The Forecast for Public Health Careers in 2012

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Employers that provide health insurance for their employees are constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce coverage costs and one way to do that is to improve the overall health of their employees. Public health professionals, whether employed directly by organizations or by insurance companies, work with employees to provide health assessments and education about healthy lifestyles, improving their overall well-being and keeping costs in check.

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Social Siesta During SXSW 2012 Sponsors Announced


Social Siesta Sponsors Announced During SXSW 2012. I’m proud to announce sponsors for my upcoming Social Siesta this Saturday, March 10th, 2012 from 12-2 PM in Austin, Texas, during SXSW. Gold Sponsor of Social Siesta South by Southwest 2012. I’m honored to have them along for the ride at SXSW 2012. Broadbean Technology is a longtime supporter of Blogging4Jobs and also the employer of my blogging partner in crime, Rayanne Thorn.

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Put a Ring on it. 2012 Employment & Jobs Outlook.


Job Seekers to Employers: Put a Ring on it. Experts are anticipating the best job market in 2012 since 2008, and I think that’s a good thing. Employers are hiring contingent, contract and temporary workers instead. According to CareerBuilder’s 2012 Jobs and Hiring Forecast survey, nearly 1/4 of employers plan on increasing their full time hiring in 2012. Dear Employer, quit kidding yourself because you know it’s true.

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50 Happiest Companies for 2012

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See Top 10 We’re proud to reveal the winners of CareerBliss’ Happiest Companies in America Awards for 2012, thanks to thousands of employees from around the country.Of Think your company deserves to win CareerBliss’ most prestigious employer award? For the purpose of this data – nearly 100,000 reviews were assessed to determine CareerBliss’ 50 Happiest Companies in America for 2012.

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Great Place to Work Announces 2012 Best Small and Medium Workplaces List

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Great Place to Work®, a global research and consulting firm, today revealed the 2012 Best Small & Medium Workplaces list, published by FORTUNE magazine. ” The 2012 Best Small & Medium Workplaces list features 18 first-time list makers, representing the largest influx of newcomers in several years. The 2012 list also features the first government agency: the City of Rancho Corodova. Top Employers 2012 Best Places to Work Top Rated Employers

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How to update your resume for 2012

Cube Rules

It’s 2012 — and time to update your resume with your 2011 business results. 5 reasons to update a resume while still employed. photo credit: sir_watkyn. Most people won’t, you know. Then, when it comes time to pull out that resume, blow away the dust, and update it, those same people won’t remember what they did in 2011 to put on their resume. Or, what they put on the resume won’t have any proof (read: business results) about what they did.

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Job Action Day 2012 – Personal Career Branding

Executive Career Brand

Today is Job Action Day 2012 – the fifth-annual job search initiative spearheaded by Quintessential Careers. My take on Career Branding: Your career brand is your differentiator in the business world and defines your unique promise of value in the marketplace and to employers. Designed to resonate with your specific target audience, your career brand may change with each career move, to align with marketplace and employer needs and attract a new set of key hiring decision makers.

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Get Hired Now – Most Available Jobs for 2012

Career Copilot

With over 2 million college graduates looking for jobs each year, finding lucrative employment will usually prove to be difficult. Fortunately, that is not the case for certain career paths where employers are desperately looking for educated workers. Here, we breakdown six of the most booming careers in 2012. Registered Nurse (RN) Average Salary: [.]. job hunting career advice education jobs

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Bosses Day 2012: Honoring a Boss You Dislike


Bosses Day 2012 is quickly approaching. While you may not like your boss, the job market may be a little slim, making it unlikely you’ll find immediate employment elsewhere. Bosses Day 2012 CoworkersAre you ready? If you dislike your boss, you may dread the annual day honoring the undeserving manager. While you may be tempted to overlook the occasion to symbolize your feelings, the snub could end up being a dire mistake.

2012 138 — How to update your resume for 2012

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“ How to update your resume for 2012 ” is my latest post over on Here’s what to do… Related posts: How to update your resume for 2012. 5 reasons to update a resume while still employed. Don’t let 2011 get too far in the rear view mirror before getting your resume updated. 30 Career Management Tips: Update your resume. 3 ways to update a stale resume. 30 Career Management Tips — Provide your updated resume to your new manager.

