7 Job Search Tips for Your 2020 Self

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predicts half of the population will be remotely employed by 2020. Everyone should imagine what 2020 will look like for their career. In 2020, a candidate enthusiasm for working at a company based on his or her projected team.

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How to Get a Job in 2020 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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You may not be prepared for this year, but are you prepared to fight the job market in 2020? How to Get a Job in 2020 [INFOGRAPHIC]. Career Management Infographics Life Skills 2020 job market skill skills talent

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The Bay Area’s Workforce in 2020 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The Bay Area’s Workforce in 2020 [INFOGRAPHIC]. The Bay Area is a funny microcosm-It’s the home to Facebook, LinkedIn, and more importantly, 7 and a half million other people. It’s the hub of tech in a world where everywhere seems to have more tech than they did yesterday. But the most popular occupations and industries of the San Francisco Bay Area extend far […]. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

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By 2020 Millennials Will Represent 40% of the Workforce. Are You Ready?


Industry experts predict that more than 86 million millennials will be in the workplace by 2020—representing a full 40% of the total working population.

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5 Ways To Determine If You'll Be Leading an HR Function in 2020.

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Here's five things to look inward at and determine if you've got what it takes to lead an HR team and be a viable partner to the business leaders who will hire you in 2020. The world is changing, and the people paying the bills want different things from HR. Remember, I'm talking about leading HR, not participating in running it: 1. You've got a mack daddy processor upstairs. Meaning you can take large amounts of information in and make quick, accurate decisions. Not IQ.

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The Future of Work is Reputation Capital


The book is The 2020 Workplace by Jeanne C. According to the authors: “Reputation capital will be the top currency in the 2020 workplace. Be sure to check out The 2020 Workplace. What is the Future of Work? The other day I bought a book on impulse.

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Ep 137 – Encouraging Executive and Leadership Collaboration


Do you remember when we were all about discussions surrounding the 2020 workplace? Well, that 2020 workplace is nearly upon us, and while the workplace is shifting the way we might expect, there are. Do you remember when we were all about discussions surrounding the 2020 workplace? Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

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How to Find the Best Candidates for Remote Roles

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Remote working is on the rise, with predictions that 50% of all workers will be doing their jobs remotely by 2020. There are, in fact, many companies that are completely remote.

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4 Sates Voted to Raise Their Minimum Wage


by 2020. by 2018; $11 by 2019; $12 by 2020; and by inflation after that. by 2017; $12 by 2020 in $.90 by 2020. This will put all 4 states above the federal minimum wage of $8.25, but only by 2020.

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Millennials vs. Gen Z: How Can They Achieve Success At Work?

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You’ve probably heard of Generation Zs, Edgers, Plurals, iGen, Gen 2020, Centennials, and Post-Millennials, as well as the Millennials or Generation Y.

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How Will Technology Change Work in the Future?

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By 2020, experts predict about seven million jobs will be lost and two million gained as a result of technological development. The buzzword nowadays is AI, and there has been non-stop debate over how work will change in the future. It is no doubt that we will see a dramatic re-shape within the working environment, and. View Article. How Will Technology Change Work in the Future? Undercover Recruiter - Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Blog.

Ep 123: How the Freelance Economy Changes Universal Access for Employers


It is expected to grow to 43% by 2020. It is expected to grow to 43% by 2020. Earlier this year CNN reported that the freelance economy now accounts for 34% of the total workforce. As we see a substantial shift in the employment world from the traditional employee to the contract, gig or freelance worker taking center stage, I along with PEAT wanted […] Source Earlier this year CNN reported that the freelance economy now accounts for 34% of the total workforce.

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What’s More Important? A Change in Technology or Mindset?


