Beach Getaway? Check Out These 2019 Summer Beach Reads

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With summer on the horizon, full of possibilities for weekend getaways, we put together this list of 2019 summer beach reads everyone will be adding to their travel bags for a relaxing day by the ocean or lake. Check Out These 2019 Summer Beach Reads appeared first on Ms.

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Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2019

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FlexJobs has released its annual list of the Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2019. To be considered, the jobs offered by these companies had to be remote-friendly, either allowing for candidates to telecommute entirely or part of the time.

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Tell-tale Signs That You Should Turn Down That Job Offer

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When it comes to obtaining a job offer and securing a job, there are many factors that go into this process. Career coach and owner of Rock Career Development Julia Rock breaks down a few factors to keep in mind when it comes to accepting the job offer or turning it down.

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Is This Why You’re Not Getting A Job Offer?

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So it’s quite average to have to endure several companies interviewing you before you finally get an offer. But what if you’re not getting a job offer after even 15 or 20 interviews? Here are ten of the most likely reasons you’re not getting a job offer.

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CES 2019 – Evolution not Revolution

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2019 Tech – Evolution, not Revolution. I’ve put together my personal highlights, good and bad from CES 2019. It also offers the ability to order custom 3D printed orthotics based on the scan results. Unless you live in a cave, tech is part of your life.

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How to Leverage Another Job Offer (The Right Way)

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Some people say the only way to get a real raise is through another job offer, and the numbers back up this claim. Going to your employer with a competing job offer in hand involves some risk. If not, you could lose the job you love and end up with an offer that’s not so great.

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Tools & Strategies for Improving Collaboration in 2019

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For example, one group may find out how farmers can get certified to offer fair trade produce in one specific outlet, like Whole Foods. Team members as well as clients can offer feedback, even leaving a time-coded suggestion at a particular point in the video.

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5 Employment Trends You Can Expect to See in 2019

Evil HR Lady

So, what should you expect in employment trends for 2019? You may see companies offering better training, recruiting in non-traditional ways and offering flexibility as well as increased pay. Be prepared for your organization to offer employees raises (or something else valuable) in order to keep them from jumping to competitors. To keep reading, click here: 5 Employment Trends You Can Expect to See in 2019. With each new year comes new professional trends.

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Must-Read: The Kaiser 2019 Employer Health Benefits Survey

HR Capitalist

It's not early October without the Kaiser Family Foundation releasing their 2019 Employer Health Benefits Survey. The 2019 survey included 2,012 interviews with nonfederal public and private firms. So what did we learn in the 2019 report? .

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The Top 5 Small Business Health Insurance Options in 2019


If you’ve decided to provide health insurance as a small business, here are the top 5 options for 2019. If you have under 50 employees, you can offer each employee a monthly allowance of funds tax-free. Small businesses can offer employees a monthly allowance through a group HSA.

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Best Seasonal Jobs For The 2019 Holiday Season

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Shipping companies like FedEx and UPS offer numerous seasonal positions in order to keep up with the demand of delivering gifts across the country during the holiday season. It's beginning to look a like Christmas! Well, not quite yet.

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5 Strategies to Add to Your Email Marketing Automation Toolbox for 2019

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This will allow you to provide those visitors with specific offerings. #3 Offers a discount on products. Then, display the offer at the end. This demonstrates personal attention and offers a discount for their next order. Send an email offering a gift.

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What Does an Expert Executive Resume Writer Offer?

Professional Resume Services

Read more » The post What Does an Expert Executive Resume Writer Offer? Anyone can write a resume with basic components in it. However, since many people have this strategy, you’ll have a hard time standing out among the large pool of applicants for any given job.

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3 Surefire Signs You Should Turn Down A Job Offer

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But when does it make sense to turn down a job offer? Be sure to look out for these clear signs you should turn down a job offer when considering your employment options: The Money Is WAY More Than You Were Expecting It's important to access every job opportunity very carefully.

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Paid by Net Sales, Net Profits, Net Revenues? – Always Ask, “Net of WHAT?”

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ACTUAL CASE HISTORY : After seeking a job in the growing 3-D Printer industry for several months, Corey gladly signed an Offer Letter for a job on a Sales Team for a high-end 3-D Printer manufacturer. Offer Letter? We offer a Model Letter Requesting Monies Due You by a Former Employer.

