Flipside Crypto’s Balter Talks Uber, #MeToo, Cryptocurrencies

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Xconomy recently reached out to business and technology leaders from around our network to put 2017 in perspective and look ahead. The past year was a turbulent one for the tech industry.

10 Books to Unwind with This Memorial Day

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Intense female friendships, dysfunctional families and the drama-filled hills of Hollywood – yes, that’s the literary recipe for one of your favorite 2017 reads. The post 10 Books to Unwind with This Memorial Day appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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Entrepreneurial Advice from One Fierce Mom to Another

Ms. Career Girl

They currently live in Boston and have four beautiful kids, one boy and 3 girls and a dog named Sunshine. My mother has always told me “you can have it all, just not at the same time.” I live by these words.

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I’m Not Lucky, I’m Good.

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Growing up in Boston has a way of making you a big fan of St. The post I’m Not Lucky, I’m Good. appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Heather Monahan. Her bio follows. I found myself thinking about St.

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10 Tips To Achieve A Perfect Harmony In Your Career And Life

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She has pursued her PhD from Boston University. Don’t be fooled by the television commercials showing women hustling between their careers and personal lives.

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Race Matters in Hiring, No Matter How Nice The Cheshire Cat Grins

Competitive Resumes

And, a 2002 study in Boston and Chicago found that résumés of persons with names common among whites were 50 percent more likely to generate a request for an interview than equally impressive résumés of persons with names common among blacks. Race matters in hiring.

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5 Things You Should Do To Revive a Toxic Work Culture

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– A study by the Boston Consulting Group reports “appreciation for your work” as the most important factor to job happiness. Are your employees tired? Discouraged? Burnt out? If the answer is yes, you may have a toxic culture at work. That’s a problem.

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Not Blowing Sh*t Up At Work is Hard.

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I'm on the road, so an email back from a plane somewhere on the way to Boston is how it's going to go down. "You think this is hard? This isn't hard. You know what's hard? Riding a bike on a freeway, now that's hard.". -- Willard Sims, Head Basketball Coach , Truman State. -.

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The New Amazon HQ - Is the Key to Your City Winning The Competition Eliminating Non-Competes?

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Once, long ago, Silicon Valley had a serious competing tech district on the East Coast — Boston’s Route 128 — but, unlike California, Massachusetts enforced noncompete clauses.

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Why Executives Should Consider A Career At HubSpot

Career Realism

As a result, HubSpot has won many awards for its strong company culture, including Glassdoor’s “Best Places To Work” in 2018 , Boston Business Journal’s “Best Places To Work ,” Fortune’s “Best Workplaces for Women ,” and more. Why Executives Should Consider A Career At HubSpot.

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Grit is overrated; the hardest worker never wins

Penelope Trunk

A great example: My friend who imported a violin teacher from Bulgaria so her daughter doesn’t have to fight to get the best teachers in Boston. The people with the most grit are really poor or really neglected and they overcome those circumstances. But why aspire to that?

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How to Prevent Business Tech Overload

Water Cooler Wisdom

I discussed this issue with Amber Anderson, CEO of organizational advisory firm Kayson  in Phoenix; Rebecca Devaney, CEO of Hunter Creative Labs , a pro-social product development lab in Boston; and Thomas Smale, co-founder of online business brokerage FE International  in London. Technology for technology's sake can hurt. We are so inundated with new solutions that it's difficult to assess what's truly important.

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5 Reasons HubSpot Made It On Glassdoor’s “Best Places To Work” In 2018

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Whether they’re celebrating Halloween by dressing up in the office, going to a yoga social, or walking in the Boston Pride Parade, HubSpotters know how to work hard AND play hard. 5 Reasons HubSpot Made It On Glassdoor’s “Best Places To Work” In 2018. Work It Daily.

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what to do if your boss finds out you called him a moron

Ask A Manager

I talked to the Boston Globe last week about what to do if your boss finds out you called him a moron. I’m off for the holiday so there are no more posts coming today, but here are some random things: 1. Warning: this is politically-themed.). Brit + Co. compiled a list of their 10 favorite Ask a Manager letters.

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Physical Therapy Jobs, Training and Career Options

Corn on the Job

There are physical therapy jobs in Boston, MA available at this top ranked orthopedic hospital. Physical Therapist Job Description.

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Retail Fashion Careers

Corn on the Job

Energetic European fashion brand Primark is currently searching to fill retail assistant jobs in Boston, MA. Are you the type of person who enjoys keeping up with the latest fashion styles? Or, perhaps you’re a classic stylist who enjoys the throwback styles of yesteryear?

can I refuse to answer questions about my personal background?

