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The Power of Social Capital in Executive Job Search

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Social capital is the value of other people in your life. Leverage this powerful asset and use it both during and after your executive job search. The post The Power of Social Capital in Executive Job Search appeared first on Executive Career Brand™. Executive Job Search Executive Networking

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Smart Networking Tips from Job Search and Career Experts

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Smart networking continues to be the best way to land a job that you covet and deserve. Over the past 10-15 years, power networking has expanded to include connecting and communicating through social media. So many of us shudder at the thought of having to network, even if we know we HAVE to.

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Experts Debate LinkedIn vs. the Executive Resume

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LinkedIn and Resume Experts Discuss the Value of Each in Executive Job Search A few months ago I posted an update to my LinkedIn stream about LinkedIn vs. the executive resume, which highlighted my blog post, Does LinkedIn Make the Executive Resume Obsolete.

2019 235

How Science Predicts a Bad or Good First Impression in an Executive Job Interview

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How to Ace Your First Impression in Executive Job Interviews First impressions are tricky things. and especially critical in executive job interviews. We always want to nail a first impression but, sometimes, it seems more like an art than a science.

2018 249

3 Reasons I Won’t Connect with You on LinkedIn

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I’m fortunate and grateful to receive lots of requests to connect on LinkedIn. Heeding the same advice I give my executive job seeking clients, I connect with most people who ask me. Expanding my network on LinkedIn means more people to learn from and communicate with.

2018 263

Worried About Age Discrimination? 9 Things on Your Executive Resume That Show Your Age

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Several years ago I wrote the post Is Your Executive Resume Still Partying Like It’s 1999?, and then updated it more recently. Sadly, I’m still seeing executive resumes that look and read like the ones I was writing 15-20 years ago.

2018 259

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Used in Executive Job Search

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For many years executive recruiters and HR professionals have been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to improve productivity and performance.

2019 235

Smart Job Interviewing Tips from the Experts

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If you’re like most job seekers, you dread interviewing for jobs. You may even dread them so much, you almost wish you didn’t land interviews at all. You need help with smart job interviewing.

2019 170

10 Best Posts to Get Your Executive Job Search in Gear

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At this writing, it’s the beginning of a new year. a time when executive job search is on many people’s minds. But this roundup of posts are well worth reading whatever time of year you come across them. as you think about diving into job search, […].

2019 235

Use LinkedIn Wisely in Your Executive Job Search

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I would guess that the majority of executives in job search, or planning one, know that they need a LinkedIn profile. Too many stop there. They may fill in a little information in their profile, but they rarely do much else.

2018 246

5 LinkedIn Profile Personal Brand Building Essentials

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Let’s start with the understanding that if you’re job-hunting, you need to have a robust LinkedIn profile personal brand building strategy. This is especially true if you’re an executive job seeker.

2019 186

Executive Job Search Blogging: Anyone Can Learn To Do It, and Excel

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Do you know how beneficial having a blog can be when you’re in executive job search? Having your own blog will help you build your personal brand and differentiate the value you offer as a candidate. in a way that almost nothing else can top. An added bonus. you […].

2019 217

10 Common Job Interviewing Mistakes

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Job interviews are one of the most nerve-wracking but necessary parts of life that most of us must deal with. Job interviewing mistakes are something we can avoid. Did you know that on average 33% of hiring managers decide whether to hire a candidate within the first 90 seconds of meeting them?

2019 135

Top 10 Ways to Build Your Online Personal Brand with LinkedIn

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Among the many benefits LinkedIn offers both job seekers and careerists, it is one of the best places to build your online personal brand and differentiate the unique value you offer your target employers. Don’t believe me? Try Googling “your name” right now.

2018 222

A Clever LinkedIn Personal Branding Tip to Accelerate Your Executive Job Search

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If you’re using LinkedIn correctly for personal branding and executive job search, you’ve come at it in two ways: 1. You’re building keyword-rich content to boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so your profile sits there working PASSIVELY for you – making you more visible and findable.