More and more I read that by the year 2020 40% of the U.S. labor force will be contingent workers. Supposedly the Millennial workforce and the coming Gen Z workforce are going to demand more freedom. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR generation z millennials

How to Bust Your Way into a Tech Career (Infographic)


Studies show that from 2010 to 2020, computer-related occupations are expected to grow 22 percent, compared to the 14 percent projected growth of all other occupations. If you’re in the market of switching careers, diversifying your path, or looking for a booming industry, look no further than tech. In addition, 79 percent of tech executives […] The post How to Bust Your Way into a Tech Career (Infographic) appeared first on WorkAlpha. Job Search Infographic Tech Careers

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Have You Changed Your Recruiting Style?

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McKinsey estimates that by 2020 there will be a global shortage of approximately 85 million qualified workers. Hiring top talent requires strategy and precision in today’s talent wars.

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In Japan, Working From Home Is a Government Supported Activity

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Two big reasons: To increase productivity and to prepare for the influx of visitors for the 2020 summer Olympics. Americans love to telecommute. 34 percent of Americans work at least 4 days a week from home. Only 4 percent of Japanese work from home at least one day per week. The Japanese government wants this to change. Quartz reports : The reasons behind the government’s push for telecommuting are also gaining urgency.

What Is the New “Blended” Workforce?


Meister is also the co-author of The 2020 Workplace which also well worth a read.) In a recent Forbes article about 2017 HR trends, author and futurist, Jeanne Meister, wrote about “the blended” workforce. It’s an excellent article and I highly recommend it. (Ms. Definitions Change Over Time I reflected as I read her article on how the […] Source. HR age diversity blended workforce gig economy millennials

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The Disney Princesses Re-imagined As Ms Career Girls

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She’s already won multiple golds, but aims to add a few more in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The Disney princesses have been a significant part of our culture since Snow White made her debut 80 years ago. In many ways, they have become more than just animated character in movies.

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SXSW Conversations: Using Live Video for Recruiting & Branding


According to eMarketer, 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020 will be video. Video offers a unique way to engage job seekers as well as employees that offers a personal yet visual storytelling opportunity. As part of the TalentNet Interactive conference in conjunction with SXSW, I hosted a panel discussing the use case, application […]. HR Recruiting Social Media facebook video instagram stories live video snapchat SXSW

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4 ‘Deal-Breakers’ You Should Throw Out of Your Hiring Rubric

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Said new economy has created a hairy monster known as a skills gap that may leave a million tech positions unfilled by 2020. We’re in a serious hiring slump. Nearly half of small business owners say they’re struggling to find qualified job applicants , and more than a third have been unable to fill recent openings. So how can you deal with this extreme labor shortage ? Try widening your applicant pool—by considering candidates you previously would have rejected. Now, hear us out.

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Why Technology Can Never Build Recruitment Robots [TECH TUESDAY]

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It’s predicted that by 2020 most skilled professionals career paths will be disrupted by smart […]. With the wonderful World Wide Web turning 25 recently, it’s only natural to reflect back on how it has touched almost every part of our daily lives.

How to Break into the Tech Industry INFOGRAPHIC

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Case in point: From 2010 to 2020, computer-related occupations are expected to grow 22 percent, compared to the 14 percent projected growth of all other occupations. Software developer and database administrator positions are projected to grow more than 30% or more by 2020.

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The Top Four States to Start a Nursing Career

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Projected growth through 2020: 79,000 jobs at +23%. Projected growth through 2020: 1,500 jobs at +16%. Projected growth through 2020: 20,450 +16%. Projected growth through 2020: 780 jobs at +27%.

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Desk or Labor Jobs Here Today, Consider Them Gone Tomorrow

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Studies in recent years say 40% (or a little less) will be contractors or freelancers by 2020. Below is a Quora response I wanted to share. The original is here. I don’t think experts think these two jobs (desk or labor) will exist for the long term.

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Bots, Bugs, and Bad Guys: How To Protect Yourself Online

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The average cost of a data breach in 2020 will exceed $150 million by 2020, as more business infrastructure gets connected. Imagine this: You’re about to head off shopping. Before you go, you gather up all your personal information and visibly pin it to your clothing.

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FOXCONN & APPLE - Will The Suicide Nets Be Shipped to Wisconsin?

