The 4 C’s of Accomplishments

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It’s no secret that accomplishments trump a listing of duties on a résumé. When framing accomplishments, it can be easy to unintentionally be too vague; after all, we know what we did and what it looked like. How well do your accomplishments stack up to the “4 C Test?”

Education vs. Experience: Where to Place What, Where on Your Resume

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The post Education vs. Experience: Where to Place What, Where on Your Resume appeared first on Ms. Even so, simply listing your academic and work accomplishments on your resume isn’t nearly enough since the order in which you place them can either help or hinder your career girl prospects.

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How To Tell Accomplishment Stories Effectively

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You’ve followed some good advice you’ve seen on identifying “accomplishments,” not just what tasks you performed or the skills you have. But now come the most important next steps: translating these accomplishments into effective “stories” for both your resume and your interviews.

Are You Over Educated? Why Does it Matter to Your Career?

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Here are a few of the highlights of our discussion: Many job seekers and career changers using education to increase his/her career marketability. Finding the balance between traditional education and skills to scale your career. Career education

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Résumé Help: Highlighting the Education

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Also, she used an acronym for her degree and included on the same line as the category name, “Education,” and in the same font size. How Education Can Affect Your Personal Brand. Resume Help education

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How To Write A Great Accomplishment Statement | Tim's Strategy

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Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [08.02.10] View Comments How To Write A Great Accomplishment Statement If you are regular reader, you may notice that another recent post showed someone similarly posed. Today’s photo shows someone who has just accomplished something great.

5 Questions to Ask and One Tip to Keep Resumes Interesting

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Trivial details don’t help, but details that show how you used X skill to reach Y accomplishment do. Resumes Accomplishments Cliches Education Perspective Resume Length Storytelling Value I recently ran across the headline of a blog post that advocated for shorter résumés over longer ones. This really puzzled me.

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Extra Effort Brings Extra Flavor to Your Resume

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The document that you are relying on to represent your unique talent, accomplishments, and value isn’t unique at all. There is a lot more to résumé writing than sitting in front of your laptop and listing your skills, job duties from past employment, and educational background.

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3 Ways To Convey Quantifiable Information On A Resume

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Related: How To Quantify Your Accomplishments On A Resume. When you show the actual numbers and figures like: R educed time lag by 80% , it catches the eye much more quickly. 3 Ways To Convey Quantifiable Information On A Resume. CAREEREALISM.

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Higher Education – A Necessity to Grab your Dream Job

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In today’s world however, the necessity of higher education has grown on a massive scale at almost every nook and corner of the world. What’s amazing about online education is that it gives students the opportunity to obtain all sorts of degrees starting from Bachelor’s, Master’s to Doctoral.

How to Write Resumes for Jobs in Education [7 Tips]

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An education field offers you with a lot of opportunities, whereby, you can prove your potential, and serve the most interesting area you desire for. Thus, they help you to create an additional advantage, by highlighting your strong aspirations, to serve the education sector.

Advance Your Education While Working? You Got This.

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While it’s easy at the conceptual level to champion a commitment toward continued self-investment, the reality of furthering your education or training while remaining employed can be tricky. The post Advance Your Education While Working?

9 Traits Of A Professional Resume

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However, if you throw something in that immediately expresses your value, such as an accomplishment statement , your Performance Profile will give your professional resume real meaning. Key accomplishments in bullet format that are quantified using #’s, $’s, or %’s. 9) Education.

How to Bridge an Employment Gap

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Note the dates you were (or are) involved with them, keep track of accomplishments , log progress that is made, record any stories that would convey challenges you faced in the course of your activity and how you overcame them.

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Top 5 Reasons Online Learning Leads to Career Advancement

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The flexibility to build valuable work experience while earning your degree online lets you fully flesh out your resume and impress employers with not only your education, but practical know-how as well. Continuing Education Units (CEU). Education

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No College Degree

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Dear Teri, I would recommend focusing on your career accomplishments over the recent 14 years. Highlight those accomplishments (including measured results) on your résumé That will far outweigh your coursework. Ask Deb educationDear Deb: I never completed college.

5 Time Management Tips When Juggling Work And School

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Busy, successful people understand what they can do each day, how they use their time, and what can realistically be accomplished. Productivity Training & Education school time management If the stress of juggling school, work, and family is making life difficult, you are not alone.

Getting employers to look past education and focus on experience

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I notice that many of the companies have a screening questionnaire asking my level of education. Regardless you should make sure you have a résumé that presents all of your skills and accomplishments.

Accomplishments and Goals

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Accomplishments and Goals I encourage you to spend more time tracking your accomplishments than your goals. Accomplishments are actions you have already taken. Make it a habit to log your weekly accomplishments and turn them into bullet points for your resume and power stories for reviews, networking, and interviewing. You may also want to add a space on your accomplishment log to mention how you felt while working toward each accomplishment.

Exploring the Different Career Paths in Education

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A master’s degree can be highly beneficial for current teachers looking to advance their careers by continuing their education, as well as for aspiring teachers who want to enter the profession with a competitive edge over other job applicants. Master of Science in Education.

