5 Ways to Improve as a Female Leader in the Workplace

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As gender equality in the workplace moves forward, here are five ways you can become a strong female leader. Elena Carstoiu, COO of Hubgets explains why this might be the case: “Women entrepreneurs usually wear many hats beyond their leadership roles.

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How can you improve your leadership skills easily?

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Read more » The post How can you improve your leadership skills easily? Career & Workplace Executive Resumes Guest Posts career advancement Executive executives leader leadership mindset prioritize

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4 Ways to Help Employees Adapt to New Leadership Roles

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Adapting to a new role can be difficult for any professional, but add the pressure of new leadership responsibilities, and things get even more complex. Read more » The post 4 Ways to Help Employees Adapt to New Leadership Roles appeared first on Executive Resume Services.

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Leadership Tools for Executives Seeking New Opportunities

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Taking on a new leadership opportunity can come with undue stress surrounding the demands and qualifications of the role. Read more » The post Leadership Tools for Executives Seeking New Opportunities appeared first on Executive Resume Services. Career & Workplace c-level personal branding Career career advancement executive skills Job Search

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Five Ways to Be Heard at Work

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According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, only 30% percent of employees strongly agree that their opinions count at work. And part of that experience is culture built on workplace relationships.

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A year in reflection: International Women’s Day 

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For International Women’s Day 2020, while we need to celebrate the great strides that have been made, we must also discuss the room for improvement that remains. This number has continued to rise into early 2020, with a new record already established at 15.61

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How to Navigate Through Menopause AND Your Career

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In the workplace, women’s bodies are usually the subject of discussion when they decide to start or grow their families. We need to start talking about menopause in the workplace.

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#COVID-19: The Truth About Video Calls and Your Career.

HR Capitalist

The workplace has always been competitive. Branding in HR Career Advice Change Communications Leadership Managing Talent WorkplaceTime for some tough love.

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Just Your Customary Friday Quote from Vladimir Lenin on The HR Capitalist.

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Change Communications Leadership Workplace“There are decades where nothing happens ; and there are week s where decades happen.”. Vladimir Lenin. Uhh.well, I don't use quotes from Lenin often on a blog called the HR Capitalist.

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The HR Famous Podcast: e9 - For HR Leaders, "1" is the Loneliest Number.

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In times of crisis we still need to plan, but you better be fluid with those plans because the only thing we know right now about leadership is as soon as you think you have it down, things will change! Employee Relations HR Famous Podcast HR Insider Leadership Managing Talent Workplace

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Boss Leadership Training Series. Best Hire Ever Podcast Career Advice Change HR Jobs Recruiting Talent WorkplaceHi Gang - ramping up a new podcast called BEST HIRE EVER , where I'll be talking about hiring top talent with undeniably talented corporate leaders, recruiters and candidates.

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Pete vs. Amy: It's the Conference Room Dust Up That Becomes Legend at Your Company.

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The debate was clutch because we saw some good old fashion hate, loathing and rivalry that looks a lot what you see a couple of times a year between workplace rivals in your company. . Here's the workplace-related notes. Communications Culture Leadership Workplace

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Opportunity for Great HR Pros: Making Remote Work Recommendations Post-Covid Including Financial Gain.

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4--Now you - the HR/Talent Pro - make a recommendation to you leadership team on that we learned a lot about working remote during COVID , and your company should take advantage of more remote work as not only a recruiting advantage, but a financial advantage. . It's all going to change!

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ASK KRISTIAN DUNN, LIFE COACH: What's The Equivalent of the Informal Office "Hey" During the COVID Lockdown?

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Yours in leadership and life, . Change Communications Employee Relations Leadership Workplace

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Framing As A Working Professional: What It Is and Why You Should Do It.

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“The most talented successful people in the workplace consistently “frame” their goals, work and outcomes via varied communication strategies.”. Career Advice Change Communications Leadership Workplace

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Coaching Your Ambitious Direct Report to Not Be Hated.

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It actually makes them stronger, because in addition to all the great individual work they do, they start to be perceived as a good to great teammate, which unlocks some doors to management/leadership roles in a way that great individual work can't. Ambition is the path to success.

