Join Us at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference in Los Angeles March 15-16

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Los Angeles Mayor Antonio R. Green Career Central is proud to be a co-convener of the Good Jobs, Green Jobs West conference on Thursday, March 15th and Friday, March 16.

PE Los Angeles Meet-Up (Jan 14, 2012) – Pictures and Afterthought!

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Our Los Angeles meet-up took place as planned on Jan 14, at Sage Organic Vegan Bistro. It was a HUGE BLAST – We had readers coming from LA itself, to Orange County, to Ventura County (both of which are counties in California), to all the way from Australia!!!!

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How to Pay the Bills While Pursuing Your Dream Career

Career Realism

Go online and do Google broad searches like, “social media jobs in Los Angeles” or “professional training programs in Los Angeles.”

9 Cheap Ways to Network in a New City

Career Realism

But how are you supposed to meet successful industry professionals when the average cost of a martini in Los Angeles is $18 bucks? Your alumni association, especially if you graduated from an entertainment-related program, probably has a presence in Los Angeles.

50 Great Marketing Twitter Feeds

Resume Bear

Los Angeles Web Jobs: If you live in the L.A. Marketing is everywhere. For consumers, this is probably not ideal, but for students of marketing it means that there is no shortage of examples, both good and bad, from which to learn about the craft.

3 Tips for Acing an Informational Interview

Career Realism

Don’t ramble about your move to Los Angeles or tell me about your roommate problems. I’m the career version of the woman who meets someone great who is single and immediately starts thinking about people she knows who would be a good match for them.

7 Big relocation mistakes

Penelope Trunk

Now let's say you're moving from New York City to Los Angeles. Last fall I took my kids to Hermosa Beach. It was a big moment for me because the whole time I was playing professional volleyball, in my 20s, I dreamed I would have a family and live in Hermosa.

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3 Steps to Branding Yourself for Career Success

Career Realism

In a recent Los Angeles Times article about the band Foster the People, band leader Mark Foster tells about being approached by A&R reps from Dr. Dre’s label, Aftermath, several years ago.

What is “tortious interference with prospective business relations?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Matt, if you should decide to hire an attorney to assist you, you can obtain a list of at least five experienced employment attorneys in the Los Angeles area. 2012 Alan L. Question: Hi Alan I’ve been working at a job for the past 8 months that has been unpleasant, to say the least. I have a bad rapport with the boss and some other employees. Recently a vendor of ours had a job opening which I applied for (after hours) and got.

Singapore (and Malaysia) PE Readers Meet-Up! Sign Up Here!

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Following the past reader meet-ups in London , London again , New York City and Los Angeles , several local readers have asked me if I’m ever going to have a Singapore PE readers meet-up. Related Posts: Los Angeles PE Readers Meet-Up (Jan 14, 2012) – Pictures and Afterthought!

How To Be Happy: 10 Timeless Principles for Lasting Happiness

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For those of you in west coast / Los Angeles, I want to meet you! So during Jan ’12, I traveled on to Los Angeles , California, where it is much warmer.

3 Flexible Day Jobs for Actors

Career Realism

Pay: Bookkeeper pay in Los Angeles can range from $20/hour to $50/hour depending upon the job requirements and level of experience of the bookkeeper. With or without additional education , the key for many actors is staying with it long enough to get the right opportunity.

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Small Business Hiring in Retail and Wholesale up 27% for This Holiday Season Compared to 2012

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Compared to November 2012, November 2013 retail and wholesale hiring is up 27%. Silicon Valley outpaced the net job growth of Denver-Boulder (0.55%), Atlanta (1.36%), and Los Angeles (1.55%).

Happy Chinese New Year from the West Coast!

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Below is a clip of a traditional Lion Dance (in Hong Kong): …and here is a clip of a modern take of a Lion Dance (they used Tiger puppets instead of Lion ones because it was 2010, the year of the Tiger): At the moment I’m in Los Angeles , and traveling over to San Francisco later today.

