start-up founder with no work experience, my boss says I killed the business, and more

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I’m unsure if they will offer a level of compensation that would make me want to stay, but I think they are likely to give me the title bump. I’m aggressively job searching right now due to potential layoffs.

2021 37

my employee told me “I prefer not to” when I tried to give him a new project

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Because we are affiliated with a parent organization, we have not suffered the same budget cuts as many of our peer institutions, and have been lucky to retain all of our benefits-eligible staff throughout at their pre-pandemic compensation. We’ve been up-front that we can’t adjust compensation at the moment — but again, all of our peer institutions have gone through multiple rounds of layoffs, salary cuts, and/or furloughs, and no one is being underpaid for the field.

2021 36

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update: we’re being re-hired for work that doesn’t exist

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They laid us off in May, a month before the stipulations were met, so that they could give us a month’s severance for our permanent layoff. First of all, it’s part of the benefits package, which is part of my compensation. I am happy to say that within a week or two of the layoff I was offered and accepted a position that pays more than $15,000 more a year (which is more than 1/3 more than what I made), with a start date 6 weeks later.

2021 27

it’s your Friday good news

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And even though the salary was the only part of the compensation package I asked about, they also increased the sign-on bonus (I’ve never even received a sign-on bonus before!) The job will be remote for the near future due to COVID-19, so my family will have some time to tie up loose ends and move sometime in spring/summer 2021. It’s your Friday good news, with more accounts of success even in this weird time.

2020 24