Ten Things Job Seekers Must Do in 2012

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The post is titled, “ 10 Things You Must Do to Make 2012 The Best Year Ever “ Go now or later, but definitely stop by and read it. While learning something new, you’ll end up boosting your resume and meeting new people that could potentially help you find a job.

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Information Technology Resume Writing For Students and Graduates


An IT specific resume is different to a regular resume for a number reasons and ensuring that your IT resume is written, formatted and presented correctly is fundamental to standing out from your competition.

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ResumeBear Tips For “2012? New Grads on Linkedin

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You’ll attract new connections and show potential employers that you’re well-informed. Cardmunch automates much of this, automatically transcribing and uploading information from business cards after you take a photo of them.

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3 Tips for Acing an Informational Interview

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I am frequently asked for informational interviews. How can you up your chances that I will be sending you back out of my office with solid tips for improving your resume and promising leads for a next job? Bring your resume for feedback on how to make it better.

25 Fun & Informative Hashtags for Lifelong Learners

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For a few minutes of informative fun, do a search for #history every day and discover what happened on that particular calendar day in years past, or get interesting, one-off history facts from fellow Twitter users. Your Career Goals hashtag Online Resume resume resumebear twitter

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What A Resume Is NOT

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So often, when researching how to put together a resume , the posts and articles are a lot of “a resume is this,” and “a resume should have this,” but often, there is no information about what is dangerous or unnecessary in a resume.

Top 100 Twitter Accounts Job Seekers MUST Follow: 2012

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At YouTern, we answer that question by providing our Top 100 “MUST Follow” Twitter accounts for 2012! AlisonDoyle Always beneficial information for job and internship seekers at any level. DawnRasmussen One of our absolute favorites … always good information, well-articulated.

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5 Things to Leave Off Your Resume

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Despite LinkedIn, Facebook and other new job hunting forums, at some point in the application process you’ll be asked for a resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae: a summary of your academic and professional history). But sometimes less is more – and resume writing is no exception.

Great Jobs in Medical, Information Technology, Engineering or Legal Professions

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The list shows the potential for those looking to pursue a career in the medical, information technology, engineering or legal professions. Computer and information research scientists conduct research into fundamental computer and information science as theorists, designers or inventors.

Ten Job Search Strategies for 2012

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There are many simple, painless changes you can make in 2012 to increase your chances of finding your next job. Update your resume. People who had no expectations of being sourced for a position and interviewed called me in a frenzy because they had to put a resume together pronto.

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Ask Yahoo’s Ex CEO If it’s Ok to Lie on Your Resume

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Maybe you have too – changing that one little piece of information on your resume to make you look that much better. And besides, once you get hired, who will really give the details of your resume a second thought? John Feldmann. Many job seekers have thought about doing it.

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Why You Should Verify Employment Information With Past Employers

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On resumes , you often don’t need to include the exact months of employment; years or even seasons (for example, Summer 2012) are sufficient. However, if you’re completing a job application, you may be asked to verify employment information from past employers. Resume career

No More Resume Black Hole Control Your Job Search

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Featured Feature: Real-Time Resume Tracking. But before we make a fuss over all the new and improved features, lets review some aspects of ResumeBear already in place that set us apart from your standard job board or resume creating service. Let’s call this our featured feature: Resume Tracking. When you apply for a job and submit your resume through ResumeBear , you will receive an email or text message as soon as your resume is viewed.

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Removing the Bloat From Your Resume

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The usual advice about the length of a resume is that it should be no more than two pages. One of the ways people try to make themselves look more impressive as a candidate is to add a lot of extraneous or irrelevant material to their resumes. Use your actual job titles on your resume.

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3 Faux Pas New Graduates Should Never Include on Resumes

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While the opportunities will vary depending on the availability of jobs in your sector, you can do your best to make sure you don’t jeopardize any offers by excluding the following information below. But the question still remains: should I say I’m an online graduate on my resume?

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4 Ways to Turn Resume Fluff into Marketable Facts

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Your resume is the most important document to advance your career. There’s a difference between a resume that only showcases your personality and characteristics and one that demonstrates specific achievements and accomplishments. Resume Fluff = Marketable Facts.

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ResumeBear Says Rock Your Resume, Tips How To

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Whether or not you’re looking for a job right now, it’s worth making sure your resume is in good shape. In a crowded job market, your resume needs to stand out. You may well already have some relevant voluntary experience: but is it on your resume? Tailor your resume to each job.

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Top 6 Tips for Resume Formatting

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Resumes are still the main “calling card” used by job seekers and there are various schools of thought about how your document should be formatted. Here are a few tips that may help you beat the blank screen blues if you’re creating a new resume from scratch. Resume format resume writ

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5 Key Areas to Target When Branding Your Resume

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Customizing your resume for each position you apply to can be critical in today’s job search. It’s vitally important your resume conveys you are a perfect match for the job. When tailoring your resume to each specific position there are five key areas you want to remember to change: 1.

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Job Search Checklist – Item #1: Superior Information


One of the first of these different things you'll need in your job search is superior information. Featured Job Search Strategy reCareered Blog career career change career coach employer getting noticed information Job job search job search checklist keywords personal branding Planning Resume resume search optimization unfair advantageIf you want to win in today's job market, you need different approaches, different resources and different tools than you're used to.