2018 248

5 Reasons Your Personal Brand Loves LinkedIn

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Let’s establish right off the bat that communicating your personal brand is no longer optional in executive job search.

2019 196

LinkedIn Updates: A Time-Saving Personal Branding and Networking Tool

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Posting LinkedIn Updates Is an Easy, Fast Way to Stay Proactive on LinkedIn When I’m speaking with executive job seekers about the importance of using LinkedIn, one of their biggest concerns is finding the time. Most of them are employed, while job hunting under cover.

2019 177

Overcome Age Discrimination in Your Job Search by Changing the Perception of You

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Are you 50-ish, in a job search, and worried about age discrimination? It’s time to recapture the “Benjamin Button” in you. Age discrimination is real and it can be crippling. Earlier in your career, doors were swinging wide open and now it seems virtually impossible to get your foot in one of them.

2019 181

Smart Personal Branding: Posting LinkedIn Updates vs Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

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If you’ve been paying attention, plenty of helpful articles have probably passed in front of your eyes about using LinkedIn for personal branding and executive job search. I write about LinkedIn often right here on ExecutiveCareerBrand.com.

2018 232

How to Work with Executive Recruiters

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The major focus of your job search strategy should be networking your way into the goldmine of hidden jobs. But of course you’ll still need to know how to work with executive recruiters. You need to get the attention of recruiters in your niche.

2019 135

5 Transformative Executive Job Search FAQs

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In executive job search strategy sessions, my clients and I discuss all kinds of obstacles and issues they’re dealing with, or have concerns about. Over the years, I’ve kept track of these things, and have written blog posts addressing the ones that come up all the time.

2018 208

The Power of Volunteering For Your Personal Brand and Executive Job Search

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If you’re not already doing some in-person volunteering in your local community, think about getting involved. Savvy business leaders like you have so much to offer organizations that are a good fit for your talents, skills and sensibilities. And guess what? The returns to you can be immeasurable.

2018 204

Do Executive Job Seekers Need LinkedIn Premium?

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In LinkedIn strategy sessions with my clients, we cover a lot of territory on using LinkedIn for executive job search. A frequently asked question is whether they should upgrade to LinkedIn Premium.

2018 207

Using Online Branding to Secure Your Dream Executive Position

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Imagine getting a call for that senior-level executive position you’ve been longing for. It all goes well until the interviewers look at your social media profiles. There are some photos and posts you’d rather your prospective employer didn’t see, which reflect badly on your professional image.

2019 164

4 Essential Executive Interview Questions to Ask the Employer

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Do you think about the executive interview questions YOU will ask the employer? When you’re preparing for interviews, one of the first things you do is think about the questions that the Board of Directors is likely to ask you.

2019 142

9 Things to Talk About in an Executive Job Interview

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An executive job interview takes on a slightly different tone than your average interview. The structure is similar, and even some of the questions overlap from interviews for lower level positions. What’s expected of you, however, is on another level.

2019 152

Why Culture Fit Matters in Executive Job Search

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How to set the groundwork in executive job search to land a job that’s the right culture fit If you’ve read even a few of my blog posts about executive job search best practices, you know that the first steps to land an executive job that will be a mutual good fit are: 1. Targeting […].

2018 210

How to Find Executive Recruiters Specializing in Your Niche

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7 Places to Find Executive Recruiters in Your Niche In my executive job search strategy sessions with clients, one of the things they most often want to discuss is where and how to find executive recruiters. I caution them not to rely entirely on recruiters to get them into a job.

2018 192

The #MeToo Movement and Diversity in the Workplace

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The #MeToo movement is a defining moment in fourth-wave feminism, and continues to have a dramatic impact on all of us. at work and in our personal lives. The phrase was first used in 2006 by Tarana Burke, to draw attention to the sexual abuse of women of color. It has since […].

