Navigating the Gig Economy

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The post Navigating the Gig Economy appeared first on Ms. The following is a guest post by Torin Ellis, a job search expert. The phrase ” this isn’t your parents job search ” has never been more true. The point being, not only has some of the vernacular changed in the job search, but so has the process of where you look and what resources are being used. Job Search In Today’s World.

Warning: Shrinking Economies Shrink Job Opportunities

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With the country’s high unemployment rate of approximately 8%, and an economy that is still shaky, it’s important to know which industries will provide job security and which industries are dying out. Positions for postal service workers are expected to decline 26%, resulting in a loss of 138,600 jobs. Those employed by newspaper, periodical, and book publishers held 501,000 jobs in 2010. Projections for 2020 estimate a loss of over 61,000 of these jobs.


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Securing the Right Job or Career Transition in the New Economy – part II

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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs. Part II – Traditional Job Search Methods. Part II of a 4 part discussion on the job market. Relocation to a region, state, or country with a growing economy; or in need of a particular skilled labor force. Search online job boards. Search corporate web sites for job listings. Competition for any real job is daunting! Good luck in your search.

4 Cold Calling Tips That Can Boost Your Job Search

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In a tough job market, finding want ads for your chosen field may be tough. Whether you’re looking for a professional job as a lawyer or accountant, a corporate management position, a healthcare position as a respiratory therapist, or even an administrative position like a dental assistant, it can be difficult to find employers who are openly recruiting during difficult economic times. Ask if there are any job openings at their company. Good luck in your search.

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Required Reading – Summer Job Search Reading List

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Balancing your time during a job search can be challenging to say the least. Recruiters, Job Search Engines, Company Career Sites, your Network, where do you start? The volume of information available, compounded by automated job search engines returning long lists of “matching jobs” (most of which are not even close) can keep you very busy. A list of Job Search and career articles suggested by fellow readers.

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Preparing for your Job Search while you’re Still in College

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As many recent graduates will tell you, it’s tough out there right now for your age group in the job market. Full-time jobs with benefits are very hard to come by, and most recent graduates will go several months to several years after graduating without ever finding a good job that fits them. Talk to a counselor who can help you find job listings pertinent to your interests and who can help you polish up your resume and interview skills.

Securing the Right Job or Career Transition in the New Economy – part III

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Securing the Right Job or Career Transition in the New Economy – part III. Part III – A Method to Make your Job Search More Productive. Part III of a 4 part discussion on the job market. In your quest for the right job or new career, haven’t you asked yourself: “Is there a way to break from the pack and secure opportunities from the 90% of unpublished job listings?”. Show job contacts that you are a serious candidate for employment.

Search Engine Optimization Can Boost Your Job Search

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful and important tool that blogs and e-businesses utilize to drive traffic to their websites for purposes of enhancing exposure and expanding monetization opportunities. To keep things fairly simple, SEO requires keyword research, one of the most valuable, high-yield activities in the search marketing field. This tool suggests keywords and provides estimated local and global search volumes. This is far more search engine friendly.

Strategies for Job Searching In Our Current Economy

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Liam also has an interest in jobs, marketing and politics. Here are some tips on how to land a job in hard times, from networking to resume writing; discover how to get the edge over the competition. Too many people make the mistake of blasting out their application to as many jobs as possible in the hope that someone, somewhere, will get back to them. Along with a website, you should make use of social media for your job search.

6 Job Search Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc. In the 35 years since the founding of Apple, Jobs contributed to many major advances in technology. The outpouring of sympathy and gratitude across the planet last Wednesday is solid proof that Jobs will be missed and remembered. One of Jobs’ lasting legacies will be his memorable quotes and their versatility. As Jobs so eloquently puts it, it’s up to us to keep calm and carry on.

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Put a Ring on it. 2012 Employment & Jobs Outlook.


Job Seekers to Employers: Put a Ring on it. Experts are anticipating the best job market in 2012 since 2008, and I think that’s a good thing. Jobs will be created and unemployment will decrease. Job seekers will be hired into the corporate folds but not at a rate that you might expect. According to CareerBuilder’s 2012 Jobs and Hiring Forecast survey, nearly 1/4 of employers plan on increasing their full time hiring in 2012.

