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I gave relationship advice to my employee, company won’t hire me because of where I live, and more

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Either way, it’s for Anna to work out; your role is being direct about what you need from her (and hearing her when she tells you what is and isn’t possible), not telling her how to arrange her marriage to accomplish it. You can’t just opt out of the law.

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fired without warning, employers with spelling errors, and more

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Am I being too nit-picky over an employer’s spelling error? During our meeting where she told me I was being let go I asked why nothing was never brought to my attention and she just kept unprofessionally dodging the questions saying they are an at-will employer. Although this was a “at-will employer,” don’t they need to give me documentation or need to bring issues to my attention before just abruptly firing me?

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tiny answer Tuesday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

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I want to be an employee, not a contractor. For instance, New York requires employers who have any employees based there to establish a workers compensation insurance account and a disability insurance account with the state and to make ongoing payments into them, among other statutory requirements. Some employers really do take this long, and he did warn you about it in advance. Reading through your posts, I’ve noticed you highly recommend people wear suits.

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