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Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [08.02.10] View Comments How To Write A Great Accomplishment Statement If you are regular reader, you may notice that another recent post showed someone similarly posed. Today’s photo shows someone who has just accomplished something great.

Your Resume Has 2 Minutes Or Less To Get Attention

Career Realism

Use significant metrics, accomplishments, and successes—and be specific. It needs to include the keywords ATS will be looking for when it scans your resume, but it also needs the right action verbs, accomplishments, and relevant achievements to win over the HR person.

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How to Write An Irresistible C-suite Executive Resume in 10 Steps

Executive Career Brand

Follow a “Challenge – Actions – Results” framework to illuminate your critical contributions to employers. And show them how you accomplished those advances with specific examples. Include 3 or 4 value-driven bulleted statements with metrics.

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4 Tips On Backing Up Your Soft Skills With Hard Facts

Career Realism

Use action verbs to highlight your qualities. The message comes off more effective and it captures the reader’s attention when you start with an action verb. For more tips, read: “4 Resume Writing Rules For Listing Your Accomplishments.”.

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10 Top Resume Tips for College Students


Include company, title, location, dates of employment and key accomplishments. Use strong action words to describe your top three or four achievements related to each position. There are hundreds of action verbs so make sure you are using them!

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