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How to Use a Recruiter in Your Job Search

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If you’re looking for a job, and you have more than two years of experience, you can consider using a recruiter. Some recruiters have entry-level jobs, but that’s rare in this economy. And, you must be careful if you in the middle of hiring others for your department and looking for a new job yourself. Ask the recruiter if he or she has jobs at the level you want. Not all recruiters have jobs at all levels. Agile Job Search network recruiter

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4 Job Search Lessons Learned from Our Favorite Video Games

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McGonigal’s theory can be extended to job seekers. After all, if job seekers approach their hunt with the focus and direction that they do with their favorite video game, how awesome would that be? In addition to McGonigal’s “epic win” theory, I would like to add on these four job search lessons learned from some of our favorite video games: Don’t just do it for the money (Super Mario Brothers). So, in your job search, anticipate the next move.

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Refreshing Your Job Search Strategy

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It's tough to find a job these days due to the poor economy. Changing up your job search strategy could help you find work. Choosing a Career Path Job Search advice career economy expert job search strategy tipDon't despair! To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at

3 Skills Job Seekers Need in 2012

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Last week on JT on Jobs , I shared with viewers a very important job seeker mindset for 2012: As a job seeker, you are an outsider who is trying to earn their place in an employer’s tribe. (In In the video above, I provide a clear explanation of why adopting this mindset is vital to job seeker success.). In the same session, I outlined the three skills or traits jobs seekers need to demonstrate in 2012 to earn their place within an employer’s tribe.

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3 Career Mistakes to Avoid in 2012

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Okay, so the economy can’t make up its mind. So, here are three things I’m telling all my CareerHMO members these days: Mistake 1 – Staying in a job you hate. Not bothering to look for a new, better job when you hate the one you are in is a recipe for disaster. Otherwise, you’d be in Hollywood right now and not in a job you hate! Moreover, when we aren’t engaged in our jobs we make mistakes – and even the little ones add up.

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How current is that job search advice? | Beware the dinosaur.

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When working with students, I’m careful to explain my approach to resume creation and the reality of Job Search 2012. I go on to share, frequently, my techniques will not align with what they have been taught about resumes and job search along the way. I continue, many career centers and career preparation courses are up to speed on the rapidly-changing job search market. It is as old as dinosaurs and ineffective in a 2012 job search.

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How to Get a 6 Figure Job in Today’s Economy.

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This happened while I was looking for a job just like you are now. I’ve literally cracked open the lid, on how to land a 6-figure income in today’s ruthless economy. The Story: In 2007 I sold an online travel business that my wife and I had operated successfully for 17 years and four years later I found myself looking for a 6-figure income job as our money from the sale was running out. I spent hours upon hours online searching for jobs.

5 Myths About Job Searching

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The smartest person always gets the job. In today’s economy, an employer wants to know that, if required, you are able to complete a wide range of jobs. Having transferrable skills, a can do attitude and a willingness to learn and be involved in all aspects of the business is key to nailing the job interview. Do not get discouraged if you feel that you lack the right skills to get a new job. Applying for jobs online is the only way to find a new job.

Unemployed? Apply Here – March 2012


I searched some of the leading job boards and found the following companies that are actively searching to hire the unemployed. Here are 14 companies (or agencies) who hire unemployed workers in March 2012. Employment Economy Featured reCareered Blog career career change career coach Employment Job Job board job search Planning research unemployment who's hiring

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Unemployment: 3 Critical Job Search Tips

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When you are unemployed and looking for work, a job search can feel even more pressured-filled. That’s why the following three tips are critical for job search when you are unemployed: #1 – Avoid negative people at all costs. Otherwise, you’ll find your job search stalling from a lack of focus on your part, and a lack of interest on the part of the employers. #3 That way, you can circumvent the online application process and get referred to jobs directly.

