10 Books to Read if You Feel Like Escaping 2020

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Here’s our picks of books to read that are full of self-discovery and help break you away from the odd world of 2020. Elliot Reed is trying to make the most at her new job as the Strategic Communications Manager for the Denver Mustangs.

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Leadership 2020: Raise Your Game

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Confident Leadership in 2020. Leadership 2020 challenges us all to improve. Leadership 2020 requires exactly that. Be Your Best in 2020. If you are a first level leader, or relatively new to leadership, you must master tough conversations, company politics, and persuading your peers, reports, and managers. Leadership 2020 demands that we do more, think more, and be more effective. The post Leadership 2020: Raise Your Game appeared first on Ms.

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Talking Politics As A Manager in 2020: The Advice Hasn't Changed.

The HR Capitalist

It's 2020, which means it's an election year. Of course, there's more going on in 2020 than just an election - pandemic, resulting economic struggles, social movements and unrest, etc. It's simple for best results as a manager of people. Play to win in 2020.

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5 Careers You Can Hold With a Journalism Degree in 2020


A copywriter can work for many different news organizations in 2020. You can also become a corporate communications specialist, a product marketing manager, or a traditional journalist. The post 5 Careers You Can Hold With a Journalism Degree in 2020 appeared first on Jobacle.com.

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Why Managed IT Can Make A Great Career Option For IT Professionals

Career Alley

Managed IT is a great career option to explore, whether it is about money, learning, stability or work satisfaction. This is an opportunity that no IT professional should miss out on! Discover Career Opportunities Careers in Technology

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Successfully Managing Millennials in Six Words or Less

Career Alley

As a business manager, it's important to recognize the differences, adapt your expectations, and reap the benefits of the enthusiasm and energy that a relatively young workforce has to offer. Career Advice Managing Millennials

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How to Start 2020 off By Adopting a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

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And while waste management may not necessarily be at the top of your to-do list, wouldn’t it be nice to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle? Here is how to start 2020 by adopting a zero-waste lifestyle: Remember the ‘5R’S”. ‘5R’s” The New Year is here!

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Helpful Tips If You’re Considering a Career in Management

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Does the idea of a career in management sound appealing to you? If so, there are likely to be plenty of job opportunities , depending on what facet of management you focus on. There’s one skill that’s essential to all management career paths – the ability to manage people. Here are four of the more common directions you can go to build a career in management. Marketing Management. Risk Management. Operations Management.

2020 163

For Feminism, Basically

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They wanted us on their management teams. My initial understanding of feminism crystallized one fall day in my junior year of high school, in 1968, when I met Anne Sexton on the back porch of our house in Hanover, New Hampshire.

2020 232

13 Common Remote Job Titles Without Location Requirements

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Clients: to be close to clients, especially in the case of sales and project management jobs. Business Development Manager. Marketing Manager. Marketing managers typically create advertising and marketing campaigns to sell products and services. Product Manager.

2020 176

Best HR Software Solutions for 2020

Undercover Recruiter

These systems are used for hiring, onboarding, managing, and training employees. Best HR Software Solutions for 2020 Undercover Recruiter -. Talent Acquisition 2020 HR Software Kamy Anderson ProProfsTechnology and HR have never been more critical in business. It’s impossible to imagine running a business without these two. HR software solutions have an essential role to play today. Every business that wants to make these processes flawless should look to get a […].

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Attempting to Build Consensus or Get Change? Watch this Helpful Seinfeld Video.

The HR Capitalist

Case in point - 2020! 2020 is hard. Change Communications Culture Current Affairs Leadership ManagingThe older I get, the more I know absolutes rarely work. . The HR Leader/Generalist motto is true - the clear path always lies somewhere in the middle.

2020 117

Job Search During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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“I’m sorry, but we have to let you go.” ” Words that no working woman wants to hear…especially just starting out in her career…and especially during a pandemic! We all know that a job search can be stressful under the best of conditions.

2020 195

“At Work, Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth”

Sklover Working Wisdom

You know how people get jealous,” his manager told him. Jordan was handed the confidentiality agreement, he signed it, and he and his Manager shook hands. 2020, Alan L. “If you’re not careful, the bow on a gift box can strangle you.”. – Unknown.

2020 151

21st Century Burnout

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I went to work in a cube, for a heartless manager who valued metrics and treated people like dispensable commodities. Clearly set the expectation for your work day with your team and management. Do you have an open line of healthy communication with your manager?