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The 50 Best Places To Work In 2012

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It’s that time of year again: Glassdoor has released its list of 50 best places to work in 2012! Employers, what do you think of this list? College Graduates Featured Jobs Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Job Openings Top Employers Why ResumeBear? The list, “Best Places to Work — Employees’ Choice” is the fourth annual employee’s choice awards for best companies to work for. Below, see the companies and corresponding ratings. Bain & Company: 4.7.

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ResumeBear Tips For “2012? New Grads on Linkedin

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Connect with all of your past employers: Yes, all of them. Ask for recommendations: Check in with former employers, professors, colleagues, and classmates to greatly improve your LinkedIn profile with recommendations from those who know you in your college/professional life. You’ll attract new connections and show potential employers that you’re well-informed.

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More Temporary Work in 2012?

Careers Done Write

Based on reports from the American Staffing Association , temporary employment has been higher in 2011 compared to the same months in 2010. This data supports an increase in demand for temporary jobs and seasonal jobs in late 2011 and into 2012. Temporary workers are the solution for many employers. If 2012 is like 2011, a good portion of those workers will stay on for a permanent retail position after the holiday season. Job Market Trends temporary employment

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Top 8 Sessions in the 2012 SXSW Lineup for Workplace, HR & Recruiting


It’s my third year at South by Southwest Interactive, and I’m excited as I check out the 2012 SXSW schedule looking at the increase in topics covering the future of work, workplace, HR, and Recruiting. While there are hundreds of sessions to choose from and SXSW parties to choose from (check out my Social Siesta ), I’ll volunteer to be your SXSW panel picker and tell you the Top 8 sessions for HR and Recruiters to attend at South By SouthWest 2012.

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Email Etiquette When Speaking To Potential Employers

Career Alley

Once you have sent your first email to your future employer they will gauge exactly what type of person you are and their decision will be made in an instant so you only have a few seconds to make a great impression! Most employers are also likely to do checks on your Facebook, Twitter and Linked In accounts so it’s essential that you make sure that your online profile shows an image of yourself that you would like to portray. Using the Web to Research a Potential Employer.

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Transferable Skills: Your Resume and Employer

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The skills and talents gained through previous work experiences can be utilized as transferable skills to apply for a new employment opportunity, whether it is related to your field or not. The transferable skills are considered to be the skills, talents, and special abilities of a candidate that are acquired through past employments, part-time work, freelancing projects, home businesses, likes and hobbies, volunteer tasks, sports, and other life happenings.

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Utilizing Non-Degree Skills for Temporary or Permanent Employment

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Knowing how to correctly use these fundamental skills will be an advantage when looking for temporary or permanent employment. When looking for employment, effective communication is a key ingredient to landing the job. In fact, employers who took part in a 2011 job survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers placed communication skills at the top of desired skills among future employees.

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20 Job Search Tips for 2012 College Graduates

Corn on the Job

The “life” 2X4 induces much more pain for graduates these days, so here are 25 Job Search Tips for the current or soon to be 2012 Graduates: 1. Take advantage of their tips, advice, and employer connections. Applying to too many jobs is sloppy and employers will take notice. Connect With Recruiters BEFORE a Career Fair: Career fairs are a waste of time if you aren’t already connected with the attending employers.

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#SHRM12 Conference Unofficial Party Guide


The SHRM 2012 Annual Conference & Exposition is right around the corner. It’s a little mommy-free time for me at the SHRM 2012. Because of the sheer size of SHRM 2012 Annual Conference (it’s 15,000+ attendees strong), there is a lot going on especially after hours. Last year I got a lot of great feedback on my 2011 SHRM Unofficial Party Guide , and so I bring you the 2012 version. SHRM Annual Conference 2012 Party Guide.

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U.S. News & World Report Releases 2012 Rankings of World’s Best Universities

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The 2012 World’s Best rankings, which include colleges and universities in the United States and across the globe, are available online at News , are based on the 2012 QS World University Rankings ®, developed by QS Quacquarelli Symonds, a leading global career and education network. An in-depth methodology was used to determine the 2012 rankings. World’s Best Universities Rankings 2012. *

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Can employers checking credit reports?

Careers Done Write

I am just concerned about this employer and if they are going to make a practice of checking into my private life. Employers look for things such as foreclosures, maxed-out credit cards, and delinquencies. There have been discussions in Congress about updating the Fair Credit Reporting Act to limit an employer’s ability to check applicants’ credit histories. Also, beware that employers may run checks into your driving record and court record.

