How to Recover When a Positive Co-Worker Leaves The Office.


Plus, with quality business clothing, robust and hard-wearing medical scrubs made from high quality fabrics, and smart and stylish maternity work clothes , workers can look sophisticated in any situation. Well, the biggest thing you should try to do is maintain a positive attitude about the situation; however, this is probably easier said than done, so here are a few ways to help you keep up your spirits after a fun co-worker has left your team.

5 Tips For Dealing With Difficult Co-workers

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The average full-time employee spends more time at work with co-workers than at home with friends and family. This can make for an unpleasant situation when we have one or more co-workers that we dislike. So, how can you deal with difficult co-workers ? 5 Tips For Dealing With Difficult Co-Workers. There’s no rule that we have to be best friends with our co-workers.


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How to Deal with Rude People – Co-Workers, Associates, Customers, Strangers

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This is part 1 of my series on how to deal with rude people — including strangers, co-workers, associates, and customers. Say if the person is a co-worker, a manager, a business associate, a customer, or even a service staff you need to talk to get what you need. Perhaps not with a client per se, but a situation where you had to deal with a rude, disrespectful person/ co-worker/ manager/ customer/ even stranger, even though you’d rather not?

6 Things You Should Accomplish Your First Year at a New Job

Ms. Career Girl

Keep a list of all of your accomplishments and major contributions to the team, regardless of how minor you think it is. We’re so focused on the task at hand at times that we don’t realize what we’re accomplishing on a larger scale. Not to mention it will be impossible to remember everything when it comes down to listing your accomplishments. Avoid getting to know only co-workers who are in a leadership position.

How To Stand Out At A New Job (And Fit In Too)

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However, after the dust settles from celebrating this accomplishment, you have some work to do. Ask them questions about how they get their work accomplished and how easy or difficult it is to implement new ideas and initiatives. Document the details of what you want to accomplish in your first three months (for example, the specific people you want to meet with, the tasks you want to accomplish, etc.) Congratulations! You got the job! Getting a new job is exciting.

2019 63

The Way You’re Branding Yourself At Work Might Be Hurting Your Career

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This can result in resentment and frustration from your co-workers. Are you always going to your co-workers for help without trying to figure it out on your own first? Do you constantly chat with your co-workers about office drama? You’re the cocky co-worker. Are you always bragging about your accomplishments? Be Branded Workplace co-workers personal branding personal branding at work workplace

2017 77

Things An Office Newbie Must Do To Impress A New Team

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From the moment you set foot in the door, your new co-workers will form an impression about you. Step into that new role with confidence, and challenge yourself to accomplish the following. In fact, make it a goal to learn at least one thing about each of your new co-workers within your first week. Even though you’re the office newbie, some of your new co-workers might feel intimidated by your presence.

2017 70

transform just-my-job statements into resume accomplishments

Resume Writing

Blog Home Page Career Books Resume Quote Services Offered CreatingPrints Website Job Search Links Executives Nursing « Resume Writing Clinic is Open | Main | Optimize Your Job Search -- Employ Common Sense » January 14, 2009 Transform Just-My-Job Statements into Resume Accomplishments You Dont Have Any Accomplishments to List on Your Resume?! You have no idea how often one of my clients will utter "I have no accomplishments to give you — I just did my job."

2009 42

How to Show Off Accomplishments on LinkedIn

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Over the years, LinkedIn has become an important component for recruiting, as well as showcasing work promotions and accomplishments. In addition to the Honors and Awards section on LinkedIn, there are several things users can do to show their accomplishments. Simply stating that you did tasks A, B and C does not give readers and idea of what you accomplished.

Want to be Less Stressed Out? More Productive? Try This.

Ms. Career Girl

This means it’s possible to go days without getting anything accomplished so we have to be even more intentional about choosing our top three daily priorities to work on. And, no surprises here, expressing genuine and specific gratitude creates stronger relationships between co-workers.

