How to Prepare for a Pre-Employment Test 

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Replacing managers can even cost one to two times the prior worker’s wages. Are you getting ready for a pre-employment test in an interview process? Pre-employment testing is a standardized system many companies use to collect data about potential employees during the hiring process.

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6.8 Million People Got a Raise Yesterday. Were You One?

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Twenty-one states had minimum wage increases go into effect yesterday –and Delaware had one go into effect in October. The federal minimum wage stays put at $7.25, but states are free to create their own minimum wage–whichever is higher (federal or state) is the legal lower limit for salaries. Twenty-one states use the federal minimum wage, but the rest have higher minimum wages.

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Why Women Need to Start Talking About Their Salary

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While society and hiring managers have a huge role to play in closing that wage gap, there is an important aspect of the money conversation most of us are missing: The conversation itself, in fact. Do you know how much your coworkers make? If you haven’t asked, you may think you know already.

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updates: getting pregnant at a new job, boss said I’m lying about my health, and more

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She let me know there’d been discussion about implementing a parental leave policy in 2020, and they ended up finalizing the details ahead of their original timeline so it’d be available to me this year. It’s the last week of “where are you now?” time at Ask a Manager, where I run updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past. Here are five updates from past letter-writers. Is it bad faith to try to get pregnant when you’re in a new job? (#5

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the new overtime law is here — if you earn less than $35,568, read this

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reducing your base hourly wage in order to account for the overtime pay you’ll receive, thus keeping your overall annual compensation the same. Now that you’re back at work for the new year, you might be seeing some major changes to your pay. The new federal overtime law went into effect last week on January 1. Here’s what it means for you: If you earn less than $35,568, you now must be paid overtime (time and a half) when you work more than 40 hours in a week.

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4 Sates Voted to Raise Their Minimum Wage


4 states voted to raise their minimum wage. Washington, Arizona, Main and Colorado all voted to increase their minimum wages with wide margins. A ballot initiative in South Dakota to lower the minimum wage for minors, however, was soundly defeated. by 2020. by 2020.

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Why It Matters: The Minimum Wage Debate

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Minimum wage is currently a hot topic everywhere. The Effort To Raise Minimum Wage The U.S. House of Representatives is gearing up to vote on a bill to gradually raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 The Pros And Cons Of Raising Minimum Wage The U.S.

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Top Careers in Education

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According to the BLS, the median annual wage of adult literacy teachers ( [link] ) nationwide was $48,590 as of May 2012. The median annual wage for middle school teachers in May 2012 was $53,430. As of May 2012, the median annual wage of school counselors nationwide was $53,610.

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How Women are Changing the Face of Construction

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However, the numbers are slowly climbing even with some industry experts predicting that one in four construction workers will be a woman by 2020. Construction industry leaders need to continue pressing forward until a wage gap no longer exists at all.

4 Great Health Care Careers for Single Mothers

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There is an expected growth rate of 52 percent for vet technicians between now and 2020, the U.S. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for physical therapist assistants is expected to increase by 45 percent (much faster than average) between 2010 and 2020.

Desk or Labor Jobs Here Today, Consider Them Gone Tomorrow

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Studies in recent years say 40% (or a little less) will be contractors or freelancers by 2020. Below is a Quora response I wanted to share. The original is here. I don’t think experts think these two jobs (desk or labor) will exist for the long term.

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Bernie Sanders: Proving the Compensation Side of the People Business is Problematic.

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Sanders is a Democratic presidential candidate, and part of his platform has been the need to pay workers a living wage. Let's look at the Minimum Wage in America. Sanders is on record that the minimum wage should be at $15 per hour nationwide, etc.

HEY HR FOODIES: Stop Dreaming About Opening a Restaurant - Here's Why.

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Rents are astronomical, the complaint goes; wages are rising, regulations are byzantine, and don’t even talk about the price of fresh produce. Wages were lower in Los Angeles: $40,740 for a head chef, $25,300 for a cook and $27,570 for a server.

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Target Looking To Expand Its Team For The Holidays (And Beyond)

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The company's hourly minimum wage has been $13 since June 2019, and plans on raising it to $15 per hour by the end of 2020. Tis the season for holiday jobs and one of the businesses at the center of the seasonal hiring is Target.

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the new overtime pay law is here (for real this time)

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Department of Labor issued a final ruling today on the question of what salary level should make workers exempt from overtime pay, and here it is: If you earn less than $35,568, then starting on January 1, 2020 you must be paid overtime (time and a half) when you work more than 40 hours in a week. They might even reduce your base hourly wage in order to account for the overtime pay you’ll receive, thus keeping your overall annual compensation the same. The U.S.

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3 Tips for Competitive Career Search

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Even minimum wage jobs at fast food joints are hard to come by. Individuals who attend a massage therapy school or receive an Informational Technology degree are looking at a predicted 20% increase in the availability of jobs by 2020.

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STEM Education for Girls Is Good for the Economy


The WEF says that by the year 2020 there will be 7.1 Parents need to be educated on how their daughters are never going to reach wage parity if they remain in non-STEM careers.

Recruiters Know: A Company is only as Good as Its People

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 21 percent growth in all human resources specialties through the year 2020. The median wage for these positions is approximately $52,690 (2010 data), with the minimum of a bachelor’s degree required. Today’s recruiters go by many names.

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Get an Education to Build a Promising Career

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And time investment also matters—a one-year degree is much different from a four-year degree and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, anticipated job growth during the 10-year period from 2010 to 2020 is greater for associate degree holders than for bachelor’s degree holders.

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Ep 85 – What Employers Need to Know About the FLSA Changes


Casey says these two salary changes are now tied to the 40 th percentile of workers, with the numbers being updated every three years starting in 2020. The FLSA had not been updated since the 70s, but they are now committing to regular changes and updates every three years, starting in 2020. Casey tells us that now is the time to take stock of your wage and hour procedures. The Department of Labor’s final rule on the updates regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act has arrived.

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Demand For Pharmacy Jobs Still High

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Job Outlook And Pay In 2010, the median wage paid to pharmacists in the United States was $111,570 per year. is predicted to increase by 25 percent from 2010 to 2020. The median wage for pharmacy technicians in 2010 was $28,400.

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Researchers have estimated the average wage on Mechanical Turk is just $2 an hour , and some claim that’s an overestimate. Tags : Get out of your box, global, virtual, say hi to Sally in Turkistan, outsource, 2020, Things that make you feel dirty SPHR and PHR stuff - you''ll use that for sure now and in the future.

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Job Outlook Is Bright For Speech Therapists

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Department of Labor, the median annual wage earned by speech therapists in 2010 was $66,920, which is nearly double the national average of all occupations. Qualified speech therapists are currently enjoying a favorable job market in the United States.

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updates: my boss talks to me like I’m a baby, and more

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While I did get into the program, I will be deferring until March 2020. I sold some of my stuff and over the next few weeks straightened out my finances – I had some back wages owed (our overtime in one specific category gets paid out yearly, and it was a very nice sum this year) and I barely remembered the whole event when she came up to me a few weeks later and handed me the money without prompting. It’s “where are you now?”

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Pros and Cons of a Career in Court Reporting

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The BLS reports that the demand for qualified court reporters will grow by 14% between the years 2010 and 2020. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual wage for court reporters is $48,530 – but the top 10% can earn more than $90,000 per year.

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