7 LinkedIn Things You Should Do. But Probably Don’t

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Whether you’re using LinkedIn for executive job search. or career management. or building business, you should want to make it work optimally for you. I review lots of LinkedIn profiles every day, and see some things that still baffle me. People put things on their profiles that don’t belong […]. The post 7 LinkedIn Things You Should Do. But Probably Don’t appeared first on Executive Career Brand. Executive Job Search LinkedIn personal branding

2018 190

3 Surprising Ways LinkedIn Hurts Your Personal Brand

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Most, if not all of us, will benefit from the personal brand-building power of LinkedIn for executive job search, business and overall career management. And it works extremely well.

2018 208

How to Stay Positive in Executive Job Search

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10 tips to conquer negative thoughts and keep moving forward. Job search can wreak havoc with your emotional state and self-esteem. Unless you’re very lucky, you’ll face at least some rejections.

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4 Qualities Executive Recruiters Look for in Senior and C-suite Technology Executives (CIO, CTO, CISO, SVP, VP, etc.)

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A senior or c-suite technology executive hire is one of the most important decisions a business can make. Technical executives have a tremendous impact on a company’s performance, its strategy, and its culture.

2018 170

Best of the Year Executive Resume Writing Tips and Strategies

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Are you convinced you can write your own executive resume? Maybe you can. If you’ve been in on the hiring process at your company for some time, and have been in a position to review resumes of candidates, you may have a good handle on what should and shouldn’t be in a resume. […].

Elevate Your Executive Resume From Bland to BRAND

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So many executive job seekers let ho-hum passive verbs describe their sometimes extraordinary accomplishments. They use wimpy verbs like “Responsible for” and “Managed” in their LinkedIn profiles and executive resumes.

2017 211

Essential Checklist to Optimize LinkedIn For Executive Job Search

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Along with being an essential tool for executive job search, LinkedIn plays an important role in overall career management. I’ve found that many executives have a “build it and forget it” mindset with LinkedIn.

2016 281

Do Cover Letters Really Matter in Executive Job Search?

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Opinions vary on whether or not cover letters are even read – or needed – in job search. Although it’s true that some people won’t even look at them, they probably will notice if you DON’T include one.

Yikes! Poltergeists Are Messing with My LinkedIn Profile. Things Are Missing

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Things Can Change on Your LinkedIn Profile Overnight. Keep an Eye on It! When was the last time you took a look at your LinkedIn profile? It may look quite a bit different than even a month ago. things may have moved around, some things may not be there […]. The post Yikes!

2018 173

Is Landing a Board of Directors Role Like Landing Any Other Executive Job?

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Many c-suite and senior-level executives focus their job search efforts on landing a Board of Directors role. They’re the kind of candidates Boards typically covet. Executive job seekers often ask me what they need to do differently in their job search to land a Board role.

2018 188

Secrets Executive Recruiters Can’t Tell You and Tips for Working with Them

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I always advise executive job seekers NOT to rely entirely on executive recruiters to get them into a job. If you reach out to several recruiters and then sit back and wait for them to connect you with a job, you may be waiting a long time. Most of your job-hunting efforts should revolve around […]. The post Secrets Executive Recruiters Can’t Tell You and Tips for Working with Them appeared first on Executive Career Brand.

2018 163

3 Neglected, But Simple, Personal (Social) Branding Strategies

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Some personal branding strategies for job search take a lot of time to accomplish. Some personal branding strategies for job search take a lot of time to accomplish. I wrote an article earlier this year that outlines important branding tips, 3 Juicy Insider LinkedIn Personal Branding Tips : 1.

2017 203

What’s the Best Executive Resume Format and Length?

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When I speak with executive job seekers, one of the first things they often ask me is how their resume stacks up. Many of them have never been in a job search or haven’t faced one for a number of years.

2016 240

Executive Job Search Networking Lessons from Expert Connectors and Relationship-Builders

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You may not fully grasp the fact that networking is the most successful executive job search method. Or, you may completely get it. but you’re either not good at networking – for executive job search or anything else – or you dread the thought of having to do it. No matter, if […].

2018 181