2020 219

6 Career Advancement Strategies


The goals will help keep you focused on what you want to accomplish. Pick out someone you admire who has already accomplished what you want to accomplish. If they are someone you know, like a parent, boss, co-worker, teacher or friend, consider reaching out to them for advice.

2019 205

5 Strategies to Make 2021 Your Breakthrough Year

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Let’s remember the silver linings from 2020 – the freedom of remote working and no daily commute, athleisure wear, connecting with co-workers on a more personal level (meeting their kids and pets during virtual meetings), etc. – We’ve all heard enough about 2020, right?

2021 191

How You Can Use Envy to Help You Succeed

Evil HR Lady

Malicious envy is the nasty kind — the kind that motivates a person to loosen the ladder rungs, hoping to cause their golden-girl co-worker to topple to her (professional) death. It’s a lot of work to accomplish any important goal, but you can do it. Envy is bad.

2020 219

3 Reasons a To-Done List Can Change Your Whole Perspective

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It’s a list of all of the things that you did accomplish. If you open your heart to a full inventory of what you have accomplished in a day, it’s quite likely that you will surprise even yourself with the sheer amount that you were able to fit in.

2019 224

Five Weeks to Be Hired: Exhibit Problem Solving Skills

Competitive Resumes

Your resume already should show your accomplishments, and not read like a job description, especially if you claimed to be a “team player” (avoid this phrase please). Establishing a pattern of solution oriented accomplishments, enough to pique the interest of the interview manager is the goal. Not so cool if you say your hands are tied in handling the same problem because of a co-worker. Give more credit to your co-workers than yourself without downplaying your role.

2009 100

Why You Should Work on Black Friday

Evil HR Lady

You can accomplish a ton. Since most of your co-workers will take advantage of an extra day off, you can get things done with no interruptions. After you stuffed yourself with turkey and pie yesterday, you may be planning on a day of bargain shopping. Don’t. There is never anything available that makes the hassle worth it, but there are great reasons to head into the office instead. Here are five reasons you should ditch the mall for the office.

2016 171

coworker monopolizes meetings with irrelevant topics

Ask A Manager

About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager coworker monopolizes meetings with irrelevant topics February 11, 2011 A reader writes: I have a question about how to deal with one aspect of a co-worker’s conduct that is frustrating and annoying my colleagues and me. We have a regular staff meeting that was, for a long time, dominated by the boss, to the point where we didn’t accomplish any of the objectives that the meetings are for.

2011 62

How to Stay Motivated When Working Remotely


It’s also challenging to stay focused and motivated, especially when you don’t have the friendly competition of co-workers and there are a million projects around the house you’d rather be accomplishing. . Career Advice remote workers

2020 161

7 Ways Women Can Achieve Happiness & Satisfaction In Their Careers

Career Realism

Tapping back into the true purpose of your job will make your daily tasks and accomplishments more meaningful. If tasks aren't enjoyable in the moment, the sense of accomplishment when the task is over changes that perspective. "Happiness is not something ready made.

2021 66

This Kickstarter Solves the Boring Meeting Fidgeting Problem

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Sure, a lot of things can be accomplished via email, IM or Slack , but sometimes you have to meet face to face or over video conference. If you’re that person you’ve been known to tap your pen, doodle on your paper, or bounce your foot up and down, which can sometimes result in accidentally kicking a co-worker. Meetings are a fact of business life.

2017 122

Finding Your Fit: Why Company Culture is More Important More Than Ever.

Ms. Career Girl

Landing a job is a huge accomplishment, but even more so, a huge commitment you’re about to add to your life. At first, the co-founder and employees agreed that the job was great, until I was able to speak to one of the women working there in private. 2) Co-workers socialize outside the workplace. Would you want to spend time with your potential co-workers outside of work? The post Finding Your Fit: Why Company Culture is More Important More Than Ever.

2015 154

Bored at Work? 15 Ways to Stay Productive

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You don't need a skintight tracksuit to perform "deskercises" — just a few minutes (and a lot of physical space between you and your co-workers!) Bond with a Co-Worker. When you have a good relationship with co-workers, it creates a positive emotional culture at work which, in turn, contributes positively to overall company performance. So even if you're not the friendly type, lending your ear to a troubled co-worker can work wonders.