2020 203

Organise your job search: 6 tips for 2020

Boomers Next Step

Developing job search organisational skills will help you manage your applications and keep track of the people you have spoken to. […]. The post Organise your job search: 6 tips for 2020 appeared first on Boomers Next Step.

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Four Tips to Grow Your Leadership Skills

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Think about some of the best bosses and managers you’ve been around. Think about the amazing bosses and managers you’ve had over the years. What Makes a Great Leader? A great leader is someone who instills feelings of inspiration and motivation over fear and anxiety.

2020 171

Story of a Hacker: Pursuing What I Love Made Me Grow a Second Layer of Skin

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It’s much easier to navigate a cybersecurity career in 2020, as more and more companies are trying to be more inclusive. To help you navigate through the sea of passwords, use a password manager like NordPass , which generates secure passwords and stores them in a protected vault.

2020 150

We Need More Girls in STEM!

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Increased (gender) diversity at board and management levels helps improve financial performance. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – why is it the world of men? Truth is, we need more girls in STEM!

2020 235

My Doctor Says I Should Work from Home. Can My Boss Say No?

Evil HR Lady

I am productive at home and have been even more accessible to our clients and other managers while working from home in hopes of going above and beyond during this “new normal.” Give your manager the benefit of the doubt.

2020 251

You’re Writing? 3 Things All Writers Must Know

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of contributors made more than $100 in June 2020. ’ To potentially make more than $2000 per month, you need a large following that will reliably read the multiple curated articles that you manage to post every day.

2020 159

How to Get Recruiters to Give You Feedback

Evil HR Lady

So, the hiring manager/recruiter rejects you because you don’t have good experience in X. I’m writing regarding a FB post asking readers “ How many of you provide honest feedback when rejecting a candidate?”.

2020 201

Ellen’s “Generous” Benefits Package to Make up for a Toxic Workplace

Evil HR Lady

Remove toxic people, especially toxic managers, from your staff, and pay your people well and give them the time off they deserve. Ellen DeGeneres is nice. Of course, she is. It’s her persona. She’s always doing nice things for people and she is so personable and funny.

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?? How 2020 Could Get Worse For Your Job Situation If You’re Not Careful


— Pizza Groundhog's #1 Fan (@KimMannix) April 15, 2020. — Uncle Wray's Nephew (@AckewidSaltfish) April 15, 2020. monolight_shine) April 14, 2020. — Hate Marmalade — Totally Essential 2020 (@AllNewMary1) April 15, 2020.

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10 Steps for Building the Resilience to Move from Trauma to Triumph

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Those bridges make the present manageable and remove the sense that the present circumstance is overwhelming. As an employee, coaching doesn’t always come from your manager or someone above your level.

2020 170

Help! I’m Being Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault at Work

Evil HR Lady

I also feel like I am being discriminated against because I am male, while my manager and general manager are female. If you cannot afford an attorney, then write up an email detailing your evidence and send it to the HR manager.

2020 213

What Are The Compensation Questions Your Managers Should Be Able to Answer?

The HR Capitalist

He's a few of the infamous comp questions we base our manager training around on this topic: --“Why doesn’t our company pay people enough? There's a lot on a manager's plate related to be ready for comp questions from their team.

2020 113

Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

At work, give it a try, if not several tries, no matter how intimidating may be the door on which you knock, or the person behind it, whether it’s a potential customer, a potential employer, or even your own manager. “You’re not alone, at work, anymore” © 2020 Alan L.

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In a Tweet, John Legend Gave All Business Owners a Critical Gut Check

Evil HR Lady

link] — John Legend (@johnlegend) June 27, 2020. Fire managers, who ask recruiters to send only “certain” candidates? Photo by Flo Dahm.

2020 233

When Your Boss Doesn’t Let You Go on Vacation

Evil HR Lady

” This is precisely why I hate unlimited time off and why this person should never be a manager. And managers shouldn’t be as terrible about allowing people to take time when they know that they have a limited amount.

2020 265

There Are Six "Manager of People" Brands - Which One Are You?

The HR Capitalist

Any manager of people has a lot on their plate. After all, a general pre-requisite to getting your first manager job is being a great individual contributor. Then, at some point in your first month in your new manager role, you realize the reality – you still have a bunch to do on your own as well as managing your new team. Just because you're a manager doesn’t mean you stop cranking out individual contributor greatness. What type of manager are you?