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Why Safety and Stability are Important Foundations for Employee Engagement

The Undercover Recruiter

The words ‘safe’ and ‘stable’ may not immediately sound the most engaging, but they can play a significant role in developing and maintaining an attractive workplace culture that supports highly-engaged employees. Workplace Employee Engagement Gill Buchanan Pure safety Stability

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The HR Famous Podcast: E8 - Video Work Meetings: Winning On ZOOM

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Boss Leadership Training Series. Change Communications Current Affairs Employee Relations HR Famous Podcast Workplace

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THE HR FAMOUS PODCAST: E4 – Microaggressions

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22:00 - The gang talks about the impact of microaggressions in the workplace, and how HR leaders should start the conversation in their companies, etc. Boss Leadership Training Series. Change Communications Culture Employee Relations Legal Affairs Talent The HR Famous Podcast Workplac

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Boss Leadership Training Series. . Change Communications Employee Relations Wellness Workplace

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ask the readers: how can we help gender transitions at work go well?

Ask A Manager

We’ve based the guidelines on industry best practices (Human Rights Campaign and others), and as I’m working on the document I’m wondering what others have experienced in their own workplace transitions, both good and bad. ask the readers workplace practices

2020 91

how can we make sure flexibility for parents isn’t unfair to everyone else?

Ask A Manager

I have a related question that I haven’t seen getting much attention that I hope you’ll be able to answer: how should employers handle accommodating both parents and non-parents in workplaces that have shifted to working from home during the pandemic? the plague workplace practices

2020 68

my work is getting more and more religious and I’m an atheist

Ask A Manager

But before you leave over this, it’s worth giving that a shot — especially if this is really driven by Rachel and not the broader leadership of the organization. You may also like: when your boss leads a workplace dinner in prayer how do I handle questions about my religion at work meetings? workplace practicesA reader writes: I have no idea how to handle this situation. I have worked for six years at a secular nonprofit. This is by design — I am an atheist.

2020 62

employee expects us all to attend her destination wedding, avoiding handshakes during coronavirus, and more

Ask A Manager

Our team is mighty, but tiny — only ten people, three of whom are in leadership/senior positions. I know you’ve answered several questions in the past about handshakes in the workplace, but none directly apply to an outbreak situation like we’re currently experiencing.

2020 69

Firing an Employee with a Negative Attitude

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Workplace cultures are delicate balances, with multiple personalities, characters, and hierarchies. However, in some cases, there may be individuals and employees whom are incapable of placing their differences aside, causing a toxic environment and workplace.

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we got quizzed on our new boss’s horses, family, and vineyard

Ask A Manager

This was supposed to be a meeting of all the people under Alex to discuss, one had assumed, business and answer questions about the future of our teams and management under the new leadership. workplace practicesA reader writes: I’m a contractor at a big company that has some ongoing labor disputes.

2020 63

I’m upset about my anonymous peer feedback results

Ask A Manager

This was a request to answer five behavioral-type questions (what they do/don’t do well, leadership style, etc) about each of our peers, and to return the feedback in reply to her. workplace practicesA reader writes: Our division consists of eight teams, each with their own manager. Each team manager reports into the division head, Alexa. I am the manager of one of these teams. About three weeks ago, Alexa started a peer feedback exercise over email.

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my boss expects me to share my personal health/diet/spirituality/fitness goals every week

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I report weekly to my boss (the company owner, who I’ll call Dan) for a one-on-one meeting where we discuss workplace goals pertaining to my role. I may share them with my family, close friends, or trusted professionals in the proper environment, but I don’t see an authentic or organic reason to share them in the workplace — let alone with my boss. Those aren’t things I’m comfortable bringing into the workplace.

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Ep 137 – Encouraging Executive and Leadership Collaboration


Do you remember when we were all about discussions surrounding the 2020 workplace? Well, that 2020 workplace is nearly upon us, and while the workplace is shifting the way we might expect, there are. Do you remember when we were all about discussions surrounding the 2020 workplace? Today we’ll […] Podcast deloitte erica volini executive collaboration leadership podcast teamwork workology podcst

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dealing with stress about the Australian fires at work

Ask A Manager

But it’s a very important time of year in my field, and not being in the office could impact the projects I’m assigned to, and consequently my visibility to senior leadership, for the rest of the year. Should I take a deep breath and keep pushing forward, or take a break and keep my fragile emotional state away from the workplace? It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. This week, it’s two questions, similar topics.

