Things to Consider Before You Quit Your Job and Go Freelance

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It’s incredibly tempting when you first start freelancing to save money and assume you can work as efficiently from your kitchen table as you did your office. It may feel like a waste of money to pay someone to go sit in an office—didn’t you start freelancing so you wouldn’t have to do that?—but

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open thread – May 17-18, 2019

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You may also like: here are animals taking over home offices my manager showed up at my house and beat on the doors and windows should I apply to jobs I’m not fully qualified for? open thread – May 17-18, 2019 was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. It’s the Friday open thread! The comment section on this post is open for discussion with other readers on anything work-related that you want to talk about.

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Why You Should Consider a Flexible Job as a New College Grad

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Even if you’ve never considered anything different than a traditional, in-office job, many of your peers are diving into the flexible work world. workers now work from home at least part time—back in 2005, only 1.8

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How to Professionally Apologize for Virtually Anything

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I’m going to get to work as soon as I’m in the office on reaching out to those who were in attendance with my materials. You’ve just become the most mature, poised, gracious person in your workplace, whether that’s a cubicle or a home office or a hospital or a house of worship.

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my coworkers keep praising my work bully, emergency bathroom use during interviews, and more

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I have been able to accommodate this fine in my current job, as my office is close to a restroom, but I am in the process of applying for new jobs and have had a few interviews, some lasting close to an hour. Our company won’t let managers suggest sick employees work from home.

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should I push my job-searching friend harder, fired coworker was looking at colleague’s burlesque photos, and more

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We terminated an office employee this week who was always just kind of creepy and walked the line of inappropriateness with his jokes. We don’t have permanent, on-site HR here, but our “home office” has acting HR people that we don’t communicate with much. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Should I push my job-searching friend to tell me what’s holding her back?

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coworker calls me “mama,” why are employers and job candidates held to different standards, and more

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The CEO’s wife heads up the home office with a small group. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Coworker calls me “mama” because I’m pregnant. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with my first child. I work remotely on a team made up entirely of remote workers. It’s a small team of all women, all of whom have kids or even grandkids, and we are very close and friendly.

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