Are Bigger Niche Job Boards Always Better?

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Author Byline: An exceptional resume authority, Jessica Hernandez and her team of credentialed writers partner with professional- and executive-level candidates to open doors to jobs at prestigious corporations, achieving over a 99% interview-winning success rate. This can even be the case when deciding which job boards to use within your niche. Criteria for Choosing Your Niche Job Board. Good luck in your search.

My Bold Prediction for 2013: Job Boards will LIVE


Job Boards Live On! Back in 2009, nearly four years ago, “guru” Dan Schwabel wrote about the demise of job boards. I am happy to report that job boards are still here and every year, hundreds of entrepreneurs and techies launch their new version of the “job board” And while, Mr. Schwabel’s post provided valuable jobseeker advice, he did not predict correctly the demise of job boards. WooHoo!

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5 Myths About SEO for HR, Recruiting, & Online Job Boards


Check out our free webinar on SEO for HR and Recruiting by clicking here or check out our SEO basics guide for jobs feed and job opening announcements happening online. . Career Keywords and SEO Online Job Postings. For HR professionals and recruiters, search engine optimization (SEO) might seem like a foreign language. But having the right keywords and other SEO strategies can help you target job candidate traffic to your job postings or career page.

Job Board Detox Tip #1: Create a Job Search Plan

Career Realism

Welcome to the first day of your detox – your job board detox that is. Throughout the month I’ll be sending you tips to help you through “life without job boards”. The whole goal is to help you be more effective in your approach to job search and to leave the “crutch” of job boards behind. I want you to end this month with an appreciation for the other ways to search and a healthier use of job boards.

What Job Boards are Most Useful for Applicants?

The Undercover Recruiter

You’re looking for a new job, so the best place to turn is to the biggest and most popular job posting sites, right? Employers don’t always turn to the major job posting sites. It pays to know what type of employer is likely to post on what job sites. When it comes to general job searching, Monster , Careerbuilder , and Indeed definitely run the game. Indeed is the most all inclusive job posting board. Specialized Job Boards.

Bored with Job Boards – How to Find the Best

Career Alley

So how many job search boards do you think there are? Like so many things on the Internet, many job search boards are a waste of time. But the good news is that there are many really good job search boards. The challenge is to both, access only the best sites and to ensure you balance your time with other job search methods. So what, exactly, qualifies as a Job Search Board? Stealth Job Hunting.

How To Overcome Executive Job Search Inertia

Executive Career Brand

If you’ve been in a prolonged job search, sometimes inertia sets in. And during the holiday season, it’s even easier to give in to the urge to kick back and forget about your search for a few weeks. Nan Russell gives you 7 daily tips (one for each day of the week), in her article, Recharge Your Week for Your Recovery from Job Loss. There were times you didn’t want to go to work when you had a job, but you still did.

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Moving Towards Efficiency in the Online Job Search Process

Career Alley

With the unemployment rate still lingering above eight percent and business owners complaining about a lack of qualified workers, it’s no secret that something’s gone wrong with the evolution of the online job search process. There’s been a lot of change over the past decade as we moved from newspaper Want Ads to job boards, professional networking sites, and social media recruiting tools. Many of these resources even offer free job matching services for candidates.

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Job Board Detox Challenge [VIDEO]

Career Realism

Are you ready for the Job Board Detox Challenge ? I dare you to take the whole month of August and ignore the job boards. There is too much reliance on job boards. Bottom-line: too many job seekers spend too much time and energy on the job boards thinking it will solve their situation. Generally, people don’t mean to waste time on the job boards, but before they know it, hours have gone by with little traction.

Accounting Job Boards & Recruiters (5+5 List)

Resume to Referral

commentary : Seeking an accounting recruiter or job board? When employment agencies just aren’t enough, utilizing job boards and recruiters to boost your job search efforts can be an ideal solution. job board recruiter accounting job boards recruitersThe following list of sites.

