Top 25 Social Media Pet Peeves

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Social Media Best Practices! What is your social media pet peeve? The value, here, is to help each of us understand what irritates other people in the realm of social media. 25 social media pet peeves contributed by the readers of SocMedSean.

Study: How Do Employers Manage Social Media?

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Social media has become a major player in recruitment (and well, everything else), so it is important to understand how companies are using it today. This is their fourth survey in a series looking into the role of social media for employers.

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Your Focus on Social Media Should Be?

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Is it a marketing directive, or are you evolving into a social business? A tactical attempt at social means you’re very likely not centering around people, their needs and motivations – and the point is that this is social media, so people first.

How to Practice Social Media Etiquette

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Are there really rules for etiquette on social media? Social media like any other form of communication has its own nuances about how you should behave properly online. Sharing: Social media can be extremely beneficial for businesses and individuals.

Finding Your Voice in Social Media

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Social media is primarily text-based. While there are sites that focus only on rich-media sharing (Instagram and YouTube, for example), they still allow comments, favorites and shares. Sometimes in life, we only get one chance and the same can be said about social media.

New Jobs in the Social Media Industry

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Guest post by Barry Magennis - If you have a creative flare and are considering a career change then you could give the Social Media industry a thought. With these companies hiring thousands of people in many different media jobs roles, you’re sure to find one which suits you!

Can Social Media hinder you from getting that new job?

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Ten years ago, the mere thought of using social media to hire or fire someone was completely unheard of. How can social media play such an important role in employment today?

Finding Social Media Jobs is Easy

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Social networking sites not only help people to keep in touch but they also make job searches much easier. Thanks to the unlimited opportunities to connect with anyone and everyone through Social Media, finding social media jobs is not hard!

Social Media and Medical Confidentiality

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The post Social Media and Medical Confidentiality appeared first on Ms. Even the most confidentiality focused medical professional could be in danger of breaching patient privacy by utilizing private messaging features of social media platforms to interact with their patients.

New Grads Embracing Social Media as Job Search Tool

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New college graduates are embracing social media as a job search tool, according to a new study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Grads Use Social Media for Networking and Researching Employers.

5 Social Media Strategies for Non-Profits

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More than 70 percent of non-profit organizations expect to develop social media strategies in 2012, according to a survey conducted by Charity Dynamics, a consulting service for non-profits. Social media platforms are free to use, but leveraging their power takes time.

Using Social Media in Your Search for a Job: ResumeBear

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The evolution of the Internet and social media websites means that job hunters and employers are fast realizing its potential in finding and filling jobs. This can be particularly useful if you’re looking for a job in marketing that requires social media experience.

Social Media Guidelines for Young Professionals

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Social media tools, like Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn, can be valuable resources in not only networking with people you already know, but also with expanding your network to others. Social media, though, also has dangers for the young professional.

Why corporate America needs to embrace social media

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Margo caught my attention over a year ago when I saw her omnipresence on numerous social media platforms. She is one of the most respected and well-connected individuals in the social media and human resource space today. Nothing is private on any social network.

5 Tips to Curate Social Media Content That Gets Shared

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Over the past few years when I have discussed social media on radio shows or on panels at conferences, the topic of content curating has come up. Many people have no idea what it means and others are fascinated by the idea of designing their social media marketing strategy. We live in a time where we are all involved in media. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… profile, you are regularly engaging social media. Sharing makes it social.

Top 10 Social Media Blogs: The 2012 Winners!

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Our third-annual social media blog contest generated nearly 600 nominations (almost twice as many as last year’s contest). 1: Social Mouths. ViralBlog provides a daily stream of social media trends and inspiration through case studies and other interesting articles.

2012 67

Use Your Social Media Profile to Your Advantage: Your Boss could be Watching

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With social media becoming more a part of everyday life, applicants on the hunt for new jobs should look at sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even the newly launched Google+ as potential deal breakers when it comes to getting an offer.

Social media transforms the job search, recruitment landscape

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Social media is now becoming the premier landscape for job searching and hiring and if used right – by young professionals for example – it could lead not only to a job one desires but also allow one to advance in their business career. By Pedram Tabibi.

5 ways to make it in a social media world

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Years from now, we’ll all look back at how much time everyone wasted trying to get ahead with social media and think, that was a real “fools rush in” moment. Yes, I know, social media is easy, fun, and the instant gratification fix is enormous.

How to Land a Job Ssing Social Media

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After developing a name for himself online, Ross was able to land his current job using nothing but social media and a dash of ambition & hustle. That is, it’s tough if you’re not using social media. Have you landed your current job using nothing but social media?

Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry: The Power of Social Media

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Social Media has become one of the most powerful influences on the global society to-date. Social media has given every man and woman a voice and creates a unique, far-reaching platform to share their trials and strengths. How Can Social Media Help?

C-suite Executives and Social Media: Are You Resistant or Engaged?

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The opportunity cost for executives who ignore social media is the loss of voice, and it enables others to shape the brand story and influence brand reputation. Alternatively, C-suite executives who embrace social media gain a competitive edge.

Take Advantage of Social Media! How to Find a Job on Twitter

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As social networks become the number one source for networking online, it only makes sense that you would go there for your job search too. Social media enthusiast? These days there’s no lack of job searching sources online.

Employers: Which Industries Lead the Way in Social Media

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Like it, love it or want none of it, social media is here to stay. Many employers are responding to the social media invasion with policies to guide how it’s used by employees. How is your company using social media?

7 Ways to Use Social Media to Make the World a Better Place

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Social media is like a big networking event, right? You may have heard in the news that social media has been used to organize riots, destroy reputations and cause people to commit crimes, but the truth is that there is a bright side to this amazing medium.

The Second Content Revolution, How Social Media Is Changing Again

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Social media has itself created a revolution worldwide, where brands and consumers can connect directly around content and conversation. We have seen social media solidifying its place within larger brands and now small and medium businesses are also adopting it at a fast pace.

How to Engage Hiring Managers Using Social Media

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Featured Social Media Joshua Waldman Networking SEO1You’ve probably figured out by now that seeking work through job boards can give you mixed results.

3 Reasons Executives Must Use Social Media

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I recently spoke to a group of executives on the merits of leveraging social media for their careers. If you don’t use social media, nothing comes up about you in an Internet search. If those aren’t three good reasons to get on social media, I don’t know what is?

3 Tips for Managing Social Media in the Workplace

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This semester, I’m taking a social media class. I’ve already learned so much about how social media is changing society. There are so many questions up in the air about the social media-work relationship. Are you allowed on social media sites at work?

Who owns the content produced by a Social Media account used for Business Marketing and Branding?

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Social media continues to be a steady and increasing part of everyday life and now business as well. As social media use grows, the content generated by social media is reaching enormous amounts. This is not to say that social media is a bad thing.

What Does Your Social Media Profile Say About You?

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If you have a LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter account, here are a few mistakes you could be making on your social media profile. Job Search advice career expert job profile search social media tipOn the job hunt? To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at

Brand Yourself With Social Media

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Learn how social media sites like LinkedIn can help you find the job of your dreams. Job Search advice career job linkedin search social media tipOnline branding is crucial for job searchers these days. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at

History of Terminations & Firings Because of Employee Social Media


It is a digital and social media world we are living in with the use of social media, blogging, video tablets and smartphones only growing in popularity. It’s likely that your recruiting team is using social media as a candidate recruiting and sourcing tool.

Employers Blocking Employees from Social Media Access

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I have also found plenty of younger (and not necessarily “less experienced”) folks who still tell me that they “just don’t get it” or that “social media is just about people posting high school photos or talking about what they had for breakfast”.

Guilty as charged: how to maintain career and personal credibility despite social media

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Articles about the attention-depleting aspect of social media abound. Career Advice Career Reputation Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Social Media career advice career management career reputations career strategy reliability unique value propositionI wrote about the potential free-fall you may experience in your value proposition if you try to be everywhere but nowhere, here.

Job Seekers: Using Social Media for Job Hunting


Many employers have figured out how to use social media to improve their corporate and employment brand. This 950-Million Member social platform is a great place to really dig into a company’s culture. LinkedIn was founded early in the social evolution – 2003.

The Best Ways to Contact Recruiters on Social Media

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approach recruiters on LinkedIn as well as other forms of social media. The Best Ways to Contact Recruiters on Social Media. Etiquette Facebook Job Search LinkedIn Networking Twitter contact recruiters Social Media

Are Your Social Media Habits About to Cost You Your Job?

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51% of employers who research candidates social media profiles reject the candidates based on what they've found. This is up from 43% in 2013 and 42% in 2012. Social MediaThe trend is on the rise.

2013 40

Your Social Media Resume

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You’ve likely heard of social media. If you’re really social media savvy, then you might have bought into the Pinterest craze as well. LinkedIn is the social media website for professionals. Your LinkedIn profile is your social media resume.

How to Find a Job Using Social Media

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For many people social media sites are exactly that; a place to socialize, and keep in touch with friends and relatives. Increasingly however, social media platforms are being turned to other purposes. Related posts: Using Social Media for Your Job Search.