“Need a Work Document from HR? Afraid to Ask? – Here’s How”

Sklover Working Wisdom

This is especially the case where (a) you have signed a non-compete agreement, (b) you are asking to be reimbursed for your “losses” in leaving behind unvested equity awards, etc., (c) 2021, Alan L. “A secret spoken finds wings.”. – Robert Jordan.

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Zoom Continues To Add To Its Workforce After A Historic Year

Career Realism

The Zoom Cares initiatives are focused on three core areas: education, social equity, and climate change. The company made Glassdoor's "Best Places to Work In 2021" list (it also made the list in 2018 and 2019) and has a culture of 4.9/5 on Comparably.

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3 Companies Hiring Remotely For Sports Lovers

Career Realism

DraftKings has a culture score of 4.6/5 on employee review site Comparably, along with an A compensation grade. TeamSnap was purchased by Waud Capital (a growth equity company) in 2021 to accelerate the company's growth.

Affirm Is Defining A New Remote-First Work Culture

Career Realism

First, Affirm created a flexible and transparent remote-first compensation structure to ensure that employees have the ability to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Affirm was recognized by tech website Built In as a "Best Place to Work Remote First" in 2021.

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is there any good reason not to share salary bands within a company?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: My company recently underwent a pay equity analysis, which revealed that we are in the middle of our industry for compensation and that we have a significant disproportion of white males in executive leadership.

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how can companies be fair to people who can’t work from home?

Ask a Manager

There’ve been a lot of conversations around how to build in equity for those who can’t work from home. How do we compensate for that? This post, how can companies be fair to people who can’t work from home? , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

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how companies can build more equitable workplaces … and what’s getting in the way

Ask a Manager

The C-suite, the CEO, the VP of Sales, the Head of Operations, whoever it is who needs to explain that the culture of this workplace is one of equity and inclusion. As a leader, you need to look at your team and identify where the inclusion and equity challenges lie.

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Promise Received at Work? Ask These Two Critical Questions

Sklover Working Wisdom

Without her seeking it, one of the company’s vendors made her a job offer with greater compensation and a clear career path to executive level responsibilities. These would include such specific dates as (a) On April 30, 2022; (b) on or before six months from today; and (c) no later than January 1, 2021. Want to Ask for Equity from Private Equity or other Private Owners? “People with good intentions make promises. People with good character keep them.”.

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