2016 143

Feeling Distracted? Follow These Easy Productivity Tips

Professional Resume Services

If it means leaving your phone with a co-worker so you aren’t tempted to pick it up, then do so. Some people work better when they have a list of tasks to get accomplished, and they can’t do anything else until each task is completed. Distractions are always plentiful, no matter where you work or what you do. Sometimes distractions can get to the point where your work day has ended and you realize you hardly got anything done.

2018 140

Boundaries For Success ? What Are Yours?

Ms. Career Girl

Otherwise you might find yourself answering emails until the wee hours of the morning or skipping workouts because your co-workers believe you will work 24/7. Tuned-In: Boundaries allow you to engage fully with what you need to accomplish.

2020 185

Make LinkedIn and Other Social Media Profiles Your Second Resume

Professional Resume Services

Have you accomplished some non-work-related feat (for example, completed seven marathons or climbed Mount Kilimanjaro?) Expand your network as much as possible by connecting with relatives, friends and former co-workers. Your LinkedIn profile should tell potential employers why you’re a good candidate. If you’re seeking an executive-level position and you’re not on social media, you need to be.

Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Networking

Career Alley

Successfully leveraging your social networks in job search requires that you focus on those individuals who know first hand about you and what you’ve accomplished in your career. Co-workers (and former co-workers). Network, Network, Network – the most important three words in job search. According to a report from ABC News, 80% of today’s jobs are landed through networking.

2015 185

How To Organize Your Workday

Ms. Career Girl

Schedule your day in a way that makes you the most efficient, regardless of your co-workers working habits. My book goes deeper into incorporating organization into your life to help maximize your potential to accomplish more on a daily basis. The post How To Organize Your Workday appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Jane Stoller. Her bio follows.

2016 171

How To Create An Effective Resume Even If You Were Fired

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Showcase Your Achievements And Accomplishments Your mission is to get your foot in the door for an interview and to make an outstanding impression. Instead of focusing on how your previous job ended, quantify what you accomplished while you were employed there.

2021 72

Résumé Help: Sometimes You Need a Résumé Overhaul

Careers Done Write

Many times a candidate will gather tips from friends and co-workers. If you have been reading this blog weekly, you have read about structure, proper grammar, attractive presentation, compelling accomplishments, and inclusion of skills relevant to the job goal. They make sure to add what they think are “the” buzzwords, include more language than needed, and paste in their job descriptions to be accurate.

2012 131

Summer Stress is Real: 3 Tips to Center Yourself 

Ms. Career Girl

Journaling can help you keep track of all the work and social obligations that summer brings, especially when clients and co-workers often take more time off and schedules are impacted. Determining the keys things you must accomplish will make it more likely you’ll be able to join that early happy hour when your teammates come knocking. The summer months are often painted as a time to relax and unwind, a time to soak up the sunshine and breathe a little easier.

2019 187

The Best Morning Work Routine Ever


It’s why productivity experts everywhere tout the importance of establishing an effective morning work routine if you want to improve your output and roll into bed at night with a great sense of accomplishment. So, as difficult as it might be to do, try to avoid the black hole that is your email inbox for a little while – at least until you’ve accomplished a few of the goals you’ve set yourself for that day. In the words of the infinitely wise Mary Poppins, “Well begun is half done.”

2018 150

Résumé Help: Déjà Vu

Careers Done Write

Next, take time to think about what you have accomplished in each job. There are dozens of ways in which you separated yourself from your co-workers. No, the sample above is not a copy and paste mistake on my part. This candidate actually has identical information for two jobs on her résumé This issue is more common than one would imagine.

2013 109

Is Your Job Making You Sick? 7 Work Related Anxiety Triggers and How to Ease the Stress

Ms. Career Girl

Co-Worker Cliques. When you hear a group of co-workers gossiping, politely excuse yourself,” advises Dr. Hafeez. While most workers love the self-determined earning potential of a commission-paid job, they still find it stressful when they look at the numbers and fear coming up short. When you raise the bar at making 50 sales calls instead of coasting by with the usual 20, you’ll most likely complete 30 and will feel accomplished.