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US Social Media by the Numbers – May 2012


I wonder how this will integrate into higher, employment branding, and the job search. How Can, Do, & Should HR and Recruiters Use Social Media? I find myself finishing up my social media presentation for the Annual SHRM2012 Conference where I’m going to be speaking twice. The first, Carrie Corbin ( @thealphafemme ) and myself will be presenting our Social Media 101 Workshop on Sunday, June 24th from 8:00 AM-12:00 PM as part of the pre-conference festivities in Atlanta.

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Survey Shows Marginal Rise in Salary Increases in 2012

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percent in 2012, up marginally from 2.7 According to Aon Hewitt’s report, employers continue to offer variable pay, or performance-based awards that must be re-earned each year, as a primary way to drive performance and increase engagement while minimizing their fixed costs. In 2012, 90 percent of companies offered at least one variable pay program, in line with 2011. In 2012, companies spent 12.0 As a percentage of payroll, employers spent 6.0

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56 Best Job Search Blog Posts of 2012


The Top Job Bloggers’ Most Popular Articles of 2012. Chris Perry : 4 Things Every Employer Loves to Hear From a Candidate. Grace Kutney : Resume Trends of 2012- What to Follow and What to Discard. Nick Corcodilos : Pop Quiz: Can an employer take back a job offer? Jacob Share : 100+ Salary Surveys, Guides and Calculators For 2012. I asked the Top Job Bloggers around the world for their most popular, most visited blog posts of the past year.

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3 Skills Job Seekers Need in 2012

Career Realism

Last week on JT on Jobs , I shared with viewers a very important job seeker mindset for 2012: As a job seeker, you are an outsider who is trying to earn their place in an employer’s tribe. (In In the same session, I outlined the three skills or traits jobs seekers need to demonstrate in 2012 to earn their place within an employer’s tribe. Proper interview prep ensures you convey the right message and prove you should be granted a spot in the employer’s tribe.

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3 Career Mistakes to Avoid in 2012

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People who do great personal branding stay employed! Staying on top of trends and new expectations is the only way to ensure we will be able to stay employable. Job Search 2012 career job mistake personal branding search unemploymentOkay, so the economy can’t make up its mind. Unemployment goes down… and then up. The financial market goes up… and then down. Facebook’s stock starts high… and ends low.

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7 Things Employers Look for in Your Resume

Career Alley

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics employment report for January 2012, employment is starting to rise again, with about 243,000 jobs added in January. Here are seven things to make sure potential employers see when they check out your resume: 1. Potential employers don’t want to just know where you work: they want to know what you’ve done for the places you’ve worked for. A few other things employers might look at.

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Re-Brand 2012: What to Do When a “Brand-Aid” is Not Enough

Careers Done Write

Determine the needs of your target employers and customers so they can fill those needs with your unique skills, perspective, and knowledge. Many clients come to me for career advice when the same old approach is no longer working. Often they will say, “Something is going on in the market. In the past, I was in high demand.” ” Well, perhaps it is the challenging market. On the other hand, could it be your long-time brand is no longer effective?

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Majoring in Employment – College Job Search

Career Alley

“ By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day. ” – Robert Frost. You are somewhere in your (hopefully) four year college career and, if you’ve not already figured this out, the experience is likely to be different than you envisioned when you began.

What Women Want from Employers

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While 57 percent of women said they expect to grow their careers with their current employers, 48 percent of women still plan to explore other options when the job market picks up. Other Findings From What Women Want From Employers Survey. How can employers better engage their employees? The Randstad Engagement Index is comprised of findings from quarterly waves of research targeting employees and annual surveys of employers.

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2012 is the Year For Travel Nurse Positions


Because of this rapid growth, some employers are not able to recruit enough nurses, so this results in a high demand for travel nurses who will work full or part time for a few months. While the economic recovery has not reached every job sector, registered nurses continue to be in high demand. Travel nurses are no exception to this rule. According to The Occupational Outlook Handbook , RNs hold the largest number of jobs in the health-care sector, about 2.6 million.

2012 138

Top 10 Sexiest Sessions to Attend at #SHRM12


Top 2012 SHRM Annual Conference Sessions. We’re cutting through the crap and getting to the meat of the matter when it comes to SHRM 2012 Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA next week. The 2:15-3:30 PM Tuesday session by Matthew Effland of Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C., addresses the blunders employers make because they are caught off-guard by these formerly rare complaints, quickly becoming the latest fodder for headlines.