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RSU’s: Restricted Stock Units – 8 Essential Insights

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The salary, bonus and benefits she was offered by each were considerable. The offer she accepted was different, in that it also included 25,000 Restricted Stock Units, often called RSU’s, which vested 5,000 units each anniversary of her first day of work. Offer Letter?

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We’re pleased to offer another new “Model Letter”:

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2019 Alan L. Request for “Tax Gross Up” for Reimbursed Relocation, Education, Travel or other Workplace Expense. If your employer requests that you incur an expense related to your work, with the assurance that you will be reimbursed for it, that reimbursement might just be treated as income, and you might have to pay tax on all of it, or part of it. This result is often required by federal tax law, and at other times by IRS regulations.

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Things for Recruiters to Consider During the Job Offer

The Undercover Recruiter

Things for Recruiters to Consider During the Job Offer Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Recruiting benefits Jeff Smith Job Offers Millennials Recruiters Self LenderAs a recruiter, your job is to find the perfect candidate for a company.

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How to Advance to a Management Position in 2019


These same people will light up once again, though, when they tell you that they never regretted moving into a management position, and will offer you warm and hearty encouragement as you contemplate joining the management tribe. Career Advice 2019 career advice blog management position

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4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Accepting A Job Offer

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Receiving a job offer after a long job search is one of the best feelings in the world. Here are four questions you must ask yourself before accepting any job offer. This question is an easy one to forget to consider when we're offered a job.

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Data Scientist Profile In 2019 Education And Skills Set

Imarticus Learning

The successful data scientists of 2019 look a little like this to those aspiring to be one. A sizeable 50 percent also came in with experience as data scientists meaning the offers were more than acceptable in monetary terms to shift jobs.

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How To Decline A Job Offer

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It's easy to get excited when an employer is interested in you, especially when you haven't had any luck getting interviews or job offers. How do you decline a job offer? Some of you might be thinking, "Decline a job offer?

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Did You Read about

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2019 Alan L. General/Miscellaneous Interviews, Job Offers and Promotions Job Offers Job Offers and Offer LettersWall Street Journal Analysis: “Companies Game Glassdoor Rankings”.

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Why You Should (Almost) Always Offer Severance Pay

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Why should you offer money to someone who will no longer be working for you? The reality is that any time you terminate someone, you should offer severance pay — or at least strongly consider it. You also want to be consistent in when you offer severance pay. To keep reading, click here: Why You Should (Almost) Always Offer Severance Pay. The post Why You Should (Almost) Always Offer Severance Pay appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

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Digital Marketing Is Not Just For Agency Life: Areas Where Digital Marketers Offer Value And Can Thrive


The post Digital Marketing Is Not Just For Agency Life: Areas Where Digital Marketers Offer Value And Can Thrive appeared first on Working at a digital marketing agency can be a great experience for those looking to learn in a fast-paced environment.

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5 Questions: Should Amazon Employees Take the Company Offer (10K, 3 Months Pay) to Quit?

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Who takes me up on my offer? We loved Zappos back in the day for a variety of things, including their offer to pay new hires to quit early in their tenure. The Zappos offer to pay you to quit was child’s play. Amazon saw that offer and said, “Hold my beer.”.

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Why Student Loan Repayment Is Not the Benefit You Should Offer in 2019

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To keep reading, click here: Why Student Loan Repayment Is Not the Benefit You Should Offer in 2019. The post Why Student Loan Repayment Is Not the Benefit You Should Offer in 2019 appeared first on Evil HR Lady. Americans are drowning in student loan debt. The average person (as of 2016) graduates with $37,172 in debt. That’s a tremendous burden and businesses are doing the right thing in helping their employees pay down this debt.

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How to Turn Your Internship into a Job Offer?

Career Advice Guy

Internships provide you with an excellent opportunity to gain work experience and learn new skills.

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Which Careers Are Best For Paying Off Student Debt

Career Alley

There are other ways and other types of jobs that offer alternative methods of repaying your student debt, student loan forgiveness, the first of a few of our examples are this type.

