Entrepreneurs: Looking to Hire? Avoid These 3 Hiring Mistakes

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Perhaps there is business expertise that you don’t have; but a contractor may better suit your needs than a full-time employee. Remember that hiring new staff comes with paying the necessary taxes and insurance, in addition to a salary.

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Hiring Your First Employees: Making the Move from Small Business to Employer

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In addition to budgeting for expenses like salaries and benefit contributions, you’ll also need to budget for employment taxes. When you advertise, you have the option to look for an actual employee, or you could advertise for an independent contractor.

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are these unreasonable expectations for a part-time contractor?

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However, if I am only being compensated for 15 hours per week, I feel like being on call is an unreasonable expectation — especially since I need to take on additional freelance and contract work in order to make a sufficient salary. My contract did not indicate that I had to work for this organization exclusively, and I was under the impression that the department that hired me was clear that I would need to take on additional projects to equate to a full-time salary.

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The Road To Success: 5 Questions To Ask Before Becoming A Truck Driver

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Form daily activities to shift times and anticipated salaries, finding a role that suits your requirements is key. On a similar note, you should take time to consider whether you want to work for one employer or as a self-employed contractor. #4. Pixabay CC0 License.

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How the Paycheck Protection Plan Can Help Save Your Business

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“Your Schedule C profit would put you in a similar position (slightly better maybe) as an S corporation owner who paid himself a reasonable salary. An S corporation owner that did not pay himself salary might be worse off.” ” If Reilly’s interpretation is correct (and I think it is), it opens up coverage to contractors and independent business owners.

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becoming a receptionist against my will, baking for one employee but not the other, and more

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She has been at the organization for 13 years, eight in the ED role, and while planning for her sabbatical, she convinced the board to pay her at 40% of her salary while she is gone (and accrue vacation!). If you switch from contractor to employee, should your pay go down?

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it’s your Friday good news

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Well, everything came together in July — I got four interview requests in the course of a week, had three interviews on one day, and just accepted a job for more than my previous salary (I was very concerned about having to take a salary dip). Salary is 30% less than what he was shooting for in January but they will get him his clearance which he now believes is the key to his next level of progression.

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our new hires keep dropping out before they start

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A reader writes: I work for a contractor; our primary industry is providing professional staff at locations around the globe. We’ve tried bonuses for 3 months+ service; daily, friendly calls from the recruiter, waiting to book travel until 2-3 days before departure, raising the salary … but nothing seems to help. One of the locations where we have staff is far away and has an incredibly strong reputation as a place where you don’t want to get sent.

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it’s your Friday good news

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I’ve read AAM for many years now, and I always saw the letters from people who got amazing new jobs and doubled their salaries and thought, “Well, sure, but that could never be me.” ” Well… after four years working in customer service, I just accepted a fantastic job offer at an organization I admire, made a total career switch, and more than tripled my salary in a single move.

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my manager over-uses “like,” is lunch included in an eight-hour day, and more

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We’re government contractors, so while our team generally skews young and is used to being casual with one another, our clients are typically more reserved and expect a higher degree of formality. can salaried employees be required to fill out a timesheet? It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My manager over-uses “like” My manager frequently uses the verbal filler “like” during meetings with clients.

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How Women are Changing the Face of Construction

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However, the numbers are slowly climbing even with some industry experts predicting that one in four construction workers will be a woman by 2020. Their salary is roughly half of what white men earn and three-quarters of what Hispanic men earn for the same work.

Desk or Labor Jobs Here Today, Consider Them Gone Tomorrow

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The short answer is contingent on training, certifications, and industry experience often determines salary. Studies in recent years say 40% (or a little less) will be contractors or freelancers by 2020. You should also look at sites like Salary.com ( Salary.com ), PayScale ( PayScale – Salary Comparison, Salary Survey, Search Wages ), and Glassdoor ( Glassdoor Job Search | Find the job that fits your life ) to study job, location, hazards (if it applies).

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Following Your Dreams: From Community College to Interior Design School

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According to The Wall Street Journal, interior designers start with a salary on average of $36,000 and can earn upward of $107,000. Median salary is $53,000. As of July 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that jobs for interior designers are “expected to increase by 19 percent from 2010 to 2020,” which is average. Contractor for a design agency.

Business Owners: Don't Get Tripped Up By Misclassification

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  We were interested in this topic because we had seen statistics that by 2020, nearly half the American workforce will consist of contract workers.   Fortunately, staffing, recruiting and search firm  Wunderland  has provided these tips for accurately telling the difference between a full-time employee and a contractor. Individual is compensated hourly or via salary and the employer withholds taxes.

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