Graduate to Moving Faster on Your Job Hunt

Resume Bear

I would eventually land a position with a company in Los Angeles, but not without a few sleepless nights along the way. As someone that was out of full-time work for nearly a year and a half not too far back, I know how difficult the job hunt can be.

11 Reasons You Are Fat (And Will Continue To Be)

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For what it’s worth, I’ve been in cities such as New York City , Washington DC, Philadephia, Los Angeles and soon San Francisco, where people are probably more health conscious than other US states.

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Steve Nash: More Evidence That Mobile and Social Make Your Company's Brand More Accessible/Attractive.

HR Capitalist

Nash is an employee of the Los Angeles Lakers, recently traded from the Phoenix Suns. Of course, to be accessible you have to give up a bit of control, right? Case in point. Steve Nash. My sons are big Suns fans as a direct result of Nash being with that franchise for years. Traded to the Lakers? I'm not sure if we can be Lakers fans in my house. We'd be kind to Nash, but fans of the Lakers? I don't know.

The Best Cities for Young Professionals to Move to For Jobs

Career Alley

Instead of naming the obvious choices like Los Angeles or New York, this list will point out other great options as well. There are so many great cities for young professionals to pursue their careers.

How to recognize poor executive function

Penelope Trunk

Los Angeles has so many people coming through with no photo ID that there are 40 people on staff to check people with no ID. Executive function means being able to see the big picture and sort through details to arrive at a good decision.

Facing Challenges? Try Using My Switchback Method


When I was a kid, my family lived in a beautiful house in a sleepy, seemingly suburban, community set smack dab on the border of Orange and Los Angeles counties. Facing Challenges in Life or Work. I have a friend who is going through a really rough time right now.

How to Enact Change in a Bureaucracy

Water Cooler Wisdom

Have you ever tried to drive in Los Angeles? Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough and her firm,  KH Consulting Group , recently worked with Los Angeles City Controller Wendy Greuel to review the city’s transportation structures and recommend reforms. For those of us who have, changes to the notoriously frustrating transportation infrastructure have been a long time coming, but how do you enact change in a government entity that seems like the very definition of bureaucracy?

What You Shouldn’t Include on Your Resume – But Probably Are

Career Alley

Josh Weiss-Roessler is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. Most people don’t really like putting together a resume. Writing about yourself is rarely easy, and when you have to try to “sell yourself” by talking up accomplishments, it can be even harder.

Twitter, All Grown Up and Commanding Respect


On US election day, 6 NOV 2012, the amount of tweets peaked at 327,452 TPM (tweets per minute)… Wow. . As of SEPT 2012, Twitter boasted 500,250,000 registered users, with nearly 150, 000 new users signing up every day. . Should manners and protocol apply to Twitter?

So You Wanna Be a Bartender?


Los Angeles and New York aren’t cheap, and like it or not, you’ll need something to pay for rent and food while you network. Congratulations! You’ve just graduated college.

Changing Careers After 10 Years? Consider Becoing a Chiropractor


We spoke about our profession for a few minutes, only to find out he was quitting his career as a chiropractor to become a children's book author in Los Angeles. Choosing the right career path can be one of the most difficult decisions a person can make in their lives.

10 Quick and Easy Ways to Use Social Media to find a Job

Career Alley

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and marketer from Los Angeles. “ A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes. ” – Mahatma Gandhi. Social media has changed the way we do many things.

Most Important Business Tool? Internet.


I attended a software / innovation awards banquet in Los Angeles several years ago. Many businesses have embraced social media. There are some who have flocked to it like sheep. In particular, the recruiting industry has proven to embrace new technology quicker than most.

LA Meet-Up, Confirmed!! (This Saturday – Jan 14, 1pm)

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Address : 1700 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 ( Google Maps ). Thanks for your quick and spontaneous responses to the LA Meet-up , everyone!