Do’s and Don’ts When Waiting for a Call

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You can accomplish two things by doing this: 1) you can restate your interest in the employment opportunity they have, and 2) you can politely ask what their timeline is (which will give you a better idea of what to expect).

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The Enormous Benefits Of Learning Online

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Have you ever thought about improving your education? There are millions of people all around the world that would love to be able to improve their education, obtain a certificate, and get a better paying job. Of course, you can always avoid this problem by getting an education online.

What Does an Online Degree Mean to Your Career?

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Online education has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, enabling both students and people with full-time jobs to pursue a wide range of degrees. million students, or 32 percent of the total number of higher education students in the U.S., Education Careers College Jobs

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Show High School Diploma on Resume?

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Your work history and accomplishments are valuable. Focus on the results of your accomplishments on your resume to prove your qualifications. Ask Deb education Hi Debra, I am 52yrs old with a very good financial resume. However, I only have a High School Diploma.

Exploring Different Career Paths In Education

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A master’s degree can be highly beneficial for current teachers looking to advance their careers by continuing their education , as well as for aspiring teachers who want to enter the profession with a competitive edge over other job applicants.

Going To Grad School: Yea Or Nay?

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Higher education is about taking your education to the next level by learning new, useful things. You can experience a good cultural and social life, and you can build-up an excellent career by taking the wide range opportunities of higher education. Education grad school

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The Motivation of Impetus


After her final surgery, she turned to me from her hospital bed and drowsily said, “Thank goodness for college educations. Education is more than school. So, smarts are not always predicated by extended education.

Who Is Hiring Recent Graduates?

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The statistics released by Hesa (Higher Education Statistics Authority) are showing that 14.1% The educational sector was the most accepting sector for graduates, hiring 25.5% The trend of graduates starting careers in the educational sector.

Looking for a Job While Needing a Work Visa

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Get those materials to the point where prospective employers will be able to readily see your past accomplishments and can envision the contributions you could make to their team. A reader asks: “I am presently in the process of obtaining a spousal immigrant visa from Canada to the U.S.

Higher Education Planning

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Higher Education Planning This is a nice collection of articles to stimulate thinking about traditional educational investment in higher education and potential career development payoff. Career Tips Blog Short and Sweet to Help You Compete!

transform just-my-job statements into resume accomplishments

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You have no idea how often one of my clients will utter "I have no accomplishments to give you — I just did my job." Some of you may not have extraordinary accomplishments to include on your resume. Some of you may not have extraordinary accomplishments to include on your resume.

3 Ways To Get Over Your “Useless” College Degree

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If you’re anything like me, getting to college was a huge accomplishment. No one in my family had ever ventured into higher education, and I was motivated to be the first by any means necessary. Education Work career college useless college degree

Discount Your Diploma With These 7 Money-Saving Tips

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Don’t let your status deter you from pursuing your education, though. You should finance your own education with the same careful planning. Check with your state’s department of education to see if there are any discounts for students your age.

Your New Degree is Not a Magic Wand for Your Job Search

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Education is as strategic as to where you’ll live. . Your education is not a magic wand for your job search. Taking more medication than you need is similar to over education. Or is over-educating a thing? It’s an accomplishment.

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How to manage a college education | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

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About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog How to manage a college education Posted to: College students January 21st, 2010 Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook The idea of paying for a liberal arts education is over. And he’s fascinating, and he’s educating himself through experience , which is what the Internet does not provide. Are you saying that public education is worse than private?

The 4 Year College Degree: Unaffordable And Still Required?

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And when asked “what does it prove?&# , the answer is often: A college degree, no matter the type, shows that you can accomplish something important. I’ve said it before. Have you? That the traditional 4 year college degree is a rubber stamp item on a professional resume.

There are no Do-Overs in Life


It was the hardest thing I have ever accomplished, but I did it and I have no intention of ever yelling, “Do-over!” Blogging Bonus Track Life "Rayanne Thorn" @Ray_anne balance blogging4jobs Business college do-over education Henry Ford life life lesson Mother Theresa trial wisdom

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Are You Down with OPG? (Other People's Goals)

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If your goals don’t excite you personally and encourage you to strive for greater accomplishment, they might not be yours after all. Attitude & Motivation Best Practices Career Change Continuing Education Discovering Your Passion Goal Setting Ownership & Initiative Personal Development Most of us over age 30 remember the song OPP from the 90s. The acronym stands for “other people’s problems,” etc.

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The Best Formats for Your Resume

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It showcases your accomplishments, experience and skills and you should continually update it so that it is ready when needed. Additionally, it is much easier to add skills/accomplishments as you go. By: Pamela Rossow. Your resume is your most important job search document.

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What is the Best Executive Resume Format?

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The best executive resume format clearly highlights your accomplishments in a clean manner. You may be thinking it’s risky to not include dates of employment or educational experience on your resume. Is there such a thing as the “best” executive resume format?

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