5 Soft Skills Employers Will Look for in 2021


With the arrival of 2021, looking for a job will no doubt continue to be a challenge during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These include qualities and traits like emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and leadership, among others. . Leadership Skills.

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7 Reasons You Want to Lead “Like a Girl”

Ms. Career Girl

In leadership in particular, there’s often emphasis on traditionally masculine traits: command, confidence, decisiveness, and the like. Yet many feminine traits are equally beneficial to leadership.

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Here Is What Micromanagement Looks Like

Evil HR Lady

Leadership coach and speaker Sarah Noll Wilson tweeted the following: Tell me you've worked for a micromanager without telling me you've worked for a micromanager. — Sarah Noll Wilson (@sarahnollwilson) January 4, 2021. Almost no one would admit to being a micromanager.

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The Value of a Confidential Search BEFORE You Fire an Incumbent.

The HR Capitalist

RESULT: Auburn leadership plugged into Clown Memes, Texas leadership viewed as decisive, credible. Change Leadership RecruitingWe've all been there. There's an incumbent in a key position, and for whatever reason, they're not getting it done. So you do what you have to do.

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5 Strategies to Make 2021 Your Breakthrough Year

Ms. Career Girl

Time to pivot and focus on making 2021 your breakthrough year. Create a 2021 (and beyond) strategic plan for your career. How can you use them to live your life more intentionally in 2021? Make a list of three to five accomplishments that would make 2021 your breakthrough year.

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how to become a slacker … with Laurie Ruettimann

Ask a Manager

Published by Henry Holt and Company, January 12, 2021. Copyright © 2021 by Albany Park Partners, Inc. Just recently, Deanna spoke on a panel at a leadership conference and sang the praises of professional detachment, honest communication, and personal accountability for well-being.

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I didn’t even get interviewed for an internal role I was told I was a strong candidate for

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I’m on my department’s leadership team, with three business functions under my umbrella. One of the VP-level leaders on my team had a position open up in his organization, in a function I’ve previously worked in and am hoping to return to.

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coworker is throwing a tantrum over having to interview for a promotion, inviting coworkers to your wedding, and more

Ask a Manager

At the very moment he’s being asked to show he’s well suited for a promotion, he’s showing he doesn’t have the very characteristics it takes to move into a senior leadership role. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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updates: the micromanagement, the fertility treatments, and more

Ask a Manager

As my brother said, this is why it’s great to have women in leadership positions. I hope everyone has a much lovelier 2021 than 2020. Here are four updates from people who had their letters answered here in the past. We have to send three updates a day while working from home. I originally wrote to you in March and things have changed a lot since then.

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Jump Start the New Year for 2021

Learning Voyager

As we head toward the turn of the year --just a few days off from today-- many of us in the Coaching & Leadership Training field think about Goal Setting. The solid method for setting goals, that has been around for decades, is the SMART method: Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time-bound Going into 2021, I'd like to suggest a new approach that I call START. What a year 2020 was! I won't regurgitate all that happened. You know what happened. You lived it, just as I did.

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Skills Needed to Become an Investment Banker in 2021

Imarticus Learning

Management and leadership abilities to manage the business on their own is a major requirement of an investment banking job. Leadership is the practice of certain skills, qualities and knowledge to ensure an outstanding performance and the best results are achieved from people. The post Skills Needed to Become an Investment Banker in 2021 appeared first on Imarticus.

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Building the Perfect People Manager: Assertiveness and the Introversion/Extroversion Scale.

The HR Capitalist

We had a great two-hour conversation about the best way to build a people manager development program, and it left me more convinced than ever that an investment in your core managers of people - the ones actually interacting with your employees - is a key investment in 2021 and beyond.

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HR Capitalist Definitions: "Success Theater"

The HR Capitalist

No success theatre in 2021 or 2022, right? Change Communications Culture Leadership2020 has been a bear. For many, there haven't been a lot of wins or success to focus on.

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Post-Election Skill for Leaders: Making All Feel Welcome & On Equal Ground.

The HR Capitalist

Stop reading things in your bubble and start thinking about the best way to bring everyone on the team into the fold in 2021. Change Employee Relations Leadership Managing Performance Management Talent Workplace

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?? Top Job Search Articles of 2020


Lisa Rangel: Executive Resume Writing Services: Disturbing Trends in 2021. Adrienne Tom: Executive Resume Trends for 2021. Nick Jones: The Only Job Search Strategy You Need in 2021. Rosa Vargas: Best Executive Resume Writing Strategies for 2021.

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5 Reasons I'm STILL Bullish On America: Election Day 2020.

The HR Capitalist

This just in - the best managers of people are the ones who can get as many people in the bus to where we are going in 2021, 2031 and 2041 as possible. Change Communications Current Affairs HR Insider Leadership Managing Talent WorkplaceElection day is here.

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Age is Just a Number: Don’t Let it Hold You Back!

Ms. Career Girl

Individuals across the company respect me, trust me, and look to me for advice and leadership. How Women Over 50 Regain Their Confidence and Claim Workplace Power will be released March 6, 2021 and is available for pre-order on Amazon and wherever fine books are sold.

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Talking Politics As A Manager in 2020: The Advice Hasn't Changed.

The HR Capitalist

The team that successfully navigates 2020, 2021 and arrives at 2022 at a different place with the highest percentage of talented employees retained and rowing in the right direction wins. Leadership is art. It's 2020, which means it's an election year. Of course, there's more going on in 2020 than just an election - pandemic, resulting economic struggles, social movements and unrest, etc.

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update: will it hurt my chances of getting hired if I can only do video interviews?

Ask a Manager

It’s “where are you now?” month at Ask a Manager, and all December I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past. Remember the letter-writer who was worried she was less likely to get hired if she could only do video interviews ? (#2

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updates: the married client’s mistress, the weird thank-you’s, and more

Ask a Manager

My former team has had many, many leadership changes and firings due to bad behavior. After several months of searching, I recently accepted a new role outside of the company and will be starting my new job (making significantly more money, I might add) in early 2021.

2020 36

updates: exclamation point overload, the person who caused a Covid panic, and more

Ask a Manager

Here’s to a good 2021! Going from that level of heavy handed micromanaging to working directly with senior leadership on a regular basis was enough to make my head spin. It’s “where are you now?”

2020 35

updates: the borrowed laptop, the constant FaceTiming, and more

Ask a Manager

We had been working from home since March (much like many other offices), and in late summer, the company owners announced that they are committed to letting us work from home at least until the beginning of 2021. It’s “where are you now?”

2020 36

job candidate read all his answers from notes, predecessor won’t clear out their office, and more

Ask a Manager

My former boss retired after 15 years, and she was almost universally despised by staff and many outside the organization for her abrasive and often insulting leadership style. We’re not even considering returning to the office until the second quarter of 2021.

2020 36

mixed messages after layoffs, called back to the office but I’m a single mom with no child care, and more

Ask a Manager

I am still employed, and while I serve on the leadership team and was consulted on how the process should be handled, the communication about the layoffs came from our executive director. This has been really hard on our small team and while we would like to be able to bring everyone back on in 2021, we know that might not be financially possible. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. We’re sending mixed messages to our laid-off employees.

2020 27

my boss says grad school will prove I’m serious, being micromanaged after a great review, and more

Ask a Manager

I was never told this person was my manager or supervisor in any capacity, and until after the review, he’d never come off as someone in a leadership role. With a work-from-home structure set up four months ago, I imagined travel was off the table until 2021. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss says I should go to grad school to prove I’m serious about my field.

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