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For politics in Wisconsin, it's going to be a visible reminder that pays dividends in 2020 - Trump won Wisconsin by a narrow margin of 47.2% You think commercials with a new Apple factory as the reminder aren't going to run on the hour in Wisconsin in 2020? Did you hear the news?

5 Careers to Go For in 2013


The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting a 30% increase in the number of employed software developers from 2010 to 2020. Many people today are still out of a job, and trying to decide which field to go into can be a confusing mess.

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$4 Billion Committed to Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings by 20%

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Two billion of the four billion will come from the private sector to improve energy efficiency 20% by 2020 in 1.6 President Obama announced $4 billion in public and private funds will be used to upgrade the energy efficiency of public and commercial buildings over the next two years. billion square feet of office and other building spaces. The commitment is expected to create thousands of jobs in the green construction and building sectors. . For more information go here. . .

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How to Write a Personal Mission Statement


Goals such as “Operate a small business by 2020” appear to be specific, but there’s still a lot of wriggle room to make the statement ambiguous. Wondering how to write a personal mission statement? Read on!

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What Jobs Will Exist in the Future?

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What will jobs and employment look like in 2020, 2030 and beyond? What are the mega-trends shaping tomorrow’s careers and what new opportunities can we and our children look forward to?

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How to Market Effectively to Generation Z

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Generation Z will make up about 20% of the workforce and 40% of consumers by 2020. Here are 5 key differences between Generation Z and Millennials , and our perspective on how these differences will impact your business. Generation Z is More Entrepreneurial.

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4 Great Health Care Careers for Single Mothers

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There is an expected growth rate of 52 percent for vet technicians between now and 2020, the U.S. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for physical therapist assistants is expected to increase by 45 percent (much faster than average) between 2010 and 2020.

The Future of HR Is Now: How CHROs Can Help CEOs Succeed


The survey found that by the year 2020, CEOs see their roles as being driven by innovation and delivering change. How will you help prepare your CEO for the challenges of being a CEO in 2020?

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How To Break Into The Tech Industry

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Case in point: From 2010 to 2020, computer-related occupations are expected to grow 22 percent, compared to the 14 percent projected growth of all other occupations. Software developer and database administrator positions are projected to grow more than 30% or more by 2020.

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Top Careers in Education

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The BLS reports that employment of middle school teachers should grow by 17% through 2020, thanks largely to increasing student enrollment and mandated reductions in student-teacher ratios. The BLS projects 19% job growth from 2010 to 2020.

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Four Careers For Women Who Love Numbers And Data

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Forbes overviewed a study done by IBM that predicted that jobs that fall under the umbrella of data science will “soar 28 percent by 2020.”. For some of us, we love utilizing data and numbers in an engaging format because it’s always enjoyable.

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How To Be A Successful Independent Contractor

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talks about why becoming an independent contractor is not only important but going to become the norm by 2020. Welcome to our new show Career Lab that airs on Wednesday at 2pm EST. In this Professional Independence Project inspired episode, J.T. Get a head of the curve and start your path to professional independence today. The Professional Independence Project is a month long initiative that CAREEREALISM is hosting for the month of October. Learn more and sign up HERE.

Employee Engagement Friday Factoid #22: The Future of Gamification

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In a survey by Pew Research Center, 53% of people surveyed said that, by 2020, the use of gamification will be widespread , while 42% predicted that, by 2020, gamification will not evolve to be a larger trend except in specific realms. Gamification 2020: What Is the Future of Gamification? Are you game?

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How to Break Into the Tech Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Software developer and database administrator positions are projected to grow more than 30% or more by 2020. The tech industry is a hot market for professionals across the globe – the future of tech is looking pretty promising.

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3 Ways Women Can Open Their Own Doors to Entrepreneurial Success

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by 2020, and these jobs will be filled by women with STEM backgrounds. Are you concerned about glass ceilings, gender discrimination, and corporate boardrooms that are frequently a men-only playground? Here are three ways women can open their own doors to entrepreneurial success.

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