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They’re just expecting an answer like “Boston” or “California.” If the issue is that you don’t even want to give brief answers like “Boston” or “Penn State” … you do have to do that, unfortunately. A reader writes: After a rough few years, I landed a great job at the beginning of the summer. With the help of a superb manager, I’ve thrived in my new position, completing almost all tasks ahead of schedule and with few errors.

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my coworker is pregnant with my boss’s baby, typing tests for senior-level jobs, and more

Ask A Manager

You might hear “oh yes, we’re going to fly everyone into a conference in Boston in the spring” or something else positive, but don’t be too thrown off if there aren’t plans to make it happen any time soon. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My coworker is pregnant with my boss’s baby. I’ve run into a strange situation that honestly borders on a soap opera storyline. I’m an personal assistant and my boss is one of the higher most people in the company. Let’s call him Fergus.

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Occupational Therapy Jobs Are on the Rise

Corn on the Job

There are currently OT jobs in Boston , MA. Occupational Therapy jobs are on the rise! There are more positions ready to be filled every day by caring, driven and compassionate people like yourselves. Job Description. There are several career options available in the OT industry.

2017 52

my boss gets annoyed when I bring up problems, I use a fake name with clients, and more

Ask A Manager

You could say something like this: “I’m actually going to be in Boston that day if Jane would like to meet in person. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss gets annoyed when I bring up problems. I work as a designer for a startup marketing company. The design team is a group of three at the same level as me and our creative director, who works remotely in another state. He made it clear multiple times that if we ever had any issues, we should bring them up.

2017 56

coworker is obviously pregnant but hasn’t told us, negotiating for more vacation time, and more

Ask A Manager

I always like sharing a room with you, but you rather have your own room when we go to Boston? It’s four answers to four questions. Here we go…. Our coworker is obviously pregnant but hasn’t told us and we want to be cool. My question is about a coworker who we’re sure is pregnant. There are only three of us in our building and we are pretty close (both as work friends and literally, we see each other all day and share a bathroom).

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my boss’s family comes to work with her, will employers care that I drop my G’s, and more

Ask A Manager

I would never tell a person with a Boston or New York accent to change their voice. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss’s family members are volunteering in our department.

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7 Problems With Student Loan Forgiveness That Might Surprise You

Ms. Career Girl

When she’s not traveling, Rebecca’s writing from cafes all around Boston. The post 7 Problems With Student Loan Forgiveness That Might Surprise You appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Rebecca Safier. Her bio follows. College graduates are no strangers to debt.

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employees aren’t covering their tabs when we go out for meals, my office is freezing, and more

Ask A Manager

I was promoted at the start of 2017 and for this job I was moved to an office closer to the door. The last two years, my Boston-based employer has changed its wording for when the office is closed due to inclement weather. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Employees aren’t covering their tabs when we go out for coffee or meals. I have a question about etiquette and how to approach a subject with people at work.

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Call Up The Co-Worker or Boss You Used to Hate and Tell Them You Understand.

HR Capitalist

How about Kyrie Irving of pro basketball's Boston Celtics? Kyrie is infamous for running away from the demanding, badgering, bitchy shadow of Lebron James, requesting a trade after winning a NBA Title with Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2017. We've all had alpha personality co-workers or bosses we couldn't connect with. . They were overbearing. They had to do it their way. They were too far in the weeds and hyper-critical of your work. You didn't like them.

3 Art Exhibits Perfect For a Fall or Winter Getaway

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Open until February 12, 2017, Glory of Venice features about 50 significant works, and provides visitors with a rare opportunity to experience 19 artworks from Venice’s Gallerie dell’Accademia, which houses one of the greatest collections of Venetian Renaissance art in the world.

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Top Internship Programs Announced

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In addition to asking respondents to rate and review their own internship experiences for our 2017 Best Internships Rankings, we asked interns to rate the prestige of other employers, to determine which internships are the most desirable. The Boston Consulting Group.

My Week at the NBA Summer League In Las Vegas, Part 1 (Featuring Lessons on Talent)

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Sexton 7th in top 100 in class of 2017. Danny Ainge, GM and President of the Boston Celtics plopped down next to us during the game after the Celtics played on Monday like he was a tourist from Des Moines who decided to pop over to the gym after growing tired of the games on the strip. Went to Vegas this week with a few bloggers of note - Steve Boese, Tim Sackett and Matt Stollak.