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How to Fail at Job Search

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These three stats stood out for me: 50 percent of workers say the economy has negatively altered their career plans or job search. 58 percent of employees don’t believe they could find a job now they would accept. Quick Job Search Tip. If you believe you can’t find a job or advance your career – I GUARANTEE, YOU WON’T. Forget the economy. It’s time to learn the “ Ultimate Technique for an Easier Job Search.”

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How Your Personal Brand Can Help Your Job Search

The Undercover Recruiter

What if a university dropout had a simple solution to get the job you really want but don’t know how to get? Chances are that we all know someone who is struggling to get the job they really want – or any job at all. “I This exercise is truly enlightening for anyone who wants to get a job: if you don’t really know how people perceive you, how can you improve the image you present of yourself? I had a client who had been looking for a job for months.

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5 Ways to Succeed in Reinventing Your Career


Job Search Statistics & Find Work in this Economy. The work economy and job search statistics are staggering: The current number of people unemployed in The U.S. million; essentially unchanged since February 2012. million; unchanged since February 2012. The Internet is cluttered with job hunting tips. Working your personal connections is the best way to find a new job because they expand your network and open up new options.

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Green Career Tip: Green Economy Map, Discover Green Career Options

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Resource : The Green Economy Map. Although I created twelve other Green Economy Maps between 2007 and 2009, they were all designed around a series of silos—silos that didn’t relate to one another. Then in a flash of insight I realized that one of the most important elements of the emerging economy is that it’s a system where a change in one industry impacts other industries. When you want to understand which industries included in the green / sustainable economy.

3 Reasons Networking is a Job Search Priority

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One of the most common complaints I hear from job seekers today is they hate networking. They say to me, “I know 80% of job are gotten by networking, but I just hate begging people for a job.” At which point I say, “If you feel like networking is begging for a job, then you’re doing it wrong.”. When you network, the goal isn’t to ask for a job, the goal is to give the other person a chance to get to know you. Networking job search image from Shutterstock.

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How to Make a Splash in a Competitive Job Market

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How to Make a Splash in a Competitive Job Market With so many qualified people looking for work, it can be tough to stand out from the pile of resumes stacked high on a potential employer’s desk. job hunting economy interview tips job market job search strategy resume advice unemployment

2012 211

7 ways job-searching has changed in recent years

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If you haven’t searched for a job recently, you might be in for a rude shock the next time you do. Job searching has changed dramatically, as the Internet and the economy have both altered how employers operate and what job seekers can expect. job searchingOver at U.S.

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Learn From the Expert: How to Correctly Answer the Hardest Interview Questions

Hiring Technical People

Job interviews are not something that most of us look forward to, and even the most confident of job seekers can fall prey to a case of nerves at the most inopportune time. While there is no simple answer to this question, one thing that all experienced job seekers can agree on is that going into an interview well-prepared is one of the best ways to keep a clear head and beat those interview nerves. But how exactly does one prepare for a job interview?

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Have You Used Geo Location Apps On Your Job Search?

Corn on the Job

In the present economy, finding a job that’s ideally suited to your skills can be quite overwhelming, and if you want to take the lead in today’s job market, you might feel that have to keep vigil twenty four hours a day, which as we all know can be a daunting or impossible task. Tips and Advice for Using Geo Location Apps in Job Search. Job Finder: Search opportunities from various job sites without having to sign up to them.

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5 Ways To Get Noticed and Earn a Full-Time Writing Job

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Entering the writing field, whether you aim to be a journalist, a copywriter, or a novelist, has never been easy, but coupled with a slumped economy, it almost seems impossible to secure a lucrative career as a wordsmith. It’s a vicious cycle: those without experience can’t find jobs and finding experience without a job can be incredibly difficult. So how do you let employers see that you’re the writer they’ve been searching for? By: Brittany Behrman.