2020 111

Best Holiday Gift Ideas for People Who Work From Home


Here are the best holiday gift ideas for remote workers during the 2020 Christmas season. Whiteboards can be tremendously helpful while managing work and home schedules. These handy cue cards are sooooo 2020.

2020 141

How Your Workspace Affects Your Mental Health and Productivity

Ms. Career Girl

Managers and supervisors should, of course, genuinely care about the wellbeing of their staff, but for the majority of companies, the priority is to operate a thriving business. Management should seek to gain employee input into how office organization can be improved.

2020 239

Great HR Pros Learn to Ask Very Specific Questions.

The HR Capitalist

Deep thoughts for my HR friends and managers of people doing hard work in the field this week: “Life punishes the vague wish and rewards the specific ask. Career Advice Communications HR Insider Leadership Managing

2020 121

Google Gives Up and Moves to Unhip Annual Performance Reviews (The HR Famous Podcast)

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KD notes the fact that via this strategy, managers at Google are like everyone else - they'd prefer you write your own review!! Got a good one for you this week on The HR Famous Podcast!

2020 113

8 Fields to Pursue For a Career Post-Coronavirus 

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Unless the pandemic causes the world to rethink its economic structure completely, people will always need assistance filing their taxes and managing their money. If you lost your job during the pandemic, you might consider switching fields. The workforce has changed, and continuing to cover your bills requires flexibility. It’s a challenging transition, but you’re up to the task. If you do want to seize this opportunity to switch gears, what careers remain in high demand?

2020 156

WORST BOSS EVER: Just Watch How They Treat Others When Off Camera.

The HR Capitalist

What's interesting about this is that the Twitter mob, quick to cancel almost anyone, played it off and said words to the effect of "that's so 2020" and "who has not faced this?" - which are both correct sentiments. Change Communications Culture Current Affairs Leadership Managing Workplace

2020 113

It’s Never Been More Important to Hire People with People Skills

Evil HR Lady

Here are a few descriptions that can help companies get a better feel for what people skills look and sound like: People skills are associated with manners, time management and influence. Everyone needs people skills.

2020 200

Preparing for the Job Search Post Covid-19

Ms. Career Girl

While many companies have managed to shift to remote operations, the COVID-19 shutdowns have led to millions of Americans simply without work. However, it’s equally important that they consider soft skills that employers will be on the lookout for, such as creativity, collaboration, and time management. The former can be the key to getting a hiring manager’s attention, while the latter can be a great way to help you stand out in a sea of candidates.

2020 196

Manager Training: The Stars Are Never Who You Think They Are, But They're Right In Front of You.

The HR Capitalist

In addition to being a CHRO and partner at the recruiting firm Kinetix , I get to veer from the recruiting/Talent Acquisition world in various HR consulting opportunities , as well as deliver leadership/manager training through my BOSS Leadership Training Series.

2020 132

5 Healthy Habits for Staying Sane While Working from Home

Ms. Career Girl

Caroline Goyder has an international reputation as an expert speaker and trainer with senior management within organizations as well as private individuals. 30, 2020), along with previous books Gravitas: Communicate with Confidence, Influence and Authority and The Star Qualities: How to Sparkle with Confidence in All Aspects of Your Life. If you are working from home, you’re likely spending much of your day video conferencing or teleconferencing.

2020 177

What to Do If Your Managers Are Asking Recruiters to Discriminate

Evil HR Lady

On LinkedIn I posted about recruiters encountering racism from clients/hiring managers, either overtly or thru microagressions. Here is a thread of some responses and examples, some of which were DMs… — Adam Karpiak (@Adam_Karpiak) June 10, 2020. To keep reading, click here: What to Do If Your Managers Are Asking Recruiters to Discriminate. The post What to Do If Your Managers Are Asking Recruiters to Discriminate appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

2020 139

How to Help Your Laid-Off or Furloughed Employees Manage Unemployment

Evil HR Lady

To keep reading, click here: How to Help Your Laid-Off or Furloughed Employees Manage Unemployment. The post How to Help Your Laid-Off or Furloughed Employees Manage Unemployment appeared first on Evil HR Lady. As state after state closes all but essential businesses, many companies are laying off and furloughing employees. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, warns that unless the government acts appropriately, the country could end up with 20 percent unemployment.

2020 188