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you’re exhausted and burned out because work is terrible

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Excerpt from Can’t Even: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation by Anne Helen Petersen, 2020. When she graduated with her master’s, she was offered a full-time temp job, with the understanding that it would turn permanent “if she worked hard enough.”. “It But the organization went through a “leadership change” and she was strung along on temp contract after temp contract, pushing herself to her psychological and physical limits. “I

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coworker got obnoxiously drunk at a work event, can we tell people to wash their hands, and more

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I am an HR professional and know the risks associated with slandering someone at another workplace, but do I have any professional responsibility to warn these businesses? I’ve been searching for over two years now and have taken two different temp jobs in the meantime, but my job hunt has never stopped. I only told one that I accepted the first temp job because it meant we were working in the same building. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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sending work emails late at night, coworker read my notebook, and more

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Ideally your employer would have stepped in and provided extra staffing, either via temps or pulling people in from other teams (not always feasible, depending on the nature of the work, but worth considering). I wonder if I’m extra-cautious because I work as a contractor and so I try very hard not to email at off-hours so as not to give the impression that they can expect me to be up all hours. What are my privacy rights in the workplace?

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10 Surprising Statistics About the Contingent Worker and Your Contract Workforce


My work has placed me at an interesting intersection where I am working and consulting in the HR and recruiting industries while also being an independant contractor and member of the contingent workforce. By 2020, estimates are that 40% of the average company’s workforce will be composed of contingent workers. (HR Temporary Workers in California are Twice as Likely as Non-Temps to Live in Poverty. (