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How to Calculate the Length of a Job Search

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given my situation, how long do you think my job search will take?”. I can tell you there is a simple rule of thumb that has been around for years in my industry that goes like this: For every $10,000 you want to make in salary, expect one month of job search. However, this formula comes with a big, BUT… You see, it’s an estimate for job search in a “good” economy, and right now, things aren’t so good. Job Search career job search

2012 70

How To Tell If You Need a Job Change

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There is no reason not to follow your heart. ” – Steve Jobs. A friend once mused to me about changing jobs. Plus, with the economy being the way it was, it was not exactly an ideal time to be finding a new role. Before you go ahead and change your jobs, ask yourself if changing jobs really is the best way to accomplish what you want to achieve. Others intend to seek happiness in switching jobs. Good luck in your search.

2012 284

Beat the Recession With A Teaching Degree

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The impact of the UK’s stagnant economy on the jobs market is well-documented, and many students will have expected the graduate market to be quite different when they began their undergraduate degrees. Students are keenly aware of the competitiveness of the jobs market, however. Furthermore, the number of grads deciding to take a year off after studying has fallen to just 12 per cent – indicating a lack of confidence in the long-term prospects for the economy.

2012 221

6 Common Job Search Issues and How to Avoid Them [WEBINAR]

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You’ve been knocking on doors, applying to job openings and conducting the occasional interview. No job offer. You know it takes a while in this economy but when does it stop being the economy and start [.]. Job Search Dorothy Tannahill-Moran SEO1You’re starting to wonder if you’re doing something wrong or if you are just too impatient with the process.

College Degrees that Offer the Best Chance for Employment after Graduation

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When you are proudly standing in line at your graduation ceremony in your cap and gown you all look like students who are destined for successful careers, but the reality is that there are sometimes startling differences in the job prospects for each graduate which are often determined by the course that you have taken. So which are the best degrees to study for if you want to land a top job and have a greater chance of a successful career? Good luck in your search.

Origins Of Your Job Search Frustration


Job seekers have gained the majority of their job search knowledge from the same basic source. But this source hasn't changed job search strategies to reflect an economy of job shortages. Featured Job Search Strategy reCareered BlogContinued at [link].

Social media transforms the job search, recruitment landscape

Resume Bear

Recently I read an interesting article about whether Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can really help people find a job. The article noted how nowadays, a college degree and even years of experience do not necessarily translate into a good job. Young professionals may lack the experience many employers look for and to make matters worse, many must now compete with experienced job candidates let go as part of the economic crunch. By Pedram Tabibi.

How to Get a Job When No One Is Hiring

Professional Resume Services

The most popular misconception when the economy is less than outstanding is that no one is hiring. Most job seekers are fully aware that it’s easier to get another job when you already have one and that is never more true than when the economy is down. The problem is that when you suddenly find yourself without a job it can be tough to both deal with the emotional shock and hit the ground running to find another job as quickly as possible.

2012 171

10 Things You Need to Know About Today’s Job Search

Career Realism

Recruiters are now using Google and LinkedIn searches to find talent, instead of paying for job-board or talent databases like they used to do. And because there are so many candidates competing for each job, HR people (or hiring managers if they are tasked with recruitment) often scan resumes very briefly. And with the economy as tight as it is, you can understand why hiring managers are so risk averse. Job Search job search today

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The Top 8 Majors Yielding Big Paychecks Out of School

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Considering the modern job market, you’d be amiss to leave this question unanswered as you choose a major. This competitive and challenging field is no cakewalk, but if you can master the prerequisites and sustain your concentration, you’ll be entering a field with tremendous job growth (over 60% in the coming years). With a median salary over $85K after a decade on the job, this tech career is more than worth pursuing. Good luck in your search.

2012 221

Please don't Fart: Job Search Blunders

Guerrilla Job Hunting

I offer these tips up in the hope you will pass it on to your job hunting friends and candidates. The new global America for job hunters. “It’s   It’s the result of developments in information and communications technologies, changing human values and the rise of the global knowledge-based economy. The sheer complexity and technical sophistication of business has transformed the job market - not just here in America, but around the world.

Professional Social Networking

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When we find ourselves in times like these, when unemployment is high, people are prolonging retirement, and students continue to graduate into an unstable economy, it’s important that we realize the benefit of using these social networking websites. When professionally networking, and applying for jobs, your recommendations are very important to possible future employers. Both of these are extremely significant when applying for a job, or networking with other professionals.