50 Great Marketing Twitter Feeds

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The easiest way to keep your finger on the pulse of marketing is to log in to Twitter. Almost every Twitter user is selling something, even if it’s only a belief or an image they want to project. Here are 50 of the best Twitter accounts to which you’ll keep coming back for more.

5 Twitter tricks to help you get more out of tweeting

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It wasn’t that long ago I used to say, “Twitter’s for twits.” I loaded it with Flipboard , a fantastic app that lets you read your Twitter feed and other online content in exactly the same way you read a magazine. I now spend far too much time on Twitter, but it’s worth it.

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Top 10 Social Media Blogs: The 2012 Winners!

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The site covers a variety of topics and media, including radio and video. #9: The site features great use of a video show as well as diverse postings with good in-depth content. Connect with Cindy on Twitter: @CindyKing. facebook linkedin resumebear twitter

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The Right Way to Connect Your Twitter and LinkedIn Profiles

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Have you connected your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles yet? I’ve been getting quite a few followers over on Twitter lately who are pretty new to that medium; if this applies to you, you may be wondering why it’s a good idea to connect Twitter and LinkedIn.

How Disney and 5 other Top Employers Use Twitter to Recruit

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Tweet Facebook, with over 900+ million users, is the go-to place for recruitment advertising and employer brand-building, but you can’t deny the benefits of being on Twitter. 23% of all job seekers (71% of those with a profile) have leveraged Twitter in their job hunt.

How To Ace Video Job Interviews


Because job video interview success is different than classic job interview success. Here are some ways that video job interviews are being used: Virtual companies interviewing candidates around the world. Before the video interview. Super tip: Record your video interviews.

The 11 Best Recruiting & Employment Branding Videos at #intalent


You might be considering creating a video for your talent acquisition and recruiting efforts, but it is extremely time consuming to research and locate a cross section of videos that are currently in the space. What recruiting and company videos have caught your eye?

SXSW Interactive 2012: A Beginner’s Guide


You’ve made the decision to go to the SXSW Interactive Media Conference March 8-13 th , 2012 in Austin, Texas. SXSW & Twitter: Hashtag Appropriately. Walk up to the VIP area, hold out your video or digital camera, recording device, and tell them with confidence you’re the media.

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ResumeBear: 20 Impressive & Inspiring Productivity Experts on Twitter

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Most of them write books, speak, and maintain individual or group blogs and/or websites, but Twitter fans know that taking time to actually read them might very well cut into getting valuable work done! career job job interview jobs resumebear twitter

3 Recruitment Lessons From the 2012 Summer Olympics


The torch has been lit and the London 2012 Summer Olympics have officially kicked off. If there’s one thing these 2012 Summer Olympics foster, it’s a sense of passion and dedication from the athletes who compete in the games. Connect with him and Spark Hire on Facebook and Twitter.

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How To Video Job Interview With Your Cellphone


What you need for best results when doing a video interview on the go. A new OfficeTeam survey revealed that 63 percent of HR managers said their company often conducts job interviews via video. Have you ever completed a video interview with a mobile device?

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3 Career Mistakes to Avoid in 2012

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I’m already on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter – and I barely use those. It’s easier to understand than Twitter, has better follower interaction than LinkedIn, and is visually more appealing than Facebook. Job Search 2012 career job mistake personal branding search unemployment

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8 Tips on Using Twitter for Job-Hunting College Students


Are college students even using Twitter to search for jobs? I think it’s great that students are finally embracing Twitter as a way to connect with employers, research companies, and find job and internship opportunities. HOW TO USE TWITTER IN YOUR JOB SEARCH.

4 Job Search Lessons Learned from Our Favorite Video Games

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After all, if job seekers approach their hunt with the focus and direction that they do with their favorite video game, how awesome would that be? What other video games can job seekers learn from? You can connect with Gerrit and RezScore on Facebook and Twitter.

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How to Practice Social Media Etiquette

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Clarity is especially important as within a limited message field i.e. twitter, things can often be misunderstood/misinterpreted. Some quick tips for Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. career facebook linkedin resumebear twitterAre there really rules for etiquette on social media?

Your Focus on Social Media Should Be?

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It’s why videos, especially, work so well. It can be great text posts, images, graphics, videos, podcasts, webinars or ebooks. facebook linkedin Online Resume Onlineresume resumebear twitter1 – Have a purpose and a vision – why are you doing this, what are your goals?

13 Surprising Social Media and Recruitment Facts [Video]

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Here’s a quick video from technology job board Dice listing 13 social media facts and 7+ benefits of social recruiting. Main takeaways for me here were: 85% of tech professionals use Facebook and 41% use Twitter. In January 2012, users spent on average 405 minutes on Facebook.

Can Social Media hinder you from getting that new job?

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While there are very popular social media sites to choose from, almost 50% choose to use LinkedIn, just a little over half choose Twitter, and almost 80% decide to use Facebook. career facebook jobs linkedin resumebear twitter

Job Matching + Employment Video = MyNextGig.com


Video interviews and hiring with video is a trend that’s growing in popularity as companies look to cut travel and recruitment costs while still maintaining candidate quality and keeping employee turnover low. Employment Videos Lend Qualified Candidates.

Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry: The Power of Social Media

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Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Tumblr are free and connect friends, family and enthusiasts to each other’s thoughts and opinions. Put a picture up or make a video! career facebook job job interview job seekers jobs linkedin resumebear twitter

Many Colleges and Universities have jumped on Pinterest

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On Pinterest, Yale is able to highlight some of the most amazing artifacts in the university’s collection, posting videos in The Treasures of Yale. career Online Resume pinterest resume resumebear twitter

5 Tips to Curate Social Media Content That Gets Shared

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If you have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… profile, you are regularly engaging social media. So, make sure that you are updating your Facebook fan page with photos, video, blog posts and podcasts. Share blog posts, photos, videos and internet radio shows of other content creators who share core values with your audience. facebook job search strategy job seekers linkedin resumebear twitter

Is Social Recruiting Really Happening? [Video]

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Here's a social recruiting video by the folks at TweetMyJobs , who had more than 2 million interactions on Twitter with job seekers last year. They count Tiffany's, Radio Shack and Verizon among their successful customers actively using Twitter to recruit employees.

HR Capitalist Review of #SHRM12 (2012 SHRM Annual Conference in Atlanta)

HR Capitalist

Give me a video pitch, an opportunity to interact with the person presenting, something. Just another way the org can join 2012. I know, I know. Don't most people wait to write a review once a show like SHRM12 is complete? But I already know what I want to say.

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Top 10 LinkedIn Tips for Professionals [Video]

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Here’s a PDF version of the article “ Harnessing LinkedIn – Top 10 Dos & Don’ts from a Social Media Expert “ And here’s a video I put together in case you prefer to hear me talking! Status updates – integrating Twitter effectively.

7 Ways to Use Social Media to Make the World a Better Place

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I do believe that just as social media can be used by the dark side, Twitter can be used to create world peace. Send out a tweet or two every day with a link to a charity’s website or links to videos so you can spread awareness about specific causes.

3 killer reasons to include Twitter in your job search

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When Twitter first launched in 2006, some people eyed it with ‘big-brother-watching-you’ type suspicion; some dismissed it as the latest social media “craze”, and a large part of society (myself included) ignored it – after all, we were still trying to get our heads round this whole Facebook thing.

Gates, Buffett, Kevin Rose and Pete Cashmore: Entrepreneurs Speak

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Learn a little something about innovation when developing and marketing video games from the co-founder of Fine & Dandy Games, whose Goop proved successful on the iPad and iPhone amongst hefty competition. 9, 2012: Thanks to Emily May’s Hollaback!

How the 2012 Summer Olympics Inspire You to Dream BIG


Let the 2012 Olympics to Inspire You. It’s amazing to follow the back-channel conversations through Twitter and Facebook. Gamezebo, a video game website, is also featuring five games that let you “Live Your Olympic Dreams.”. I’m an Olympic junkie!

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Lights, Camera, ACTION: Corporate Recruitment Videos


Uploading corporate recruiting videos was my company’s first step in using social media as an HR recruiting tool. Today, we average more than 4,000 views of our recruitment videos each month! So, what if your company doesn’t have its own video production team?

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Job Seekers: Using Social Media for Job Hunting


Twitter – Communication on Speed. Twitter serves as a great back channel of communication. Twitter is not going away, it is being inducted into every marketing and recruiting plan. Twitter Using SOcial Media videoFor the Job Seeker.

Will Resumes Become Obsolete?

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Companies are increasingly relying on social networks such as LinkedIn, video profiles and online quizzes to gauge candidates’ suitability for a job. They also have applicants submit short videos demonstrating why they would be the best employee.

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Top 25 Social Media Pet Peeves

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Not that we have to please everyone, but if there are a lot of folks who are irritated by a specific behavior (ahem…auto-direct messages on Twitter), we might think twice about engaging in that behavior via our personal or business social media channels. Auto-DMs on Twitter.

25 Fun & Informative Hashtags for Lifelong Learners

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Harness the power of the Twitter crowd by searching these fun hashtags that will ensure you never close the book on your education. With hundreds of informative and entertaining videos, TED is a godsend for lifelong learners, and this hashtag will help you get started.

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The Second Content Revolution, How Social Media Is Changing Again

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As more and more consumers join both mainstream platforms like Facebook and Twitter , as well as more specialized networks like Linkedin and Pinterest , more and more content is being consumed. career facebook job seekers linkedin resumebear twitter

#2013Countdown, #13: How has your year of 2012 been?

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For the next 13 days, starting today (Dec 19), I will be posting one question a day pertaining the year of 2012 and how it has been for you. 2013 Countdown, Starting with Question #13… The first question of the 2013 Countdown Challenge is: How has your year of 2012 been?

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How to Get More Retweets on Twitter [VIDEO]

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In this video, I give you 5 simple steps to get more retweets on Twitter – they aren’t guaranteed, but may help boost your reach! Tweet about Twitter. Why not use the Twitter share button to post this to your followers? RELATED: 5 Ways to Boost Your Twitter Profile. How to Get More Retweets on Twitter [VIDEO]. Twitter Video retweets video

How You Can Still Send Your Tweets into LinkedIn [Video]

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The Twitter and LinkedIn integration has been a pet peeve of many LinkedIn users for some time. The trouble is that the tone on Twitter is conversational and on LinkedIn it’s professional. LinkedIn + Twitter = Litter. LinkedIn Twitter Video Integration

Pinterest and Job Seeking Learn More

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Not only do people post images, but they also post articles, infographics and how-to videos. On Pinterest, you can choose to link to your Facebook and Twitter pages and personal or professional websites.

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The lengths she went for an Interview. #WEWANTKIRSTY

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Because I heart Digital (I even spell it with a capital D because I feel it’s important enough to be a noun), Retroviral released a video a while ago that gave me goose bumps… it made me Stop, drop and re-consider my path… If you haven’t seen it, watch it, it’s LEGEND!

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