2017 120

Out of Touch = Out of Luck

Careers Done Write

Include examples of accomplishments , just as you would on your resume. ” Aim for meaningful connections, such as former co-workers, managers, clients, industry associates, and personal contacts. If you are familiar with the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle, you know that being on the front end of the curve is a good thing. Innovators are the first on board for the very newest technologies, followed by early adopters.

2014 163

New Job? Do these 5 things first!

Ms. Career Girl

At the end of the first week, sit back and acknowledge your accomplishments. You’ll have a strong start on good relationships with your boss and co-workers, will have taken care of most of the administrative bits, and you’ll have begun establishing a routine in your new job that fits your life. New Job, New Start! The first week in a new job sets the tone for your entire time in the role.

2017 125

Resume Writing Solutions for a Career Change

Careers Done Write

Interpersonal Skills : Building and managing relationships with clients, partners, vendors, patients, co-workers, staff, and industry colleagues is critical in almost any career. If you accomplish this, YOU will be “the perfect match Resume writing is a challenge for many. It can be a very frustrating experience if you are planning a major career change. It does not have to be frustrating.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In A Job Search

Professional Resume Services

You want to keep in mind that your boss and co-workers are the people who will be contacted by potential employers for references, so as much as you can, make those references positive. . ” Keeping your resume updated, continuing pertinent training, and networking maintenance are common sense ways to accomplish this.

2013 138

Turn Negative Experiences into Positive Ones

Ms. Career Girl

Ask yourself “what things on my list can my Type A personality help accomplish?” (or Whether one of your not-so-fun personality traits is recognized, or another co-worker is standing in the way of your recognition, find the good possibilities and run with it instead of wallowing in your sorrows. Use your trait to conquer goals, and team up with your co-worker/road block and build on each other’s strengths to get an outcome that your whole office can be proud of.

2011 115

QUIZ: What Type Of Employee Are You?

Career Realism

Your co-workers: (a) Look up to you. (b) When a co-worker gets a promotion, you: (a) Congratulate them briefly and get back to work as usual. (b) Your co-workers go to. You’re the co-worker everyone wants! You wish you were given more credit for your accomplishments and you have more control over your own projects. You’re SUPER awesome at your job, but have you ever wondered what your boss REALLY thinks of you as an employee?

2014 87

Kick off 2014 with #CareerChat: a Career Coaching Power Hour

Ms. Career Girl

Check out these facts revealed by a recent Monell study, in partnership with Secret: • Stress sweat is the worst smelling type of sweat (really bad news for your co-workers when you’re on a tight deadline!). Get your career questions ready and think about what you’d like to accomplish in 2014. As part of my collaboration with Secret, I have been compensated for my time.

2014 190

9 Tips for Introverts in the Workplace

Ms. Career Girl

It’s not that extroverted people are better at their jobs—they simply excel at the interpersonal skills that can be the difference between two workers when both are up for a promotion. Most introverts won’t brag or otherwise publicly highlight their accomplishments in ways that come easy to extroverts. Let’s face it: In the workplace, fortune often favors the extroverts.

2019 173

Got Laid Off? Ways to Recover

Resume Bear

After working with hundreds of large and small companies and countless laid - off workers, Deems has devised a proven, five -step approach to recovering from job loss. Focus on your strengths and accomplishments. Reach out to friends, family and co-workers. Losing your job can be traumatic. But there is a reliable way to recover , according to noted leadership coach and author Richard S. Deems.

2011 187

Executives: Should You Bother With Referrals?

Professional Resume Services

The best cover letter writing service will suggest to reach out to someone you know and trust, like a former boss, co-worker or simply a professional contact who knows you well. Instead, take a personable approach and give the person compliments on their profile, accomplishments and anything else you see. Are referrals really worth it for executive job hunts? Here’s what and what not to do.

2017 109