4 Executive Job Search Blunders

Executive Career Brand

Wonder what career professionals in the thick of the job search landscape say are the worst things they see job seekers do. things that are sabotaging their chances to land the jobs they want? three of my favorite job search folks’ answers (with their Twitter handles – check out their conversations there for more advice): 1. Joyce, @JobHuntOrg , and Harry Urschel, @eExecutives , The Wise Job Search.

Will Facebook’s New Job Board Help Your Job Search?


So how will Facebook's Social Jobs Partnership help your job search? Featured Job Boards reCareered Blog career career change career coach facebook Job job search linkedin networkingHere's 5 things to consider. Continued at [link].

?? Top Job Search Articles of 2020


2020's most popular job search blog posts from the most popular job search bloggers. At the end of every year, I reach out to dozens of job search experts to ask for their top job search-related articles from the past 12 months.

2020 83

The Lazy C-level Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

So you’re suddenly in an executive job search or planning one – by choice or by circumstance. If you’re just starting out or, if your job search is lumbering on and you’re getting few or no interviews or action, you may not know how to job search well. Or you may be lazy – thinking that if you put out a few feelers and get your updated resume onto plenty of job boards, you can sit back and wait for interviews to roll in.

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Twitter Job Search Help From Career Experts

Executive Career Brand

How would you like to get free advice from job search experts. On topics ranging from personal branding, targeting and working with executive recruiters, to best job networking and interviewing strategies, and so much more. . Job Search Focus. Includes career assessments (formal and informal), personal branding, informational interviews (for career focus), job shadowing, mentor relationships, internship, or volunteering. Finding Jobs: Networking.

Energy Job Boards & Recruiters

Resume to Referral

commentary : Seeking an Energy recruiter or job board? When employment agencies just aren’t enough, utilizing job boards and recruiters to boost your job search efforts can be an ideal solution. The following list of sites enables you to submit your resume to job boards and recruiters that are perfect for your energy

Energy Job Boards & Recruiters

Resume to Referral

Seeking an Energy recruiter or job board? When employment agencies just aren’t enough, utilizing job boards and recruiters to boost your job search efforts can be an ideal solution. The following list of sites enables you to submit your resume to job boards and recruiters that are perfect for your energy background.

5 Great Alternatives To Job Boards

Career Realism

I wonder if most job seekers believe that all job listings are only on job boards. I hear from job seekers all the time who are searching for jobs only on Monster, CareerBuilder, or some other big name job board—and they’re wondering why it’s taking them so long to find a job. Or they’re getting extremely frustrated because they’re applying to countless jobs and not getting very many responses. Job Search career

Social Recruiting and Your Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

Are you a senior-level executive still hesitating to embrace social networking for your job search and healthy career management? Did you know that more than 90% of employers will use social networks and social media to find talent in 2012? And it costs them less than sorting through thousands of resumes and saves the expense of posting to job boards. But many executive job seekers are starting to get it. Self-Google or Doom Your Executive Job Search.

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27 Job Search Boards and Thousands of Jobs

Career Alley

Hard to believe, but 50 job search boards is just the tip of the iceberg. I would be the first to tell you that you should not be using 50 job search boards (less than five is ideal and two or three would be best). – The grandfather of all job search engines (no disrespect) and one of the first, Monster once owned the lion’s share of job search. – Simple interface, lots of jobs.

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Energy Job Boards & Recruiters

Resume to Referral

Seeking an Energy recruiter or job board? When employment agencies just aren’t enough, utilizing job boards and recruiters to boost your job search efforts can be an ideal solution. The following list of sites enables you to submit your resume to job boards and recruiters that are perfect for your energy background.