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2019 Market Trends to Expect

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The overall financial health of the global economy, as well as the resources we have available to make intelligent projections, will greatly impact business success in 2019. We enter 2019 with the financial sector in a  bear market. (A You may need to adjust your offering so that it's more in line with what customers need  today.

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The Waiting Game: Surviving Job Offer Anxiety

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This inner state of turmoil is often referred to as job offer anxiety. What Is Job Offer Anxiety? via GIPHY Job offer anxiety is the anxiousness and stress one feels usually while waiting for an interview or a call back. Job offer anxiety can even affect job seekers after they have received an offer. For instance, a job seeker may receive a job offer that happens to be their second choice. If you have ever suffered from job offer anxiety, have no fear.

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No Strings Attached – The Story of My $2,000 Stipend for Interview Attire

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Mid-career, I was interviewing for a major, global beauty brand, and was surprised by a phone call from the recruiter, saying the brand didn’t want to offend me, but would like to offer me $2,000 to purchase an outfit for my final interview with the head of the company, a man.

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Coming up with “Plan B” – Finding My Career

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Graduating college in 1984 with a degree in East Asian Studies and Chinese language did not offer many career prospects. It was a leap into a world with few women, but I was welcomed by the flight school and its owner to take full part in what they had to offer.

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Job Security Secret: If you hear “At Will,” think “Unless Otherwise Agreed” (“U.O.A.”)

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So, if you are confronted with an offer letter or employment contract, don’t be bashful, be proactive. You can also ask for such an “agreed otherwise” limitation on “at will’s” harshness at a time you may feel extra “leverage,” such as when (a) you are being asked to sign an offer letter, (b) you have just closed a big sale, (c) you have achieved a great victory, or (d) your employer is asking you to sign a Retention Agreement in fears you might leave. 2019 Alan L.

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?? How To Evaluate New Job Offers


Once you've started your job search, you've cut the emotional ties and now it's just a matter of time until you get the right job offer and then you are on your way. You go on a few interviews and then you get a job offer you were not planning on. 10) Counter-offers.

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25 Hilarious (and Terrifying) Real-Life Job Interview Red Flags

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533 5:36 AM – Aug 20, 2019 Twitter Ads info and privacy 809 people are talking about this. He offered to take my nice expensive wool professional-lady coat from me, looked around, realized he had no place to hang it, so he balled it up and put it under his chair. You can Google lists of red flags for job hunters, but nothing beats actual stories. Some hiring managers really need a good dose of training before they are allowed anywhere near job candidates.

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Career Advice: 10 Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer

Career Advice Guy

There are always situations when you’ll have to take the first job offer even if you know it’s not the right job for you. Usually, this is because you've been out of work for a long time.

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Offering the Right Salary and Negotiating with Candidates

The Undercover Recruiter

Offering the Right Salary and Negotiating with Candidates Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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Should You Accept That Promotion?

Ms. Career Girl

Tempting as it may be, just because you are offered a promotion doesn’t necessarily mean you have to accept it. If you are a rising star who senses that you’ve been offered a promotion you may not be ready for, here are some issues to think through: Can you handle the workload?

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Engage 2019: Get More Into Your Work to Get More Out of Your Work

David Zinger

In 2019, I am devoted to helping educate others to get more into their work to get more out of their work. David offers 3 suggestions on how to determine the length and efficacy of your personal E-zone.

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Executive Job Search Blogging: Anyone Can Learn To Do It, and Excel

Executive Career Brand

Having your own blog will help you build your personal brand and differentiate the value you offer as a candidate. Do you know how beneficial having a blog can be when you’re in executive job search?

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These Are 5 Of The Top Entry-Level Jobs Available in 2019

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These common stereotypes of entry-level jobs can hinder people from going after amazing opportunities, especially since there are incredible entry-level gigs out there that offer great salaries, benefits, and opportunities for growth. Sometimes, entry-level jobs get a bad reputation.

Why Your LinkedIn Presence Matters and How to Enhance Your Profile

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As it turns out, though, the social media site has so much more to offer than a digitized version of your CV. You might want to offer a favor or service to your new contact to show your value right away. Your LinkedIn can easily help you define who you are and what you have to offer.

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