Best Job Search Apps for 2021

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Best Job Search Apps for 2021. With 2020 being dominated by news of the coronavirus pandemic, 2021 will surely be a better and more productive year for us all. LinkedIn is our top and best job search app for 2021.

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Major Trends Driving Investment Banking in 2021

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The post Major Trends Driving Investment Banking in 2021 appeared first on Imarticus. The role of technology in the investment banking industry has never been more significant and vital.

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THE HR FAMOUS PODCAST: E13 - Fat Fingered Americans + Airbnb Pays New Grads Not to Show Up Until 2021.

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Airbnb has postponed post-grad hires to 2021 and the crew talks about investment they have made for their own PR. 11:45 - KD sees through Airbnb’s “publicity stunt” and calls them out for being unfair for postponing post-grad hires until August 2021.

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Skills Needed to Become an Investment Banker in 2021

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The post Skills Needed to Become an Investment Banker in 2021 appeared first on Imarticus. Career opportunities in finance are highly productive, inspiring, and profit-making, but also aggressive, and challenging.

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Why You Should Follow Facebook and Pay Remote Workers Less

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Zuckerberg says that by January 1, 2021, people who are approved for full-time remote work will have to notify Facebook of their new location, and their pay will be adjusted accordingly.

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The Hamburger Icon In UI: History, Usage, Insights

Some statistics show a rising trend in global mobile data traffic by seven times between 2016 and 2021. The Internet is no longer limited to computers. The emergence of smartphones has seen a strong surge in mobile internet usage. So, web designers need to focus a lot more on the mobile-frie

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Wearable Tech at Work: Why Recruiters Need to Pay Attention

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A recent study predicts that the wearables market could be worth $71.23bn by 2021, compared to just under $30bn. Wearable technology has the potential to revolutionise recruiting.

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California Bill Declares Women Not as Capable as Men

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The California House and Senate passed a bill that requires all publicly held corporations that are headquartered in California to have at least one woman on their board by the end of 2019 and two by July of 2021. It’s waiting for the governor’s signature. One of the bill’s co-authors, Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) said : “We are not going to ask anymore. We are tired of being nice. We’re tired of being polite.

Incorporated by Reference – Key Words & Phrases

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In many workplace agreements, we see language that says something like this: “This Agreement and the Confidentiality Agreement signed on November 24, 2021, which is hereby incorporated by reference , constitute the entire understanding between the parties.“.

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What Does the Future of Work Mean to You?

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You must be able to seamlessly multi-task, since most employees in 2021 will complete projects for a series of independent groups or organizations.  How can you prepare now for a fruitful career in 2021?   You’ll stand out in your current organization, and by the time 2021 roles around, you’ll have an extensive portfolio to showcase your substantial worth to any employer.

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HEY HR FOODIES: Stop Dreaming About Opening a Restaurant - Here's Why.

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San Francisco will increase its minimum wage from the current $13 in July 2018, but Los Angeles will not reach $15 an hour until 2020 or 2021, depending on staff size.

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Supply Chains of the Future: What You Need to Know

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A  2017 Gartner report  predicted that by 2021,  virtual customer assistants (VCAs) and chatbots  will handle 20 percent of all customer service interactions. There's a significant amount of  change taking place in business today , and it requires owners to avoid disruption to their supply chain strategy.

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14 Job Search Tips to Master in 2018

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By 2021, more than a third of the skills considered “important” for today’s workers will have changed, according to the World Economic Forum. If it has been a few years since the last time you went on a job search, you need to know that things have changed.

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NLP in Insurance Trends And Current Application

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The value of the NLP market globally will be a whopping 16 billion$ by 2021 and tech titans like Salesforce, Google, Intel, Yahoo, and Apple already a large part of the investors.

I was calm until I read about colleges staying closed until September 2022

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This means that colleges will not open for 2020 or 2021. Each night before I go to sleep, I lay in bed torturing myself with the day’s news.

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Studying Fintech or Digital Marketing (DM)

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Reports say that globally, the FinTech market is all set to be worth over $200 billion by the year 2021. Technology had infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives in the past couple of decades and has transformed our lives in many good ways.

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what to do if your company is making you return to your office before it feels safe

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Other similar companies in the area have committed to letting their people telecommute at least until September and probably until 2021. A reader writes: I work for a 500-person company that has had all but 10 employees working from home since mid-March. They have decided for reasons they have not shared that the office has to reopen this week. Employees will go in one week and work from home three weeks so that only 25% of the work force will be in at one time.

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What To Expect In A 21st Century Workplace

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However, the requirement for skilled persons is still there, and PwC have forecasted a skills shortage by 2021. One of the biggest challenges that faces employers and HR departments across the world is the slow adaptation to change by their staff.

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Is Google Cardboard the Future of Onboarding?


It is on its way to becoming a $30 billion industry by 2021. Virtual reality is, well a reality, and becoming bigger every day. I think it has great potential as a tool for HR, as I have written before.

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Easy Wellness Ideas to Put in Place Right Away

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trillion in 2021. Check practically any list of trends for this or next year in business and you will find that everyone is worrying over Obamacare’s impact on the workplace. The concerns are not unfounded.  After all, healthcare costs in the U.S. are astronomical, with total spending expected to reach $4.8 To put that in perspective, it’s about a fifth of the U.S. economy.

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my employee announced her acceptance to grad school on Twitter without telling anyone in advance

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She stated that it was her intention to defer until 2021 due to the pandemic. A reader writes: I am a manager of an entry-level employee who share with another manager.

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4 Tips for Creating an ATS-Friendly Resume

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through 2021. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are ubiquitous in the recruitment industry of today. Some sources say that up to 98% of recruiters, HR professionals, and sourcers rely on ATSs to automate some parts of their recruitment process, both to increase speed and to cut the costs.

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Promise Received at Work? Ask These Two Critical Questions

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These would include such specific dates as (a) On April 30, 2022; (b) on or before six months from today; and (c) no later than January 1, 2021. “People with good intentions make promises. People with good character keep them.”. – Author Unknown.

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can I talk about my boyfriend’s other girlfriend at work?

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I met up with the wonderful Jennifer Peepas of Captain Awkward while she was in town and it was lovely! We decided to collaborate on answering a few questions together, and this is the first of two posts from that joint effort. . Can I talk about my boyfriend’s other girlfriend at work? “Adam” is dating both me and “Jane,” and we all live together.

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is it weird to vape on a Zoom call, should you go to grad school to avoid a bad job market, and more

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If it matters, our positions — and the vehicles we drive — are 100% grant funded and we’ve already received the check to cover expenses through May of 2021.). It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Is it weird to vape on a Zoom call?

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did I get offered a job because I can bake, kid noise on calls, and more

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My company is still fully remote and likely will be until 2021. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Did I get offered a job because I can bake? I recently applied for a job after not working for a few years due to looking after my children.

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mixed messages after layoffs, called back to the office but I’m a single mom with no child care, and more

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This has been really hard on our small team and while we would like to be able to bring everyone back on in 2021, we know that might not be financially possible. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. We’re sending mixed messages to our laid-off employees.

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my boss says grad school will prove I’m serious, being micromanaged after a great review, and more

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With a work-from-home structure set up four months ago, I imagined travel was off the table until 2021. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss says I should go to grad school to prove I’m serious about my field.

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I want to return to the office but we’re still working from home, a computer-illiterate coworker, and more

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While I am fine with working from home one or two days a week, having to work every day from home until 2021 is not something I want to do. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I want to return to the office but we’re still working from home.

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