What HR Tech Leaders Say about HR 2019

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What will Human Resources look like in 2019? At Unleash (an HR Technology Conference) last fall, I grabbed some industry leaders and got a few words about their vision for HR in 2019. Andy Campbell , HCM Strategy Director at Oracle : If 2018 was the year of the robot, then 2019 is likely to be the year of the algorithm. Then this exciting technology will really start to enter the mainstream.

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Social Media – Is it Really Bad For Us?

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A 2019 Stanford University study into The Welfare Effects of Social Media came to a similar conclusion. Considering the benefits of social media listed above, it’s no wonder 19 million of us say the internet, apps and technology haven’t negatively affected their family life.

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New Technology That’s Helping Employees Improve Collaboration

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With technology like applicant tracking, it’s easy to discover the very best employees from that larger pool. The post New Technology That’s Helping Employees Improve Collaboration appeared first on Ms. By the year 2020, an enormous 50 percent of the workforce could be remote.

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5 Trends to Transform How We Learn in the Workplace 2019

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Shaped by technology, new advances and alternative ways of thinking; the way we learn is changing. pulled highlights from the report ‘Trends in Learning 2018’ by the Open University to show how learning has evolved to include 5 trends that will transform the way we learn in 2019.

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9 Tips for Introverts in the Workplace

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Find areas of interest that you’re passionate about—trends in your industry, or new technologies—and use these to springboard into meaningful conversations that you find easier to navigate. Let’s face it: In the workplace, fortune often favors the extroverts.

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No Strings Attached – The Story of My $2,000 Stipend for Interview Attire

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Jeannette is a digital technology executive who has held C-level positions at five companies, has spent her career defining and developing innovative digital products and services essential to revenue attainment and business growth.

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AI and 2019 Recruiting: What the Crystal Ball Holds

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The use of smart technology in recruitment was a hot topic in 2018, and you can expect it to continue this year. In fact, some predict that 2019 will be the year that. AI and 2019 Recruiting: What the Crystal Ball Holds Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

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The Latest Resume Tools To Help You Get The Interview

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The fact is, over the past several years technology has drastically changed the way employers evaluate your resume. This is the typical first step of any technology: automation. The latest resume tools use the same technology ATS systems use.

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Ready for Change, Positioned for Success: Habits of Successful Business People

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Adaptability is important because technology continually evolves, your customers’ needs and wants change, and the economy and business environment are always in flux.

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10 Beauty Product Marketing Claims Deconstructed

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A Product that claims “Patented Technology”. We are all subject to marketing and advertising on a daily basis. Nowadays it seems like even thinking about skin care will get you bombarded with countless ads and sponsored post on social media.

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A Female Music Exec’s Guide To Thriving In The Music and Advertising Industry

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Especially with new advancements in technology and the constant evolvement of each industry, you should never stop learning and never stop asking questions.

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New Business or Side Hustle? Here’s How To Have a Network and Mentors in Your Pocket

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The Startup Space app is unique because it combines the powers of 21 st century technology with the simple act of virtual community-building. Let’s face it: when you take the plunge and become an entrepreneur, there’s rarely a welcome committee.

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CES2019 – First Impressions and What’s Hot

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With over 4,000 exhibitors from every corner of the world and representing virtually every area of technology, it’s the techie’s dream come true. But there’s a definite intention in the spread of adaptation of technology.

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Ways to Overcome Cultural Barriers in the Workplace

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Additionally, thanks to the advancement of technology, it is now becoming more common to deal with clients, customers and employees from all over the world. Technology is helping to solve some of humanity’s most complex problems that affect lower-income people and address inequality.

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The Ideas Shaping the Future of HR and Hiring

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With the economy nearing a state of full employment and driven by a variety of socio-economic changes and technological advancements, the old school employer-employee power dynamic is evolving to a more transparent, trusting and reciprocal relationship.

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Advertising Tips For Your New Side Hustle

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Since the first ads began to take shape in the 16th century, the course of advertising has undoubtedly changed as new technological advancements came onto the scene. If you’ve got a new side hustle or small business venture in the works, gaining customers is top priority.

Compliance Officer: A Career in High Demand

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As an interdisciplinary specialty, compliance calls into play skills in the areas of business, technology, law and ethics, both of individuals and of a corporate culture. Compliance officer? What’s that? Well, it may be the most interesting job you never heard of.

How To Get Certified in Blockchain Technology?

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Programmers who are trained in artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology are in high demand. Here are a few things you should know if you are planning to get certified in blockchain technology. The post How To Get Certified in Blockchain Technology?

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Tips and Tricks for Launching Your Career in the Digital Sector

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Discover Career Opportunities Careers in Technology TechContrary to popular belief, many jobs in the tech sector don’t require an advanced computer science degree, but rather, a knowledge of how digital tools can enhance the functions of everyday work for maximum productivity.

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Forex Is Flourishing – And Looking For Workers

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For the economics student, or private investor, forex offers the perfect opportunity to be at the forefront of new markets and technology. Forex jobs are on the rise.

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How To Become A PCB Designer

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Find your Dream Job Careers in TechnologyPCB designers are often in demand due to the sheer amount of printed circuit boards that are required every single day.

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Is Your Executive Resume Stuck in the Stone Age?

