST thing you want to hear is you could be making mistakes that could hurt your career.

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Unemployment Picture Continues to Get Better - January 2012

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hours per week - the highest in 14 years and overtime is at the highest since March 2007 - these are good leading indicators that the economy overall is getting better. The new unemployment numbers are out and the picture continues to get rosier. The overall numbers are better and some of the leading indicators are also improving. Some Highlights. The rate dropped to 8.3% - the lowest in almost three years.

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Green Career Tip: Green Economy Map, Discover Green Career Options

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Resource : The Green Economy Map. Although I created twelve other Green Economy Maps between 2007 and 2009, they were all designed around a series of silos—silos that didn’t relate to one another. Then in a flash of insight I realized that one of the most important elements of the emerging economy is that it’s a system where a change in one industry impacts other industries. When you want to understand which industries included in the green / sustainable economy.

Maximizing the Interview in 2012

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Maximizing the Interview in 2012 (10 interviewing tips) Over the past decade, the hiring process has been evolving — much of it due to the poor economy. For example, social media is here to stay and has certainly affected all of us. Changes in the interviewing process have also occurred. From clients and others, I

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Unemployed? Apply Here – March 2012


Here are 14 companies (or agencies) who hire unemployed workers in March 2012. Employment Economy Featured reCareered Blog career career change career coach Employment Job Job board job search Planning research unemployment who's hiringI searched some of the leading job boards and found the following companies that are actively searching to hire the unemployed. Continued at [link].

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4 Obstacles You Must Face When Changing Careers in 2012

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The economy is showing signs of life, and that means millions of people who have been stuck in jobs they hate will start looking for work. A 2011 survey indicated that 84 percent of Americans planned to look for a new job when the economy improved. In a recent article I wrote for AOL Jobs , I explain the obstacles people must face when changing careers in 2012, and how they can deal with them. Career Change 2012 career change obstacle

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Strategies for Job Searching In Our Current Economy

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Job Search Economy Networking Social MediaLiam Conduit is a HR Professional and has been writing industry related news and comment since 2006. Liam also has an interest in jobs, marketing and politics. During the current economic doom and gloom, with an estimated 1 million young people unemployed, the age-old problem of finding is even harder. Here are some tips on how to land a job in hard times, from networking to resume writing; discover how to get the edge over the competition.

U.S. News & World Report: Registered Nurse the Best Job for 2012

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News & World Report , the best job of 2012 is a registered nurse (RN). According to John Challenger, CEO of the outplacement company Challenger, Gray & Christmas, health care has replaced manufacturing as the core of the American economy. Best job 2012 image from Shutterstock. Choosing a Career Path 2012 best career job path registered nurse RN U.S. What is the best job in America? According to U.S.

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10 Ways to Get Ahead in a Bad Economy

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They figure there aren’t many jobs and there’s no money and it’s impossible to get a pay rise in the current economy. In both my recruitment and coaching jobs, I hear from a lot of people who are currently looking for a new job, but they are starting from a defeated attitude. There are also others [.]. Career Management Margaret Buj SEO1

Are You Crazy to Start a Business in This Economy?

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“Start a business in this economy? Are you crazy?” Maybe not so crazy. It all depends on the kind of business. Let's look at a few that may work. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Choosing a Career Path advice career change entrepreneur expert job path search

Is Changing Careers a Bad Move in This Tough Economy?

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Changing career is not a bad thing to consider in this tough economy. But, there is always good rationale for staying exactly where you are. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Choosing a Career Path advice career change expert job path search

Work-Life Balance During a White-Knuckle Economy

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In this economy, there are some unique stresses as many of you might have been laid off or taken reduced salaries. Despite this, it is critical to do the following to remain balanced: Manage your stress Stress causes damaging effects physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally and spiritually so it’s highly critical to control and minimize it.

Happy Thanksgiving 2012


Want to do more than just complain about a bad economy? Happy Thanksgiving to all reCareered readers! Continued at [link]. reCareered Blog

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5 Ways to Succeed in Reinventing Your Career


Job Search Statistics & Find Work in this Economy. The work economy and job search statistics are staggering: The current number of people unemployed in The U.S. million; essentially unchanged since February 2012. million; unchanged since February 2012. Entrepreneurs are fueling the US economy!) Embrace your inner geek – It’s 2012. for the month of June – 12.7 The current national unemployment rate has remained steady at 8.2%

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Finance for HR Nerds: GDP and How Big America's Economy Is.

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This week on Finance for HR Nerds: Let's talk about GDP and the size of the American economy. . But do you know the size of the American economy compared to other industrialized nations when defined by this metric? How much bigger is the American economy than Russia's? USA = 25% of the world's economy. . Last time in this series, I talked about the ground view of how a LBO firm works. Check it out here if you missed that one.