2012 111

Using the Web to Research a Potential Employer

Career Alley

Hiring seems to be taking an upswing, with employers finally beginning hire again as they pop their heads above the parapets put up by the economic recession. Along with doing a quick browse company check (using sites such as Duedil ), the internet has many other ways to help you lift the lid on potential employers. Here are just a couple you can employ along with more traditional methods to get the skinny on a possible employer.

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College Degrees that Offer the Best Chance for Employment after Graduation

Career Alley

A career in Economics, Finance and Accounting has a reasonable element of longevity about it and whilst this is a an area of work that will certainly not be what a number of graduates will want to do, the average starting salary in this sector of close to $50,000 at least will mean that once you are on the employment ladder, you should enjoy a rewarding career, at least from a remuneration point of view.

5 Reasons Temp Jobs Are Helpful During a Lapse in Employment

Career Alley

If you’re starting to feel like the empty space on your resume might start turning employers off, it might be time to look for a temp job to fill the void. Here are five reasons having a temp job can be helpful when you have a lapse in employment: You still have some sort of income. It shows employers that even though you’ve been unable to find something thus far, you’re committed to staying relevant in the work place.

Getting Ready Now for Job Search 2012

Careers Done Write

During the holiday season, most people have a little more personal time at home, away from the prying eyes of their employers. Be certain any personal data on Facebook, that a prospective employer might see, does not reflect negatively on your brand image. This list should be of prospective employers, along with the names of hiring managers and recruiters.

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Online Hiring Expected To Double In 2012

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The rise of the Internet has brought a lot of revolutionary changes to the workforce — social media, Google, and now online employment. Elance , the leading platform for online work, recently released its 2011 Online Employment Review which says that “the future of work will be contingent, global and online.” As I know firsthand from working here at Come Recommended, a completely virtual company, working online allows for immediate results for clients.

2012 210

The Surprising Truth About Employers Who Are Hiring

Career Alley

to write articles to notify job-seekers which employers are hiring. Every great employer is ALWAYS hiring! Every employer can and should create a job any time the right person comes along. your value will significantly exceed your salary), then it would be stupid for the employer not to hire you. Great employers recognize this. Employers who don’t understand this are organizations you shouldn’t want to work for anyway.

2012 215

Employers: Ignoring Job Candidates Impacts Your Brand

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It’s been discussed how giving candidates the cold shoulder can be considered unprofessional and discourteous (see: “Employers: Why You Should Follow-Up After an Interview”) but recent data from StartWire reinforces how detrimental it can be to a company’s brand. Employers: Do you think your company’s brand could be affected by doing this? Katie Lewis is currently a senior at Florida State University and will graduate in May 2012 with a B.A.

2012 208

Test Your Employment-Negotiating IQ

Sklover Working Wisdom

Remember, too, that you don’t have any “right to legal counsel” in an employer’s internal investigation. That’s not a positive for anyone’s Employment Values.]. The Best Answer : Taking confidential information with you when you leave employment is like taking a computer with you – it’s a kind of theft, plain and simple. They would also probably be of little special value to your employer. ” We hope you passed your first Employment Negotiating IQ Test!

2012 126

Test Your Employment-Negotiating IQ

Sklover Working Wisdom

Remember, too, that you don’t have any “right to legal counsel” in an employer’s internal investigation. That’s not a positive for anyone’s Employment Values.]. The Best Answer : Taking confidential information with you when you leave employment is like taking a computer with you – it’s a kind of theft, plain and simple. They would also probably be of little special value to your employer. . ” We hope you passed your first Employment Negotiating IQ Test!

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Resumes, Cover Letters, and How to Stand Out in 2012

Ms. Career Girl

It’s 2012 after all, and while the following tips are from a girl who works in digital marketing (which tends to expect some creativity), I hope everyone especially new grads and all other job seekers can get some fresh ideas from the following –. Resumes and cover letters are the first step in showing your potential future employer your creativity and effort. When it comes to the job market and resumes and cover latters – how are you standing out in 2012?

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most popular posts of 2012

Ask A Manager

Most commented-on posts of 2012: 10. Is it fair for an employer to refuse to hire smokers? Employer won’t give me a fair chance to interview. Most viewed posts of 2012: . When a job application asks if your current employer can be contacted. Ask a Manager’s traffic more than doubled again this year , with 3.4 million unique visitors, 5.4 million visits, and more than 8.8 million page views. Thanks for your part in that!

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