From Montreal Nightlife to Arizona Day Spas: Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Traveling More

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The post From Montreal Nightlife to Arizona Day Spas: Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Traveling More appeared first on Ms. Whether it’s because of a lack of finances or a lack of exposure, there are many people who just aren’t used to traveling on a regular basis.

Protect your skin with EezySun

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There’s plenty of product in a single packet to protect my exposed skin from the Arizona sun. As a one-time sufferer of skin cancer I am well aware of the need to protect my skin when I go outside. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to remember to apply sunscreen before heading out.

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Yeah, The Girls Like The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions, Too!

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Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2018. The next Barrett-Jackson is in Scottsdale, Arizona in January. I admit it. I’ve always liked sparkly and shiny things. While that usually interprets to some new jewelry or rainbow-inducing crystals, I’m also just like most Americans.

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Tell Your High School Senior Not to Apply to that Stretch School

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Well, yes, if you went to Harvard or Oxford will open doors that State U won’t open, but otherwise, let me give you a task: Put these four schools in order from best to worst: University of Arizona. It’s that time of year when high school seniors are choosing where to apply for college. Typically students are told to apply to two-three “reach” or “stretch” schools , two-three “target” schools and two-three “safety” schools.

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Combating Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

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According to Arizona State University , “Today, women make up nearly 50 percent of the U.S. Pregnancy discrimination is a real threat, even in first world countries such as the United States.

9th Circuit Rules Salary History Isn’t A Legitimate Way to Determine Pay

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Last year, the 9th circuit ruled that it was okay to pay a teacher from Arizona who moved to California less than her co-workers because the formula was based strictly on the previous salary and had nothing to do with sex. If the teachers in question had all been male or all been female, the salary discrepancy would have been the same. This week, though, in an En Banc ruling, they flipped it around to say the previous salary is never a valid reason for a difference in pay.

?? 7 Ways To Speed Up Your Job Search Results


— Michael (@Mike_Horvat) January 23, 2018. Long story short, he now has a job interview next week in Arizona to be the VP after 8 years of retirement. — Melissa-Lou Ellis (@Missynjk) February 8, 2018. Get to the job search finish line sooner. Photo by Austris Augusts.

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employer will only reimburse travel if I accept their offer, tired of covering for a slacking coworker, and more

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Many reputable colleges and universities (University of Missouri, University of Arizona, etc.) It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Employer will only reimburse interview travel expenses if I accept their offer. I recently applied for a summer job at a nonprofit. It seems interesting, but the more I learn about it, the more challenging it sounds and the less sure I am that I’m qualified for it/would succeed in the role.

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Lesson #3 From #MarchMadness: Unique Talent Helps Cinderella Hang With The Big Boys.

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Whether it's UMBC beating Virginia or Buffalo taking down Arizona, once you step onto the court, only five players can play. Capitalist Note: Throwing a couple of talent/business lessons I was reminded of as I watched the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament this year.

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4 Sates Voted to Raise Their Minimum Wage


Washington, Arizona, Main and Colorado all voted to increase their minimum wages with wide margins. Arizona: from $8.05 by 2018; $11 by 2019; $12 by 2020; and by inflation after that.

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Top Five: Work Perk Watch


As with its existing tuition program, the offer is exclusive to the Arizona State University’s well-regarded online program. The move is part of the company’s push to hire 10,000 veterans, or veteran’s spouses, by 2018. So you may have noticed that I have a fascination with startup work perks. I’ve written about good perks and bad perks , family-oriented perks and performance boosting perks. I’ve written a lot about perks.

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