Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2019

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FlexJobs has released its annual list of the Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2019. To be considered, the jobs offered by these companies had to be remote-friendly, either allowing for candidates to telecommute entirely or part of the time.

2019 248

Best Flex Jobs For Busy Mothers (And Fathers!)

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Here are five of the most popular work-from-home flex jobs. If you enjoy writing, or delving into niche subjects, then blogging may be a flex job worth looking into. But, if you enjoy that type of work, it offers a lot of flexibility.

2019 78

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Would You Rather Have Mornings Or Nights Off?

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companies have said that they offer remote working to increase employee retention--indicating that employees are increasing demands to work from home. Everyone's productivity levels peak at different times during the day. The traditional work day is changing.

2019 82

Signs You Have the Summer Blues and Tips to Fix It

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They may be signs that it’s time to talk to a professional who can help, and you may also want to discuss what you’re going through with your boss so he or she can provide support. Carry cold water and a portable fan, shop for lighter clothing and spend time in places with AC.

2019 219

Enhance Your Family Life with Your Corporate Career

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Tip #1: Scout out and use the resources your company offers. Another time I unearthed a policy that provided employees with free access to excellent nursing care facilities for children with colds who weren’t allowed at daycare.

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How To Talk About Salary (Without It Being Awkward)

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It's business time… so, let's get down to business. This can hurt your chances of getting the job offer because the employer might think you're only in it for the money. This is the absolute lowest offer you will accept without eating Ramen noodles for the rest of your life.

5 Benefits Of Having A Pet-Friendly Office

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These days, more and more workers are paying attention to the benefits offered at their potential workplace. Employees are looking at things like flex time, paid paternity leave , and unlimited paid time off when considering where to work.

my boss wants us to go on an all-day rafting trip, coworker’s parents are threatening to call HR about our friendship, and more

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I’ve been here for seven years and this was the first time I ever got included. Can you offer your opinion on what you would do? I’ll plan to spend that day working on X and Y unless you prefer I spend that time differently.” The details in my offer letter aren’t what we discussed. I recently accepted a job offer with a start-up nonprofit. I’m excited about coming on board, but I want to make sure the offer letter reflects what we’ve agreed to.”

2019 61

my boss wants me to hang up on elderly callers who can’t hear me, asking to work from home with a new puppy, and more

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The problem is that at least three times per week, I receive a call from someone who has hearing issues or bad enough cell reception that I need to raise my voice in order for them to hear me. My husband and I live in a cosmopolitan city and both work full-time. I plan to take around 10 days off when we first get the puppy, but after that… What’s the over-under on asking for flex time when you get a new dog? It’s five answers to five questions.

2019 58

updates: company vacation with tattoos, the heavy duty chair, and more

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That made it really easy to just hang out with my significant other and only spend time with the people that I already knew well. I only got one verbal comment on them the whole time and it was neutral. flex time, FMLA, WFH) to get her bearings. I am hoping she takes me up on the offer, we can get everything settled, and she can recover from her previous toxic workplace. I did take time during the conference to jokingly refer to it, keeping it light.

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