Why Applying Through a Niche Job Board is Better

Career Rocketeer

The lure of familiarity from larger job boards like Indeed, Monster, and SimplyHired, pull fresh job seekers in almost immediately. While these job boards present a wide variety of opportunities, niche job boards are far superior in their ability to offer specialized searches. Job Search SEO1

Job Board Detox Tip #4: Make an Interview Bucket List

Career Realism

Today’s job board detox tip: Make your interview bucket list. This is a vital step in detoxing from the job boards. You are taking control of your search by choosing the companies you want to reach out to. Whether they have posted job openings in your area of expertise or not, put them on the list. Job board detox interview bucket list image from Bigstock. Job Search interview bucket list Job Board Detox

Job Board Detox Tip #10: Enjoy Life

Career Realism

How is your job board detox going? Are you finding it easy or difficult to stay away from searching the job boards? Job board detox enjoy life image from Stockvault. Job Search Job Board Detox lifeYou are halfway there. I am breaking you of spending too much time on a tool that, when used incorrectly, will kill your hiring prospects. You can do this. Learn new techniques and better ways to use your time.

Job Board Detox Tip #20: Congratulations!

Career Realism

About your job search? My hope is that you learned new techniques or strengthened established techniques by moving your time from searching the job boards to getting face time with others and building your confidence. Email me and let me know what you thought of the job board detox. Keep up the productive, effective job search techniques we taught you here and you’ll be on your way. Job Search contratulations Job Board Detox

The two places your job search must stay consistent

Cube Rules

Job searches are often long and complicated. What we think we need to do is get our resume ready, check out stuff on LinkedIn, load our resume up on to a job board or two, and check out our social media sites to find out the latest jobs available. Ten years ago, though, we only updated our resume and checked out the very few job boards available. That diversity is an issue when it comes to marketing your job skills. As in, one job.

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Cutting The Job Board Umbilical Cord


Probably 85% of job seekers find most of their job opportunities through job boards. Learn why job board odds are so bad and where odds are 2 - 10 times better. Featured Job Boards reCareered Blog career career change career coach Job Job board job search PlanningContinued at [link].

Job Board Detox Tip #14: Research Salary and Compensation Packages

Career Realism

Today’s job board detox tip: Research potential salary and compensation packages. Whether or not you have a job offer in the bag or not, you must research ahead of time potential salary packages. Taking even the best job in the world will not be satisfying if you are unable to pay your bills. Job board detox salary image from Shutterstock. Job Search compensation Job Board Detox salary

Odds Of Landing An Individual Job Through A Job Board Compared To …


Without comparison, it's difficult to see the hopelessness of job board applications. Let's compare odds of being hired from an individual job ad to other odds. Featured Job Boards reCareered Blog career career change career coach getting found Job Job board job search Planning pre-screenContinued at [link].

Job Board Detox Tip #11: Fight the Fear

Career Realism

Today’s job board detox tip: Fight the fear. The job search and transition that you are in could easily not be your choice. Simply starting a search that is not by our own choice is a challenge. Then, add all the elements of fear that can hinder and you have unmotivated job seekers. Job board detox fight fear image from Stockvault. Job Search fear Job Board DetoxFear is a powerful inhibitor of our success.

Job Board Detox Tip #18: Attend a Training Event

Career Realism

Today’s job board detox tip: Attend a training event. Remember all costs, including training, associated with a job search are tax deductible.). Job board detox training event image from Shutterstock. Job Search Job Board Detox training eventCheck your skills. Is there something you need to fine-tune or enhance? Give yourself permission to spend some money and take a class.

Job Board Detox Tip #2: Take an Assessment

Career Realism

Today’s job board detox tip: Identify your target. The first step in any job search is to ensure you have your target identified. Job board detox assessment image from Bigstock. Job Search Job Board DetoxEven if you think you know your target, take a few minutes and review it again. What do you want to do? What skills do you want to use that you enjoy and are good at? Where do you want to use those skills?

Job Board Detox Tip #6: Call Your Contacts

Career Realism

Today’s job board detox tip: Call two contacts and schedule to have coffee this week. If we are going to detox you from using job boards too much, you need to get out and speak to live humans. One footnote, don’t ask for a job in these conversations. Job board detox contacts image from Bigstock. Job Search contact Job Board DetoxThat’s right, make phone calls.

