A Newbies Guide to Investment Banking

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Equity Sales. Selling Equity. A company may choose to gather the funding it needs by selling equity or part ownership of the company to investors. The investment bankers play an indispensable role in facilitating the sale of equity.

What are the careers in Financial Analysis?

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Private Equity Analyst: A private equity analyst works on the buy side and for a private equity fund like Chrys Capital or Warburg Pincus. The analyst often liaisons with clients, companies, senior management, private equity analysts and many others in the financial services landscape. Equity Research Analyst: this is a financial analyst that can either work for an investment bank, (sell side) or for a mutual fund.

What Is A CFA Course?

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Clearing all three levels of this examination doesn’t just land you the certificate, but it is also a testament to your professional qualities. Equity. India has some of the most renowned institutes which offer comprehensive courses in CFA certifications like Imarticus Learning, which you could opt out for. CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst is a credential that is offered as a part of the CFA program.

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What is the Career Scope in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking?

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These could be securities or shares which would be sold in debt or equity markets. Regardless of whichever field you choose getting a professional certification will always increase your chances of getting that dream job. There are quite a few finance certification courses offered by institutes like Imarticus Learning that you can opt for these days.

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Different Types of Investment Banking Jobs

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Investment Banking jobs can also be found in large private Equity institutions like Blackstone. Related Post: Career After Investment Banking Certification. Fundraising: Investment bankers also help raise money from both the private equity market as well as the public markets on behalf of their clients. To begin we should perhaps be clear about what Investment Banking is.