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Improve Your Resume with Stronger Accomplishments

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The post Improve Your Resume with Stronger Accomplishments appeared first on Ms. Whether you’re a brand-new graduate, a growing professional or a veteran worker, you’ve probably wrestled with the many struggles of job hunting. Beef Up Your Job Duties.

Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Your Elevator Speech

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Provides a potential networking contact with the information they need to determine if they should provide recommendation or job lead. Defines “your brand” (you as the product). Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Planning. Good luck in your search, Joey.

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Job Search: How To Write Accomplishment Stories

Career Realism

During your job search , it’s vital to be confident in your abilities and accomplishments from your past experience. Do you know how to convey your accomplishments through telling compelling stories on your resume, cover letter, and networking opportunities ?

The Art of the Job Search


The job search is a process. The planning and strategy involved with your job search should begin no less than six months prior to when your job search begins. For your job search to be effective, one must start at the beginning.

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Job Search Marketing « Career Brander

Career Brander

Only we apply it to job search. The 5 P’s of marketing are : Product, Price, Packaging, Place and Promotion The 4 P’s of sales are : Prospecting, Problem Solving, Presenting and Persuading The Marketing P’s from a job seeker perspective Product: In a job search, it is you. You are the product. There are undeniable facts regarding a candidate’s historical pay grades, salaries, bonus plans, benefits, and perks.

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The Job Search Tip Introverts Hate (But Desperately Need)

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The Job Search Tip Introverts Hate (But Desperately Need). No matter how talented, skilled, or educated you are…if you’re an introvert, you’re at a bit of a disadvantage in a job search. Related: How Introverts Can Land A Better Job.

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30 Career Management Tips — Document your accomplishments | Cube Rules

Cube Rules

Home Blog Cube Rules Products Dream Job Coaching Media Contact Scot Cube Rules provides job advice and support for career-minded individuals working in corporate cubicles. Cube Rules teaches you how to build SMART Goals , how to survive a job layoff and how to write your performance review. 30 Career Management Tips — Document your accomplishments Written by Scot Herrick on September 15, 2007 in job search 4 Comments - Leave a comment!

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5 Things Veterans Should Do When Job Searching

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Sometimes, without previously holding civilian positions or having broader industry experience, it can be hard to navigate a job search effectively- particularly when it seems as if companies aren’t recognizing what your experience brings to the table. Attend Job Fairs.

DECISION TIME! The shoe dropped, you are now in JOB SEARCH mode

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CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « The Best Companies to Work for – Vol 12 The Art of Job Search – Recruiters » DECISION TIME!

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JOB SEARCH! INTERVIEW, the prep, the questions you may get and the.

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CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Job Search » JOB SEARCH! Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. ” – Steve Jobs Author Byline: Authored by: Ron Cottick, CPC, CHRM Author Website: [link] Interviews are usually stressful events for candidates.

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7 Effective Job Search Strategies For Executive Career Transitions

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Has it been more than 10 years since you launched an executive job search campaign ? It is essential to understand while it is critical to engage in online job search activities, it should only be a portion—not the entire component—of your job search strategy plan.

How to Take the Work Out of Finding Work

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NEW JOB SEARCH SHORTCUT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT. No one loves searching for a new job. Searching for a new job using a traditional approach can be like a fulltime job itself, one that has to be crammed into what is often an already packed schedule.

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tag lines-part 1

Career Brander

A tag line is a 2-8 word phrase that is supposed to accomplish two things. If they are effective, they describe the main benefits of a product or service and are memorable enough for brand/corporate association. We are also introducing the idea that career transition and job search are ultimately marketing and sales events. Tag lines need to be: brief, invoke positive imagery, be clear on benefit, target and hopefully purchase provoking.

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Unemployed? How To Survive and Thrive

Ms. Career Girl

Be diligent in the practices that sustain you as a leader; this is the version of you that you want walking into job interviews. Staying positive is a huge part of the job search and keeping up with your fitness and health levels will make you feel good both inside and out.

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How to Use a Personal Value Proposition to Land Your Next Job

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You want the kind of job that is suited to your skills and talents. Especially in this day and age, when there are thousands of job openings, and hundreds—if not thousands—of applicants for each job. Job Search News value proposition

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Want To Be More Productive? 6 Things To Consider

Career Realism

Want to be more productive but not sure how? Whether you are working or job seeking or both, using the following tips will help you bridge the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be in the future. There are so many benefits to exercise and I’m a huge fan.

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5 Surefire Ways to Be the Right Candidate

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Getting a job is now harder than it ever was. This is mostly because graduates are increasing in number, and most of their jobs are limited. That said, it is not impossible to get a job, even in these difficult financial times. Build a List of your Key Accomplishments.

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?? 150+ Awesome Job Search Life Hacks You Need To Try


Avoid being a job search hack with these job search hacks. The below list are over 150 life hacks that I bookmarked because they apply directly or indirectly to your job search, or things that might come up in your job search. Productivity.

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How To Answer ‘Why Are You Interested In This Job?’

Career Realism

They want to know that you're interested specifically in this job—and not that you just need a paycheck. Because they would benefit you, I would also benefit personally, professionally, and financially from that. And, this job is in a great location for me.

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How To Answer Behavioral Interview Questions

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Questions that begin with “Tell me about a time when you…" or “How have you handled…" invite you to tell a story or describe a particular situation where you accomplished a goal, solved a problem, or overcame a challenge at work. Looking for a job?

5 Ways to Avoid a Layoff

Career Alley

None of these are foolproof, as 100 percent job security is rarely guaranteed, but they may help make the difference between retaining a job or getting laid off. Reduced benefits, changes in health insurance coverage, and/or revised sick day policies. Good luck in your search.