Green Career Tip: State of Green Business Report 2012 – 5 Reasons Reading This Report Helps Your Green Career

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Resource: State of Green Business Report 2012. It’s one of the most important reports I read each year to grasp what’s really happening in the green economy. Published by based on last year’s 2000 blog posts, interviews, reports, and event, it’s a great “on the ground” perspective that’s invaluable to anyone who is interested in the green economy and sustainability efforts in the business world. Strategies for Reading the State of Green Business 2012 Report.

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ResumeBear: Important skills needed in these turbulent Years!

Resume Bear

This millennium has not gotten off to a great start as far as the economy is concerned. These are the general abilities everyone needs to be successful personally and professionally in an economy that is dynamic, digital, and frequently down. Just being real is key to succeeding in the new economy. Knowing your niche: The 21st-century economy is a tough economy, and there’s competition for every job.

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How to Make a Splash in a Competitive Job Market

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job hunting economy interview tips job market job search strategy resume advice unemploymentHow to Make a Splash in a Competitive Job Market With so many qualified people looking for work, it can be tough to stand out from the pile of resumes stacked high on a potential employer’s desk. To say the least, competition is stiff and those looking to land a good career need to stand out from the pack. Does your resume stand out? There [.]

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Take This Job and Shove It! Re-Inventing Yourself in the New Economy

Boomers Next Step

Stressed out from the economy and looking for a new job? Maybe it’s time for you to be your own boss. That’s right – fire your boss! Go on…I dare ya! There are so many considerations when contemplating working for yourself, but taking the time to think ahead and plan can give you a. Careers Job News career Entrepreneur

The Dangers of Not Having an Emergency Fund

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Her Money personal finance uncategorized economy moneyWhat do you do when you get a paycheck? Do you pay yourself first? Do you run to the mall? Do you pay your bills and end up with very little to save? Picture this scenario: A few years ago, I was bring home six figure income. It’s hard to imagine that someone with that income was living paycheck to paycheck, but that’s exactly what I was doing.

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Facebook Jobs Will Change Online Recruitment Forever


It is not the free and fluid job market that one might expect given our economy. Weather, like the hiring process and the economy is not a science and not 100 percent predictable. Ninety-three percent of recruiters say they used LinkedIn or plan to in 2012 for recruiting versus Facebook which stands at 66% use in a 2012 Jobvite Study. Consider registering for our F acebook Recruiting, Hiring, and Sourcing webinar on October 4th worth 1 HRCI strategic credit.

Pay Increase: How Not to Ask

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In this slow economy, it’s even a bit risky if you are not cautious about having a justifiable strategy when you ask [.] Written by Catherine Adenle Asking for a pay increase could be nerve-wracking regardless of your position in an organisation. Related posts: Thrive and Get Noticed at Work: 50 Tips. Want a Fatter Salary? These 5 Things Are More Important! Get the Job, Keep the Job and Lead! You Are the Pilot of Your Career Plane. The 5 Gifts to Give Your Employees.

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How to Deal With an Annoying Co-Worker Without Getting Punched

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Securing the Right Job or Career Transition in the New Economy – part III. Brian Jenkins writes about a variety of topics related to the workplace for The Riley Guide. An annoying co-worker may be condescending, an overachiever, an egomaniac, a kiss-up, an intimidator, a loud talker, a gossiper, or, if you’re extremely unlucky, he or she may have all of these traits.

Beat the Recession With A Teaching Degree

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The impact of the UK’s stagnant economy on the jobs market is well-documented, and many students will have expected the graduate market to be quite different when they began their undergraduate degrees. According to High Fliers Research, the graduate class of 2012 has been looking for jobs earlier than any other group of students , and sending off more applications before receiving their results.

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How To Tell If You Need a Job Change

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Plus, with the economy being the way it was, it was not exactly an ideal time to be finding a new role. “ Remembering you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. ” – Steve Jobs. A friend once mused to me about changing jobs. When I asked him why doesn’t he just do it, he said he was not sure if it was the right decision.

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Can an Overseas Move Fast-Track Your Career?

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Most companies are looking for workers who can succeed in any economy. As humans, we often tend to get attracted to anything new or different. The in-built adventure streak inside each one of us compels us to pursue something new and different. Though it is every bit attractive to pursue a career or business overseas, but is it really worth the move? Moving overseas can be taxing, interesting, entertaining and at the same time quite complicated.

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4 Cold Calling Tips That Can Boost Your Job Search

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Also remember that in this economy, there is a good chance that the company simply isn’t hiring. Remember, there’s almost always someone hiring or willing to hire, even in a rough economy. In a tough job market, finding want ads for your chosen field may be tough.

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