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Crafting the perfect resume can be difficult with the technology employers use to filter out resumes, but having a modern one is a great first step. Some things simply go out of style, and your resume may be one of them.

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Innovation & Technology at America’s Top 10 Banks

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As Innovation and Technology is one out of. Innovation & Technology at America’s Top 10 Banks Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Employer Recruiting Bank of America banking Banks BNY Citi EBI Employer Brand Index Goldman Sachs innovation JP Morgan Chase Morgan Stanley PNC TD Bank Technology US Bank Wells FargoInnovation and banking are two words not typically mentioned in the same sentence.

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How to Advance to a Management Position in 2019


Here are three things to do to advance to a management position in 2019: Do a thorough assessment of yourself and the opportunity. The first thing to be clear about is whether you will be managing people, processes or technology.

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What Technological Skills Are Needed For an Investment Banker?

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Let us discuss these top technological skills for an investment banker. Java Oracle’s Java favors bank programming technology because of its security and capacity for loaded programs handling large volumes of data. Lower productivity • Technology that consumes memory.

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Modernize Your Recruitment Marketing for Gen Z

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Recruiting generation z Montage recruitment marketing Technology Terri HerrmannEvery generation to enter the workforce has influenced recruiting strategy, and Gen Z is no different. What’s the new competitive edge with these diverse, tech-savvy candidates entering the workforce?

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What Are Blockchain Technologies

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The new hype in the field of technologies is surely the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is gaining more limelight as it is considered as the unbiased technology wherein there is no control with any individual or a certain group of people.

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5 Things You Can Do With a Music Degree


This might also involve helping with the coordination of the production team, scheduling in studio time, negotiating costs, and building upon knowledge of sound technology and equipment for production and engineering tasks. Finishing university can be tough.

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Highest Paying Jobs for Felons | Get a Second Chance


There are many technology companies that will offer fob to people with a felony. Once you are labeled as a “felon” it can be very challenging to get back to the normal life. Moreover, getting a job is even more difficult.

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How AI and Automation Can Benefit Your Business

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Firms that have already integrated this technology effectively are racing ahead. Employer AI automation chatbots email marketing Recruitment Technology

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The Keys to Finding Meaningful Work

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All industries and professions are constantly changing because of the latest technology and innovations. Image source. Most people search for careers that will provide them with financial security rather than looking for work that fulfills their passions and dreams.

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What Are The Blockchain Technology Courses To Meet Demand in The Workforce?

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Blockchain technology is simply decentralization of data that is achieved by collecting the data on multiple systems. The blockchain is the most hyped technology today! How learning Blockchain technology helps professionals secure a high paying job?

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11 Ways Investing in Machine Learning Can Make You Successful

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In this digital age, most of us are exposed to technology on a daily basis, especially when it comes to our field of work. When applied properly, technology can yield mammoth results which can benefit the majority of us.

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Autumn – The Most Popular Time of the Year for Employee Recognition

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Employer autumn awards Chieu Cao employee recognition perkbox TechnologyWith Employee Appreciation Day taking place last week, at Perkbox, we set off to uncover some of the latest trends amongst UK businesses in recognizing employees over the last 10 months. We did so by using a sample of 2,810 companies that currently use Perkbox Recognition. Amongst other things, we found that the most popular. View Article.

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15 Reliable Sources to Master Data Science

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NYC Data Science Academy Blog – A one-stop destination for in-depth development tutorials and new technology announcements created by students, faculty and community contributors in the NYC DCA network.

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The Advantages of Taking Up Fintech Courses

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Financial technology is not completely new. Everyone can see how technology is changing finance. Financial technology has only one way to go, and that is up, as believed by the experts. Here are a few advantages of learning FinTech courses: Financial Technology.

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10 Interesting Facts about Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence has received a lot of focus and attention in the last couple of years. There has been a boom in the innovations that have artificial intelligence at its base. Obviously, the internet has played a crucial role in the development of artificial intelligence enabled services.

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What are the profitable and developing career paths in the fintech industry?

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The emerging technology of today which helped revolutionize the fintech sector is of blockchain technology. Finance/ Business analyst : Banks are redoing their technology strategy and implementing new projects based on blockchain technology and user experience.

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All you Need to Know About Learning Bitcoin Blockchain Programming?

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Blockchain training is intended for people who need to make a profession in the blockchain technology and remunerating field of digital currency. In this guide, you will learn that the bitcoin and blockchain technology is the most important topic running around the globe.

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What is the difference between Retail and Corporate Banking?

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Banks are no longer places where people would go deposit or withdraw their money and that would be the end of the story. Banks irrespective of their size and span have diversified into many segments.

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Is The Role Of a Full Stack Developer in Demand?

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Seamless technology suites make it possible to learn at a Full stack development course like the one at Imarticus. Developers are available in various process streams like Backend, Frontend, Database, Testing and Mobile Apps.

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What is Blockchain Training?

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The advancement in the field of technology has led the way for swift change in coding and programming languages. What is blockchain technology? The demand for blockchain experts is growing drastically as the technology is widely believed to be unbiased and reliable. Introduction.

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Minimum Viable Product in the World of HR.

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The general rule of thumb is this related to the following types of HR "needs": --Technology - always buy. If there's one thing that HR could do better at, it's caring less about being perfect and shipping more HR product. You see it all the time in the world of HR. We have big plans.

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