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Six of the Most Common Errors Made by Networking Event Attendees

Professional Resume Services

Therefore, you know the importance of make the most out of networking events as you search for new opportunities. It’s not enough to simply list out all of your accomplishments, but to do so with the goals of the company in mind.

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5 Things You Should Do While Looking For A Job

Career Realism

Anyone who's ever been unemployed (or looked for a job while employed) knows how stressful and exhausting the job search process can be. So, during your job search, should you feel guilty for taking some time for yourself? Your job isn't your whole life.

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The New 10-Step Executive Personal Branding Worksheet

Executive Career Brand

Differentiate your unique ROI for today’s executive job search. Determine what kind of work you want to do (job position and industry), and which companies and organizations will afford you the opportunity to work your passion.

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Straight Talk About Writing Your Resume

Resume Help Blog

The Resumes Function The purpose of a Resume is not to get a job! Job recruiters spend approximately 15 seconds looking at each Resume. Your job is to make your resume “stand out” from all the rest.

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Hot Career Choices – Where Psychology And Business Meet

Career Alley

When you are looking for a course to take in college, you would want to make sure that graduating from that particular course will eventually land you in a good job. They can be assigned to do recruitment, training, compensation and benefits, as well as employee engagement. Jobs by.

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5 Interview Gaffes to Die For

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Focusing on benefits can put off potential employers. Instead of “I see you really need someone to fix your PR campaigns,” try “I really think my previous PR experience will be of benefit to you.”. Good luck in your search.

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Presenting Yourself for a Job That Does Not Exist…Yet

Careers Done Write

Is there a job that you have been hoping to perform one day? Maybe it is time present yourself for a new role, even if the job does not currently exist. Here are logical steps to take to potentially turn your dream job into a reality. Cost/Benefit Analysis.

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6 Reasons to Consider a Career in Organizational Management

Career Alley

It’s important that those in organizational management set attainable goals and manage their time wisely so they can accomplish them. This often means limiting activities in your social life and working after-hours to get the job done. Facilities Management Is It A Job For You?

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New Year. Time to Revisit and Refresh Your Personal Brand

Executive Career Brand

Whether or not a job search is looming in front of you this year, for career health and fulfillment it’s wise to revisit your brand each year. You never know when a new job opportunity (internally or externally) may come your way. Another major benefit to you.

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Brand New Year. New Personal Brand?

Executive Career Brand

Times being what they are, you never know when a new job opportunity, a possible career change, or even a layoff may come your way. An essential piece in both the re-branding process and job search strategy is looking at your recent career accomplishments and contributions.

Finding Your Fit: Why Company Culture is More Important More Than Ever.

Ms. Career Girl

Landing a job is a huge accomplishment, but even more so, a huge commitment you’re about to add to your life. Although this new job title may be everything you have imagined, you may be entering a company without knowing if it is a good fit for you. Goals Job Search Work

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Age Discrimination During Job Search | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

But sometimes the job search can get very frustrating. Leaving your first three jobs off of your resume. And if the first job on your resume was “Director of Finance&# , it probably wasn’t your first. Benefits and sick (unhealthy) employees are VERY expensive.

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Forget Your Passion; Find a Job You’re Good At

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The post Forget Your Passion; Find a Job You’re Good At appeared first on Ms. Sure, you should like your job, but it’s very rare to turn your true passion into a fulfilling, diverse and lucrative career. In other words, he made himself become great at his job.

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Volunteer Your Way to an Internship or First Job


My nephew Daniel was able to parlay a love of film during college into a wonderful career in video production. He accomplished this after several volunteer positions and internships at non-profits. Gen Y Job Search Do you love to volunteer?

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short answer Saturday: another job search edition — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager short answer Saturday: another job search edition January 29, 2011 We did a job search edition of short answer Saturday last week , but the questions keep piling up so here’s another one. which job should I take?

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Looking at the Process

The Job Quest

When writing a resume or prepping a client for a job interview, I am constantly asking my clients about the end results from their work. ” “Why did productivity increases matter your organization?” Feeling a sense of accomplishment.

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How To Avoid Employee Poaching


Health Benefits, and 5. I am not your typical recruiter that scans a resume that filters through an ATS system that was generated by a job posting. And, I have been highly successful at accomplishing this very goal, along with many other hunters like myself.

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5 Big Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking A Job

Career Realism

It's a big accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself. There could be a huge difference between how you view the job and how your employer views it. Take another look at the job description to make sure it is, in fact, what you want. Am I Going To Be Happy At This Job?

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Don’t Be a LinkedIn “Don’t”


Do a LinkedIn search for “social media,” “sales,” “marketing” or “business” and see who shows up at the top of the search results. They list 84 jobs, all with that keyword in it, even though they may have only had 3 jobs in real life. Buy my product!

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Improve Your Resume Results With These 5 P’s Of Resume Writing

Career Realism

Are you struggling to get results in your job search, using a resume that just doesn’t seem to be working quite as hard for you as you hoped it would? I consult with frustrated job hunters in my resume writing services practice every day! The job market has changed.

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6 Rules for a Superior LinkedIn Profile

Resume Bear

Your resume speaks to what you have accomplished and your features as a worker to the employer. An effective LinkedIn profile showcases as much value as possible to the reader, and will prompt discussions and conversations about you, your company, your products and how you can benefit others.

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Virginia & Maryland Tech Sales | TML (A Xerox Company)

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We only hire talented individuals that want to roll up their sleeves and accomplish amazing things. Let’s talk benefits… Our suite of benefits helps you keep a great work/life balance, which we consider one of the best reasons to work at TML!