“Waterfall Distribution” – What’s That? The Private Equity Pitch to Employees

Sklover Working Wisdom

The Private Equity Pitch to Employees. “In The “Private Equity Pitch” to Employees: More and more employees are finding their employers being purchased by Private Equity investors. It “just” requires commitment, lower salaries, diminished benefits, and a whole lot of blind faith.

2020 130

Hiring Your First Employees: Making the Move from Small Business to Employer

Ms. Career Girl

In addition to budgeting for expenses like salaries and benefit contributions, you’ll also need to budget for employment taxes. Good salaries and comprehensive health insurance are important, but there are other ways to encourage employees to stay.

2020 147

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In Defense of Not Broadcasting Salaries in the Jobs You Post.

HR Capitalist

Salary Information about the job. But providing salary information about the job? I think posting salaries in the recruiting process is a weak play. When you post the expected salary for the job, or its weak cousin - the salary range - you're narrowing your marketplace.

2020 79

“Side Letter” – Use to Amend “Standard” or “Existing” Agreements

Sklover Working Wisdom

But, today (a) your salary was raised, (b) your title was elevated, and (c) your target annual target bonus was raised from 65% of salary to 75%. Have an existing Offer Letter or Employment Agreement that is now out of date due to salary raise, title improvement of other point?

2020 130

we have to live within 100 miles of our director, company said paying me more would be “unfair,” and more

Ask A Manager

In the verbal offer, they dropped the listed job ad salary (full-time equivalent for a contract gig) due to my lack of direct experience. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. We have to live within 100 miles of our director.

2020 69

I earn more than my peers, and they’re not happy

Ask A Manager

During the initial employment offer, the company offered their base salary for a starting amount. Since I did my homework on the average salary of the role in this area, I countered with a number closer to the average. salary

2020 73

can my company make me stay home with a cold, leaving a job for grad school, and more

Ask A Manager

The thing is, I’m pretty much the only employee who isn’t salaried. If they include announcements of increased parental leave and pay equity policies, then sure, that sounds good. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Can my company make me stay home with a cold?

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Are There Enough Opportunities in the Banking Sector

Imarticus Learning

Based on certain reports, it is expected that the Indian banking sector could rank as the fifth largest banking and financial sector by 2020, and perhaps even the third largest sector by 2025. Investment Banks , their aim is to provide Financial Assistance to their customers and offer support services like Foreign Exchange, Foreign Trading and Equity Management. India’s Banking sector is expanding.