Why You Shouldn’t Exaggerate on Your Resume

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As a professional and accredited resume writer, I often speak before groups of other resume writers and give advice to many job hunters. I always caution people against exaggerating on resumes. Exaggerate on resume image from Shutterstock.

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How Far Back Should Your Resume Go?

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I recently came across a resume that listed a summer cashier position in 1976 as part of a person’s “professional experience.”. The main goal of your resume should be to impress the reader with the specific qualifications and experiences that make you fit to be hired for a desired position.

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Resume Cheat Sheet: 5 Tips for a Winning Resume

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Who has time to write a resume ? We know you have a busy life – and sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to scan through articles to get the information you need. That’s why we created the Resume Cheat Sheet ! Resume Cheat Sheet.

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Matching Your Skills to the Job Using Your Resume

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By using your resume as a tool, you can show just how great a candidate you are. The first step in ensuring you add skills to your resume that align with those required by a specific position is to read the job posting carefully. Matching skills job resume image from Shutterstock.

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Age and Your Resume

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However, age discrimination is difficult to prove, so keep an eye on what you put on your resume. Is there any information on there that gives away your age? Do not put your birthday, Social Security number or other personal information on your resume.

Kaiser Permanente To Bring 500 New Information Technology Jobs To Colorado

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Kaiser Permanente announced that Colorado will get a healthy boost to its economy next year as the health care provider opens an information technology (IT) campus in Greenwood Village in January 2013. ” Kaiser Permanente is known for its leadership in the use of health information technology. ” Kaiser Permanente leads the nation in electronic health record implementation with 36 Stage 7 Awards from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society.

5 Things to Fix Before Your Resume Leaves Your Desk

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If your resume has one of these five errors, you are reducing your chances of being called in for an interview: (a) The name, contact information or job title at the company where you’re applying is wrong. Check and triple check that all the contact information is correct. (b)

How To Address An Incomplete Degree On Your Resume

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Addressing An Incomplete Degree On Your Resume. So, how do you address your incomplete education on your resume ? I personally think it’s important to include your degree or coursework on your resume, especially when it’s related to your current or desired career field.

5 Reasons Your Resume Will Never Get Read


Discover what’s going wrong with your resume. Your resume may be the culprit. The competition for most jobs is fierce and recruiters are overwhelmed by the amount of resumes they receive for job openings. If your resume does not shine, chances are you will be passed over.

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5 Things to Consider When Writing Your Resume

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Check out resume examples on his site to improve your resume. Many job seekers may not realize that subtle changes are happening in regard to the way people need to go about writing quality resumes. Everybody knows that your resume needs to include your recent work history.

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Transferable Skills: Your Resume and Employer

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After you have successfully determined your transferable skills by going through your employment history and life experiences, you are now ready to depict these skills before the employer through your resume. She loves to share new, exciting and informative discoveries found from surfing net.

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Application Forms And Resumes – Why Both?

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The application has two common areas, your personal information, which is basically a repetition of your resume and questions that assist the interviewer in determining if you are a good fit for the position. Answer specifically what was asked and do not offer additional information.

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The Biggest Hole in Your Resume (and How to Fill It)

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When clients first come to me for help with their resumes , they usually come with lists of skills, education, and day-to-day responsibilities. Those lists overlook the most important part of a resume: the results. Resume acheivement hole resume

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How to Cover Employment Gaps on Your Resume

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How do you handle an employment gap on your resume ? If you held one job from January 2003 to April 2010 and held the next from June 2010 to the present, simply omit the months from your resume. Resume gaps image from Shutterstock.

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He Got FIRED! Posting His Resume on LinkedIn, while Employed.

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An executive who posted his CV online was forced out of his job because he was stated he was interested in ‘career opportunities’, a tribunal heard today.

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Does Your Resume Show Your ROI?

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Creating your resume, but stumped for ideas beyond your job titles, places of employment, tasks, and education? Getting employers to pick up the phone requires much more compelling information. Resumes Laura Smith-Proulx SEO1If you haven’t focused on your ROI – the benefit companies get when hiring you – your search can go on indefinitely. You might believe that recruiters or [.].

4 Ways to Make Your Resume a Perfect Match for a Job Opening

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When a hiring manager reviews your resume you want them to say, “Wow! So, how do you create a resume that communicates that you’re exactly what they’re looking for in a new employee? Below are four tips for creating a perfect match resume. This is critical information.

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How to Design a Creative Infographic Resume


There has been a lot of buzz about creating personalized infographics resumes with many aggregated LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. Creative Resume Ideas. What to Include on Your (Social Media) Resume.

How to Deal With Employment Gaps in Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

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Executive recruiters and others assessing you through your executive resume and LinkedIn profile may red-flag you if they see long stretches of time, say a year or more, unaccounted for. For example, if your career history includes a gap like this: Company X – May, 2008 to February, 2012.

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Stand Out: Five Wonderful Infographic Resumes for Inspiration

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If you’re looking to stand out in the job application process (and it goes without saying that we all need to make sure we do) then short of turning up in a clown outfit and juggling fire for attention, the absolute best way to get noticed is with your resume.

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