“If an agreement is signed by “J. Smith, Pres., XYZ Company,” is it a personal or company obligation?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Los Angeles, California. 2012 Alan L. Question: Dear Mr. Sklover, A confidentiality agreement has a “Disclosing Party” and a “Receiving Party,” that is, the Disclosing Party is providing confidential information, and wants the Receiving Party to agree to keep it confidential. At the end of the document are the signatures, and each has the following words above the signature line: Name, Title, Company Name, Company Address.

How To Handle Molestation: A Real Encounter

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Last week, I was on Amtrak (the railway network in US), going from New York City to Los Angeles. Have you ever been molested before? I have, and today’s article is about how to handle molestations. My Molestation Encounter.

7 Lessons We Can Learn from The Kardashians on Life and Success (Yes, I’m Serious)

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Kardashian sisters: Khloe Kardashian (youngest; 28 as of 2012), Kim Kardashian (middle sister; 31), Kourtney Kardashian (eldest; 33). I heard about the Kardashians when I was in Los Angeles earlier this year, but I didn’t pay them any heed.

Useful Career Advice for Actors

Career Alley

There are some fantastic schools all over the country so whether you are looking for a New York acting school , one in Chicago or one in Los Angeles you are bound to find one. There are thousands of actors out there but only a finite amount of parts.

The Secret To Meaningful, Fulfilling Social Relationships (How To Remove Social Anxiety From Your Life)

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Generous souls, kind angels, supportive spirits; these people keep entering your life one after another. Hi Celes, I’m have social phobia/anxiety. When I'm around people,] I can be relaxed sometimes but most of the times I get nervous and I can’t think of anything.

Does Your Office Need a Swear Jar?


According to a 2012 CareerBuilder study , men and women both swear on the job, but men more so than women. No real shocker there, since Los Angeles made CareerBuilder’s list of U.S. My grandma used words like fudge and sugar when she swore.

Mentoring Your Successor


The Los Angeles Lakers are off to a shaky start to their 2012-2013 NBA season. Only a few games into the season, the organization has decided to fire head coach, Mike Brown. As of Monday morning, they had hired Mike … Continue reading → Uncategorized Leadership Planning succession planning Teamwork Workgroup

Seven Short Q & A’s on Saturday

Sklover Working Wisdom

Los Angeles, California. 2012 Alan L. Question 1 – Is there a best way to resign while out on medical leave? Hi, Alan. Please tell me the best way to resign while out on medical (not pregnancy) leave?

Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia PE Readers Meet-Up on 5 October, Friday [Sign Up Now!]

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Los Angeles PE readers meet-up, Jan 2012 ( Pictures here ). Singapore PE readers meet-up, Jan 2012 ( Pictures here ). (Oh, Los Angeles PE Readers Meet-Up (Jan 14, 2012) – Pictures and Afterthought! Hey to all the readers in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur!

21DFC Day 2 – Building Up the Momentum…

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This is Day 2 of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge (21DFC) for Feb 2012. If you’ve not signed up for the challenge yet, do so now: 21-Day Fitness Challenge. Hello and welcome to Day 2 (Feb 4) of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge ! Sign Up First!

PE New York City Meet-Up (Dec 31, 2011) – Pictures and Afterthought! :D

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All of us hung out for a couple of hours, had a great time getting to know each other better, before exchanging contacts and setting off for the evening for our individual countdowns to 2012. It’s now 1st Jan, 2012 (2nd Jan, in fact, as of the time of writing).

Albert Pujols and the Art of the Counter-Offer: It All Comes Down to Replacement Cost for the Same Performance.

HR Capitalist

In case you missed it, Cardinal great (pro baseball) Albert Pujols has left the Cardinals at the age of 32 , signing a 10 year deal worth $254 Million with the Los Angeles Angels. He's not coming back in 2012 unless you double his total comp and guarantee it for 4 years.