2020 57


HR Capitalist

In Episode 2 of The HR Famous Podcast , long-time HR leaders (and friends) Jessica Lee, Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn get together to discuss Workplace McLovin – relationships, dating and hookups that occur inside your company between employees.

2020 13

Hard Work And Ambition Are Rewarded At Drift

Career Realism

On the surface, that may not seem like an easy task for the conversational marketing platform that has gone from 82 employees to 300 in 18 months, and could be up to 475 employees by the end of 2020. Employees who buy into the company's leadership principles seem to enjoy the challenge.

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Top 5 Ways Employers Can Help Women Advance

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Most Women Feel that Having Women in Positions of Leadership is Important in Considering a Prospective Employer. Having more women in leadership positions was the second most cited (named by 34% of women and 31% of men).

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Q&A with Lindsey Pollak: Adapting to the Future Workplace

Water Cooler Wisdom

Companies and employees alike are figuring out how to adapt to continued innovations and changes to the workplace. But what do these changes to the workplace mean for employers? As part of the My Tomorrow campaign, Lindsey has written a trends forecast that offers employees and employers advice on how to adapt to the workplace of the future. How do you explain the way Millennials, or Gen Y, are actually changing the workplace?

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THE HR FAMOUS PODCAST: e15 - Is Your Company Ready for RTW?

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The team discusses the different return to work plans and ideas, new office norms, and a potential boom in the workplace real estate market. Change Employee Relations Leadership Managing OD The HR Famous Podcast Workplace

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Employee Engagement 2010 Dozen (Feb): The 2020 Vision

David Zinger

I expect engagement will vastly mature beyond happy dances in workplaces and Christmas party feel good exercises to specific behavioral actions that are of benefit to employees, organizations, and customers. Engagement will be woven into the fabric of management and tapestry of leadership.

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Is Negative Recruiting Against Companies with a High Percentage of Gay Associates In Our Future?

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There''s obviously lots of movement in our society toward workplace equality for LGBT individuals, and this post isn''t meant to be a debate on whether you agree or disagree with that. Negative recruiting around LGBT issues - coming to a Supreme Court decision near you in 2020.

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Learn 12 Secrets to Becoming a Thought Leader

David Zinger

Learn how to be a thought leader from David Zinger’s employee engagement thought leadership. This post outlines a quirky 12 step process to thought leadership. I never knew that a business and workplace movement in the UK could confer guru status.

2013 114

Mustering the 5’Cs of the Social Work of Leadership: Connection, Conversation, Community, Collaboration, and Co-Creation

David Zinger

I believe a big part of leadership and management engagement is not task, it is social engagement with other employees of the organization. Part one of this two part series, why all leaders are social workers , outlined how all work, especially leadership and management is social work. To make the new social work more manageable here are the five C’s of social leadership: connection, conversation, community, collaboration, and co-creation.

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5 Zingers on Flat Army (Dan Pontefract)

David Zinger

Our leadership models are incongruent with today’s workplace. Organizational leadership needs to embrace a more open and collaborative workplace. Dan outlines the characteristics and competencies for leadership from becoming to being and beyond.

2013 83

5 Recruiting Trends in 2014 You Can’t Ignore #recruittrends


While it addresses an important issue, it likely hasn’t took hold since this year is expected to be the first time, we will see a large mass exodus of Boomer employees leaving the workplace and most employers are ill prepared.

2014 147

Employee Engagement: What’s on Your 2011 Work Agenda

David Zinger

The Harvard Business review just published a piece on what is on the 2011 agenda for some of the leading managment, leadership, and workplace thinkers. The network is committed to increasing employee engagement 20% by 2020. What’s Up?

2011 78

Employee Engagement: Overcome the Connection Myopia

David Zinger

Percolating a human connected view of the workplace is a key task for leaders. Michael Lee Stallard , a terrific employee engagement friend, along with Howard Behar , a former president of Starbucks, have written a powerful and needed post: Overcoming Leadership Myopia.

2010 67