Job Searching While Employed:The Do’s And Don’ts

Resume Bear

Though the job search if often treated like a 9-to-5 position, it becomes more difficult to manage when you already have a full-time job. More often than not, job seekers face discrimination for being unemployed, which may lead to finding job openings while gainfully employed. Whatever your reasons may be for leaving, job searching in this situation requires walking on a fine line between being proactive yet watchful of your boundaries.

2012 209

Job Board Detox Tip #16: Start Making Calls

Career Realism

Today’s job board detox tip: Make the call. The more calls you make to potential hiring mangers the better your search will be and the quicker you will land at your destination. Job board detox calls image from Shutterstock. Job Search call Job Board DetoxOK, you’ve been inside too much. Time to get out again. From all the research you have been working on, what are you learning about the companies on your target list?

5 Executive Job Search Tactics You Need To Try

Executive Career Brand

I liken this to executive job seekers who stick to the same one or two search strategies that may or may NOT be helping them achieve their career goals. If, like many executives I speak with, you’re limiting your search tactics to scouring the job boards, posting your resume all over the place and waiting for interviews to pour in, you’re sticking with tactics that yield dismal results. Related posts: Today’s Executive Job Search Toolkit.

2012 166

5 Ways to be Proactive in your Job Search

Careers Done Write

With so many people flooding the job market looking for an opening, any opening at all for which they might be suited, simply emailing out resumes is not enough. To get work, particularly a well-paid job in your field, you need to do more and you need to be proactive. Get creative and try things that may not pay out in the immediate, but which can help increase your job prospects for the future. Volunteer work, if chosen thoughtfully, can actually help you find a paying job.

2012 155

Job Board Detox Tip #5: Do Your Research

Career Realism

How are you doing on your job board detox ? Today you are going to research the companies that you put on your interview bucket list… research them without using job boards! Sources to research besides job boards: Google, Twitter, the company’s website, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Mantra, Zoom Info, and of course your contacts. Job board detox research image from Stockvault. Job Search Job Board Detox

Job Searching at SXSW? Here’s 5 Tips


Job Search Tips for SXSW & Career Tech Expo. If you’re eyeing out jobs at SXSW, you’re not alone. Conferences are amazing places for recruiters to source for talent but are equally important for job seekers who are in the market for a job. SXSW 2012 is no different and some of their events this year make is extremely easy. Heeding this job search advice, your SXSW job search may turn out to be very fruitful.

2012 98

8 Smart Ways to Job Search

Position Ignition

Looking for a job can be all time consuming and requires a lot of dedication and discipline to keep at it. Here are some tips to help you use your time wisely and to perform a smart job search rather than letting the time slip away from you: 1. Although it may be tempting to use recruitment agencies or headhunters, you can’t rely on them to magic up a job for you. Job Search

2012 172

Job Board Detox Tip #13: Check Your Wardrobe

Career Realism

Today’s job board detox tip: Check your wardrobe. The wardrobe of the job seeker is over-emphasized and other times it is non-existent. I will say this though when it comes to a job search, wardrobe is key. Job board detox wardrobe image from Shutterstock. Job Search Job Board Detox wardrobeIs it ready to for the interview?

Job Board Detox Tip #15: Write Your Interview Answers

Career Realism

Today’s job board detox tip: Write the answers to interview questions and practice saying them out loud. Resources: CAREEREALISM’s Interview Preparation Tool and Susan Whitcomb’s Job Search Magic. Job board detox interview answers image from Shutterstock. Interview answer interview Job Board DetoxJust as with your salary negotiations, practice, practice, practice. Write out your answers. Yes, write/type them out.

Job Board Detox Tip #12: Write SMART Stories

Career Realism

Today’s job board detox tip: Write your SMART stories and practice saying them out loud. R) This effort decreased attorney and paralegal administrative tasks of searching for decisions by 20 percent. Job board detox SMART stories image from Shutterstock. Job Search Job Board Detox SMARTWhat is a SMART story you ask. Well, it is simply how you will answer many of your behavioral interview questions.